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Have you ever wondered about where your family came from or how history impacted your ancestors?

Remembering the Past Australia is here to help. We are passionate about exploring the past and uncovering intriguing stories about families from all walks of life. Together, we can piece together the puzzles of the past and uncover fascinating facts about our ancestors. Whether you’re an amateur genealogist taking your first steps into research or an experienced historian with a wealth of knowledge behind you, our sister site Genea Family History has something for you. Our tools can assist you in tracing your family tree and unearthing the secrets of your heritage, one discovery at a time. Join us on an adventure into the past and discover what the journey can offer!

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What a thoroughly fantastic way to make the records available to a wider Audience, congratulations, well done.
Congratulations, on this interesting resource! As a direct descendant of nine convicts, I am always keen to come across new sources of information.
Thank you for all you have done for me you have told me more about my grandma’s family in Australia than anyone and I have been looking since I was 26 I am now 49. Much appreciated.