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Afloat with Henry Morgan

During the seventeenth century, when Jamaica was a young colony, the Caribbean sea abounded with buccaneers who took a delight in harassing their natural enemy, the Spaniards. One of the most colourful figures of this period was the Welsh Captain Henry Morgan, an adventurous character who, without fear, was the ruler of the seas from the South American Coast to the Keys of Florida.

During one of his raids, Henry Morgan obtained a famous Aztec Necklet, a much-prized possession of Don Pietro Pizarro, then Governor of Cuba, who in turn determined to destroy the great Henry Morgan and win back the fabulous Aztec Necklet, employs Delores Pizarro, a beautiful Spanish spy.

The story that eventuates was written into an exciting radio production by Warren Barry for the “George Edwards players” and was first broadcast on 3KZ Melbourne on 12 May 1947 at 7.15 pm, and at the same time each week Monday to Thursday. The series is often confused for another titled “Captain Henry Morgan” that aired on 2CH Sydney in 1933.

Headed by Nell Stirling, in this spectacular radio production, “Afloat with Henry Morgan”, you will hear such well-known radio stars as Warren Barry, Tom Farley, Kevin Brennan, Hilda Scurr, Diana Goller, Moray Powell, William Rees, Harry Howlett, Ken Fraser, along with narrator Ron Roberts. Besides using descriptive narrations to their fullest and best use, the exciting story abounds with action, suspicion and excitement.


George Edward Productions


Warren Barry


Nell Stirling, Warren Barry, Tom Farley, Kevin Brennan, Hilda Scurr, Diana Goller, Moray Powell, William Rees, Harry Howlett, Ken Fraser


Ron Roberts

Broadcast details:

First Brodcast: 12 May 1947. Monday to Thursday on 3KZ (Melbourne) at 7.15pm.

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Afloat with Henry Morgan

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“Afloat with Henry Morgan…Based freely on the career of the pirate who sacked Panama City, and eventually was knighted instead of hanged, it has been devised as a period adventure yarn. Much of its romance and intrigue, treachery, and counter-plot centres on a bold young fellow, Morgan’s lieutenant, who is involved with three women.” [Radio Roundabout, ABC Weekly, Vol. 14 No. 38, 20 September 1952, pg. 18.]

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