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A Cavalcade of Kings

First broadcast on 11 June 1937, A Cavalcade of Kings dramatises the history of the British Monarchy. Beginning with Edward the Elder in the 10th century, this entertaining series takes the listener on a journey through the history of the British Isles, the battles, the marriages and the royal mischief, culminating in the reign of Queen Victoria. The series originally aired on 2UE Sydney on Friday nights at 7.30 pm and ran from June 1937 to January 1938.

A Cavalcade of Kings – Under this inspiring title, conjuring up as it does in the mind’s eye, the pageantry, the drama and romance, which spreads itself through the history of the British Empire, we will through the magic of radio relive great scenes from the lives of England’s Kings and Queens. No imagination, however fertile, however fantastic, could create fiction more thrilling, more dramatic, more romantic, than these true stories of the Rulers of England, which from a tiny island of warring tribes became the mightiest empire on the face of the globe.


Ellis Price Productions / Du Maurier Productions



Broadcast details:

Ran from June 1937 to January 1938


Episodes 5 and 6 are missing from the series.

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