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We all want to know where we came from, to unravel the secrets of our history and to connect with others. Whether you’re a beginner or already on your journey of discovery, the Family History eHub can help you discover more about your ancestors. This unique virtual reference centre puts Australian family history information at your fingertips.

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A Window Into the Past

Explore Australia’s Rich Heritage

Discover Australia’s rich heritage, the fascinating stories, memories, recipes, poems and more. Whether you want to better understand your ancestor’s lives, or just love history, this collection shed’s light on our distinctive heritage and history.


Revisit Australia’s Past with this collection of stories and histories, flashbacks, Australia at War, goldrushes, bushrangers, biographical sketches and building Australia.

Explore first-hand accounts of life in Australia, memories and reminiscences, letters from the front, poetry, yarns, recipes and more.

Step back in time to the Golden Years of radio, screen & television with this unique collection of Australian programs, films and series.

More than 140 books written by Australian authors or about Australia to read and download for free.

“Let no-one say the past is dead, the past is all about us and within”

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