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List of Towns and Stations in New South Wales in 1832

Published Sydney, Stephen & Stokes, 1832

Arranged alphabetically, stating the County and the Distance in Miles from Sydney.

– A –

Appin, At King’s Falls, where the road to Illawarra crosses the Georges’s River, called in the neighbourhood Tuggerah Creek, Cumberland, 45 miles.

Arthursleigh, on the Wollondilly, near Eden Forest, Argyle, 100 miles.

Bamballa, On the road to St. Vincent and Lake Bathurst, Camden, 101 miles.

Barber’s Station, On the Road to Lake Bathurst, Argyle, 107 miles.

Bargo Rivulet, Crosses the Road to Camden, 53 miles.

– B –

Bateman Bay, On the Coast to the Southward, St. Vincent, 166 miles.

Bathurst Flag Staff, At the Township, Bathurst, 126 miles.

Bathurst Lake, At the Village Reserve, Argyle, 142 miles.

Best’s Inn, On the Road to Wiseman’s, Cumberland, 29 miles.

Bilong, On the Goulburn River, unnamed, 175 miles.

Bird’s Eye Corner, Ford over the Nepean River at Menangle, Cumberland, 38 miles.

Black Bob’s Creek, At the crossing on the Road to Goulburn, Camden, 86 ½ miles.

Black Head, A Point on the Sea Coast, near Geringong, and at the North End of the Bay into which the Shoal Haven River empties itself, Camden, 89 miles.

Bong Bong, Township, Camden, 81 miles.

Bonnum Pic, A remarkable Point in the perpendicular Cliff, that bounds Burragorang, Camden, 76 miles.

Booral, On the Karuah River, the Australian Agricultural Company’s Store, unnamed, 186 miles.

Boro Creek, Where the Road to Kurraduc Bidgee crosses, Argyle, 145 miles.

Botany Bay, South Head of, called Cape Solander, by the Botany Bay Road, across Cook’s River, and along the Beach, then across the Bay to Towra Point, and so to the Head, Cumberland, 18 miles.

Bredalbane Plains, At the commencement of the first Bredalbane Plain, Argyle, 131 miles.

Bringelly, At the Crossing of the Road over Bringelly Creek, Cumberland [sic – possibly Cumberland], 35 miles.

Brisbane Water, An Inlet on the Sea Coast, Northumberland, 75 miles.

Buddawang Mountain, Between the Coast and the Shoal Haven River, St. Vincent, 170 miles.

Bulli, On the Sea Coast at Illawarra, Where the Road descends the Mountain, Cumberland, 53 miles.

Bullio Mountain, On the Woollondilly, at the Southern extremity of Burragorang, by way of Burragorang, Camden, 85 miles.

Bungandon, At the Southern End of Lake George, Murray, 160 miles.

Bungary Norah, A Point near the Tuggerah Beach Lakes, between Broken Bay, and Reid’s Mistake, Northumberland, 90 miles.

Burra Burra Lagoon, At the North West Angle of the County Argyle, 125 miles.

Burril Inlet, South of and near Ulladulla, St. Vincent, 139 miles.

Burragorang Mountain, Where the Road descends into Burragorang, Camden, 58 miles.

– C –

Campbell Town, County of Cumberland, 32 miles.

Campbell River, At Mr. William Lawson’s, Westmoreland, 181 miles.

Cape Hawke, On the Coast near the Entrance of Wallis’s Lake, being the Point at which the Northern Boundary of the Colony commences, unnamed, 230 miles.

Cape Banks, The Northern Head of Botany Bay, Cumberland, 11 miles.

Camden Park, Cowpastures, Camden, 40 miles.

Castlereagh Town, County of Cumberland, 39 miles.

Cobbity, On the Nepean River in the Parish of Cooke, Cumberland, 37 miles.

Collit’s Inn, At the Foot of Mount York, on the Road to Bathurst, Westmoreland, 81 miles.

Colong Mountain, Near the Source of Jorriland Creek, which joins the Wol1ondilly near Beloon in Burragorang, Westmorland, 80 Miles.

Cory Vale, At the Confluence of the Allyn and Paterson’s River’s, Durham, 142 miles.

Cottle Woolley, Near the Source of the Wollondilly River, Argyle, 151 miles.

Cowpasture Bridge, Over the Nepean, on the Road to Bong Bong, and near the Village of Narellan, Cumberland, 363 miles.

Cox’s River Ford, On the Road to Bathurst, Westmoreland, 86 miles.

Cullarin, A Mountain in the dividing Range, joining the Western Boundary of Argyle, near the Western Extremity of the Third Bredalbane Plains, Argyle, 141 miles.

