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Makers of History in Penrith and District

Penrith, NSW, 1843

Penrith, NSW, 1843. Georgiana Lowe Sherbrooke

Published in the Nepean Times (Penrith), 4 July 1914

Collated by William Freame


First Pioneers.

Captain Tench, discoverer of the Nepean River.

Rev Henry Fulton, B.A., first Chaplain Nepean District, 1800 and first Incumbent, St Stephen’s Church, Penrith.

Rev James Vincent, second Anglican clergyman at Castlereagh and first Incumbent of Castlereagh after its separation from Penrith.

Lieut William Cox, constructor of the first road over the Blue Mountains and practically the pioneer of Mulgoa.

Samuel Terry, pioneer, Mt Pleasant, over 100 years ago. [ie before 1814]

Rev Thos Hassell, first Anglican clergyman of Mulgoa district.

Lieut Hobby (102nd Reg.) assistant Lieut Cox, constructor of Great Western Road over Blue Mountains; died 1833.

Dr John Harris, Shane’s Park, South Creek.

Sir John Jamieson, founder of Regentville.

Mr N Chapman, original grantee of Lambridge, 1806.

Captain Woodriff, one of the original grantees of present site of Penrith.

Rev T Makinson, first clergyman to officiate at St Marys, South Creek.


Exploration and Survey.

Rear-Admiral Phillip Parker King, of South Creek, Royal Marine survey.

Mr Gregory Blaxland, of South Creek, leader of Blue Mountain Exploration, 1812, previously crossed the Nepean River on tour of discovery; died 1853.

Major Druitt, Mt Druitt and South Creek.


Two Notable Ladies.

Mrs M Putland (daughter of Governor Bligh) original owner of part of the site of St Marys.

Mrs Anna King (widow of Governor King), Kingswood, noted for her  piety and charity.


Notable Pioneers of Rural Industries, Commerce, etc.

Mr John Single, farmer ‘ Cassola,’ (died 1858).

Mr John McHenry, farmer, ‘Lambridge,’ died 1832.

Mr A Saddington, tanner, St Marys.

Mr W D Matthews, general merchant, High Street, Penrith.

Mr William Fulton, sen., merchant, Penrith.

Mr W H Judges, merchant, High Street, Penrith.

Mr W Aspinall, builder of Court House, 1882.

Messrs A and J Rayner, Emu Tweed Factory.

Mr J T F Cadden, manager Commercial Bank, 1882.

Hon. G H Cox, Mulgoa.

Mr John Colless, miller, Castlereagh.

Mr J K Lethbridge, South Creek.

Mr R C Lethbridge, Werrington.

Mr Walter Lamb, Woodstock.


Scholastic & Ecclesiastical.

Rev Henry Fulton, B.A.

Rev Father Brennan.

Very Rev Dean Mahoney.

Rev Dr Cameron, pioneer Presbyterian Minister.

Rev Dr T Clouston, Presbyterian


Minister during the eighties. (1880’s)

Rev T Schofield, pioneer Methodist Minister.

Rev J D Brown, pioneer Baptist Minister, Rooty Hill.

Mr D T Wiley (the doyen of schoolmasters), Penrith Superior Public school for over 20 years; left about 1884-5.

Mr John Henry Smith, Schoolmaster.

Rev Father Phelan, R C.

Rev Geo Brown, C of E.

Rev W Hill, Methodist (1882).

Rev Father Sheridan, Rev Father.

Barlow, St. Nicholas’, Penrith.

Rev Canon Archdall, M. A., formerly St Stephen’s C of E, 1908-13.

Revs B Dinning, J Tarn, W H Hall, M.A., Methodist.

Rev Elijah Smith, a worthy old Anglican clergyman of Penrith and South Creek, during the sixties.


Political & Administrative.

Governor Macquarie officially founded Castlereagh, 1810.

Sir Charles Cowper.

Hon Sydney Smith, ex-M.L.A., ex M.H.R., ex-Postmaster-General.

Mr J K Cleeve, for many years P.M. at Penrith.

Mr R T Jamison, M.L.A.

Mr J T Ryan, M.L.A.

Mr T M Shepherd, M.L.A.

Mr S E Lees, ex-M.L.A. (elected 1887).

Mr T R Smith, ex-M.L.A., and ex-Alderman of Penrith.

Mr Brinsley Hall, M.L.A. for the Hawkesbury.

Mr E K Bowden, first Federal Member for the Nepean.

Mr Geo. Cann, second Federal Member for the Nepean.

