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Caltex Theatre

Beginning in 1941 The Macquarie Radio Theatre, later becoming known as the Caltex Theatre after 1947, would become known as the premier Australian radio drama programme during the 1940s and 1950s. Sponsored by the Caltex Oil Company and Hanson-Rubensohn Company, Sydney, the Caltex Theatre featured one hour plays based on books and the top movies of the day and was broadcast at 8.00pm every Sunday on 2GB and the Macquarie Network. Once a month production of the show came from 3AW, directed by Myles Wright. The other shows were all produced in Sydney.


Caltex Oil Company and Hanson-Rubensohn Company, Sydney

Executive Producer:

E. Mason Wood


Lawrence H. Cecil, Walter Pym, and Reginald Goldsworthy


Richard Lane, Kay Keavney and Fay Hardy (RES)


Richard Davies, Lyndall Barbour, Sheila Sewell, Alan White, Patricia Kennedy, Keith Eden



Episode duration:

60 mins

Broadcast details:

1948-1960 ; Sundays on 2GB (and Macquarie Network) at 8.00pm.

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Caltex Theatre

Featuring: Bad Day at Black Rock, Detectives Are Not Always Right, Family on Trial, Forbidden Planet, Scrooge the Miser, The Big Smoke – Return to Tenderness, There Was a Crooked Man, and You Only Die Once.

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