Currocbilly Mountain, Between the Sea Coast and the Shoal Haven, in the same Range, and North of Buddawang, St. Vincent, 165 miles.

Cutter’s Inn, In the District of Mittagong on the Road to Bong Bong, Camden, 72 miles.

– D –

Dabee, On the Cudejong River, in the County North of Bathurst, Roxburgh, 182 miles.

Dulwich Farm, On Fal Brook, one of the Branches of the Hunter, Durham, 139 miles.

– E –

Eden Forest, A Village Reserve on the Wollondilly, between Bong Bong, and Goulburn, Argyle, 98 miles.

Ellalong Lagoon, R. Crawford, Near the Source of the Wollombi Brook, Northumberland, 107 miles.

Ellendon, A Mountain on the East Shore of Lake George, Murray, 153 miles.

Elizabeth Point, Between Sugar Loaf Point and Cape Hawke, unnamed, 222 miles.

Emu Ford, Over the Nepean, on the Road to Bathurst, Cumberland, 36 miles.

– F –

Fish River Bridge, On the Road to Bathurst, Westmoreland, 100 miles.

Five Islands, Illawarra at Red Point, Camden, 65 miles.

– G –

Geringong, A Village Reserve at the Southern Extremity of the Illawarra, Camden, 87 miles.

Goulburn Township, On the Wollondilly, Argyle, 121 miles.

Gourock Pic, A Mountain in the Range running North West from Shoal Haven’ River, towards Lake George, Murray, 163 miles.

Guntawang, On the Cudjegong River, to the North West of Mudgee, in the County North of Bathurst, Roxburgh, 208 miles.

Gurrugunguno, On the Mullwarree Ponds; and on the South Side of Goulburn Plains, Argyle [1–?] miles.

– H –

Holdsworthy Downs, above the Confluence of Dart Brook, with Kingdon Ponds, 178 miles.

– I –

Illawarra Lake, By Bong Bong at the Sand Bar, Camden, 96 miles.

Illawarra Lake, By Appin at the Sand Bar, Camden,70 miles.

Inverary, On the road to Lake Bathurst, Argyle, 121 miles.

– J –

Jemicabeny Swamps, At the junction with the Shoal Haven River, St. Vincent, 167 miles.

Jellore Hill, Near the Source of the Nattai River, and North West of Mittagong, Camden, 70 miles.

Jerry‘s Plains, Hunter’s River at the Township, Northumberland, 122 miles.

Jervis Bay, At the mouth of the creek, on the Reserve, St. Vincent, 108 miles.

Jinero, On the Shoal Haven River, near Gourock Pic, Murray, 171 miles.

– K –

Kiama, Illawarra at the Township, Camden, 84 miles.

King’s Plains, Near the Source of the Belubula Rivulet, about twenty miles South West of Bathurst 147 miles.

Krarwarree, Station on the Shoal Haven River, about Ten Miles from its source, Murray, 190 miles.

Kurraduc Bidgee, Town, On the Shoal Haven River, Murray, 152 miles.

– L –

Laguna, On Sugar-Loaf Creek, on the Road North from Wiseman’s, Northumberland, 87 miles.

Light House, On the South Head of Port Jackson,Cumberland, 7 miles.

Liverpool Town, Cumberland, 20 miles.

Lumley, On the Road to Lake Bathurst, Argyle, 123 Miles.

Luskintyre, On Hunter’s River, Durham, 127 miles.

– M –

Macquarie Lake, At the South Head of Reid’s Mistake, the entrance to the Lake, Northumberland, 105 miles.

Maitland, A Town at the head of the Navigation of the Hunter, Northumberland, 127 miles.

Mandurama Farm, Thirty-four Miles South West of Bathurst, on the Mandurama Ponds, a tributary to the Belubula Rivulet, Bathurst, 160 miles.

Manning River, On Jones’s Island near the Mouth, unnamed, 225 miles.

Marulan Mountain, Between Barker’s Station and Nattary Hill, Argyle, 114 miles.

Meringo, The Mouth of a Lagoon, or Inlet, near Limpid Lagoon, St. Vincent, 149 miles.

Merton, Twickenham Meadows, near the confluence of the Goulburn and Hunter, Durham, 140 miles.

Midway Rivulet, On the Road to Goulburn, at Charles Wright’s, Camden, 83 miles.

Mittagong, At the Reserve, on the Road to Bong Bong, Camden, 76 miles.

Molonglo, On the Molonglo River, to the South of Lake George, Murray, 169 miles.

Molongulli, South West of Bathurst, on Limestone Creek, a tributary of the Belubela River, Bathurst, 170 miles.

