Inspired by Yesterday

The stories, its people, its legends, the airwaves, the films and the events.

Stories & Histories

Revisit Australia’s Past with our collection of stories and histories, flashbacks, Australia at War, goldrushes, bushrangers, and biographical sketches.

Theatre 2
Gossip and a cuppa c. 1891

In Their Own Words

Explore first-hand accounts of life in Australia, memories and reminiscences, letters from the front, poetry, yarns, recipes and more.

The Golden Years of Radio, Stage & Screen

Step back in time to the Golden Years of radio, stage & screen with this unique collection of Australian programs, films, series and TV commercials.


A Reimagining

VSL025.1 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, looking north from Flinders StreetVSL025.2.2 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, looking north from Flinders Street Colorized

Photo Colourisation

A picture paints a thousand words, or so the saying goes, yet many pictures from the past now lay forgotten, gathering dust in old shoeboxes or slowly fading away in the pages of old books.  This site seeks to explore the use of digital technologies to enhance and reimagine historical images to encourage viewers to connect and engage with the past in a new way.