Hon J Frazer, Springwood.

Mr Hugh Millar, Government Road Superintendent; afterwards Mayor of Prospect and Sherwood.



Mr J J Riley, President first hospital in Penrith, 1866, and for several years after.

Mr J K Lethbridge, vice-president first hospital in Penrith, 1866, and for several years after.

Mr J K Cleeve, hon treasurer ditto, 1871.

Dr Clark, hon secretary ditto, 1866, and several times after.

Mr W Tindale, hon treasurer ditto, 1866- 1868.

Drs Thomas, Willmott and Clark, hon surgeon, ditto.

Revs Canon Vaughan, J Ross and T W Unwin, hospital committee, 1868.

ditto. Messrs G Cox, E K Cox, J Single, W York, W D Matthews, John Price, P. Robbins, A. H. Cox, in 1868.

Mr S E Lees, ex-M.L.A., President Nepean Cottage Hospital, 1914, and for over 22 years; the chief founder and the first president of the present institution.

Rev J McKee, Messrs H J F Neale, and D McDonald, vice-presidents of Nepean Cottage Hospital, 1912.

Mr E J Fufton, hon treasurer, ditto, for many years.

Ald A W N Judges (ex-Mayor), hon secretary, ditto.

Dr F C Higgins (ex-Mayor) senior medical officer, ditto.



Lieut. Colonel Shadforth, a pioneer of Greendale district, noted Sydney philanthropist and educationalist.

Lieut. Colonel Erskine, South Creek.

Mr J J Riley, first captain, Penrith Volunteers.

Col.-Sergt. Charles Andrews, 80th Regiment; died at St. Marys, 1883, aged 83 years.


Art and Literature.

Mr Joseph Kelly (poet), Mt. Pleasant.

Miss Miles Franklin (author), Castlereagh.

Mr A Colless, J.P., founder of the ‘Nepean Times,’ 3rd March, 1882; ex-Mayor.

Mr John Salvana, artist.

Mr J R Woodland (‘Japonica’), Kingswood.

Mr G C Johnson, old times recorder.

Mr Robert Farlow, J.P. (ex-Mayor of Castlereagh), district historiographer 



Ald J J Riley, first Mayor of Penrith.

Ald James McCarthy, early Mayor of Penrith.

Ald Donald Beatson, early Mayor of Penrith.

Ald John Price, Mayor of Penrith, 1881-2.

Ald Michael Long, J.P., born 76 years ago in the district; 9 times Mayor of Penrith.

Ald Alfred Colless, Mayor of Penrith, 1882-3.

Ald George Besley, Mayor of Penrith, 1883-4.

Ald A W Stephens and W C Fulton, ex-Mayors.

Ald A W N Judges, F M Vine, Dr Higgins, ex-Mayors of Penrith.

Ald H J F Neale, Mayor of Penrith, 1909-10; born at Penrith, 1857; Captain of Rifle Club.

Ex-Ald J Sainsbury (Mayor of St. Marys, 1907-8), contractor.



Mr Chas Randell, one of the first two railway men appointed to Penrith when that station was first opened.

Mr Michael Kinshula, a pioneer farmer of Castlereagh; died 1868.

Mr John Tait, celebrated horse owner (Mt. Druitt, 1860).

Mr John Gilligan, Castlereagh; arrived in colony 1800; died about 1874; reputed to have been over 100 years old.

Mr Archibald McLachlan; very old innkeeper of Penrith; oldest member of Royal Foresters; died 1912.

Mr George Crossman, first chairman of committee Jamisontown S.S., and for years superintendent of same.

Ald Joshua Field, several times champion prize-taker for best collection farm produce Nepean District A.H. and I. Society.

Mr John Lees (ex-soldier), Methodist pioneer; died 1836.

Mr George Walker, born in Enland, 1827; an old identity of Emu Plains from 1850; died 1910.

Mr T R Smith, ex -M.L.A.; born Mt Druitt 1813; founded Emu Plains Gravel Co; first returned M.L.A. for Nepean 1874, defeated 1887, but returned again to Legislative Assembly 1896.

Mr Thomas Salmon, Rose Inn, Penrith, 1838.

Mr Edward Field, pioneer blacksmith, Castlereagh.

Mr F Hahn, verger of St Thomas’, Mulgoa, for about 25 years; arrived in district in the 50’s.

Mr Donald Beatson, a much respected old-time Penrith Innkeeper of 50 years ago; also an ex-Mayor of Penrith.

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