Mount Harris, Near the termination of the Macquarie, unnamed, 348 miles.

Mudgee, On the Cudgegong River, to the North of Bathurst, Roxburgh, 190 miles.

Mulgoa Forest, At the Junction of the Warragamba with the Nepean River, Camden, 41 miles.

Mutmutbilly Lagoon, On the Third Bredalbane Plain, Argyle, 137 miles.

Myall Lake, South, At the Entrance of the Myall River, Unnamed, 198 miles.

Myall Lake, North, At its Northern extremity, Unnamed, 215 miles.

– N –

Narellan Village, Cumberland, 35 miles.

Narwulli Inlet, Near Ulladulla, St. Vincent, 132 miles.

Newcastle Town, By the Sugar Loaf Hill road, Northumberland, 132 miles.

Nattary Hill, On the Wollondilly, Argyle, 114 miles.

North Harbour Village, Recently laid out at the Head of that harbour, Cumberland, 6 miles.

North Head, Of Port Jackson, Cumberland, 9 miles.

Nundialla Mountain, On the Wollondilly and North of Eden Forest, Camden, 98 miles.

– O –

O’Connell’s Plains, Where the Road to Bathurst crosses the Fish River, Westmoreland, 115 miles.

The Oaks, An old Government Station, on Werriberri Creek, near Vander Ville, Camden, 48 miles.

– P –

Parramatta Town, Cumberland, 15 miles.

Patrick’s Plains, On Hunter’s River, Northumberland, 131 miles.

Paterson’s Plains, On Paterson’s River, the Second Branch of the Hunter, Durham, 134 miles.

Pitt Town, Cumberland, 34 ½ miles.

Platter Island, Near Point Upright, a remarkable perpendicular Cliff to the North of Bateman Bay, St. Vincent, 168 miles.

Point Bass, Extends far into the Sea Southward of the Five Islands at Illawarra, Camden, 76 miles.

Port Stephens, At the Company’s Settlement, unnamed, 180 miles.

Pulpit Hill, On the Road to Bathurst, Westmoreland, 70 miles.

Pyaneng Mountain, On the Southern side of Wingeecaribee River, near its confluence with the Wollondilly, by way of Bong Bong, Camden, 100 miles.

– R –

Regent Ville, Near Emu Ferry, Cumberland, 36 miles.

Richmond Town, Cumberland, 38 miles.

Red Head, The Southern Point of the Bay, in which are the entrances to St. George’s Basin, and Swan Lake, St. Vincent, 127 miles.

– S –

Segenhoe, At the upper part of Hunter’s River, near its confluence with Page’s River, Durham, 173 miles.

Shoal Haven River, Coolloomgata, St. Vincent, 97 miles.

Springwood, Bathurst, 48 miles.

St. George’s Cape. A point on the coast, a little South of Jervis Bay, St. Vincent, 120 miles.

St. Hiliers, On the upper part of Hunter’s River, near the confluence of Dart Brook with the Hunter, Durham, 159 miles.

Stonequarry Creek, Camden, 47 miles.

Strathallan, On the Wollondilly River, near Goulburn, Argyle, 121 miles.

Sugar Loaf Point, On the coast to the North of Port Stephens, and near the North end of Myall Lake, unnamed, 220 miles.

Sugar Loaf Creek, At its juncture with the Wollombi Brook, on the North road, Northumberland, 92 miles.

Sussex Haven, At the mouth of St. George’s Basin, St. Vincent, 120 miles.

Swan Lake, Near St. George’s Basin, St. Vincent, 122 miles.

– T –

Tarlo, On the Cockbundoon River, Argyle, 114 miles.

Tarrago Lagoon, Between Bredalbane Plains, and Lake George, Argyle, 138 miles.

Taylor’s Creek, At the Village Reserve on Lake George, Murray, 152 miles.

Tomah Mountain, On Bell’s road to Bathurst, Northumberland, 60 miles.

Towrang Mountain, On the Wollondilly, Argyle, 117 miles.

Tuggerah Beach, At the entrance of the Tuggerah Beach Lakes, to the North of Broken Bay, Northumberland, 85 miles.

– U –

Ulladulla, A boat harbour South of Sussex Haven, St. Vincent, 186 miles.

– W –

Wallerawang Valley, On the Road to Bathurst, Proposed by Sir Thomas Brisbane, called the Wallorawang Road, Westmoreland, 95 miles.

Welys Mountain, Near Pegar, on the upper part of the Wollondilly, Argyle, 130 miles.

Wellington Valley, The Station, 238 miles.

Weather Board Hut, On the road to Bathurst Westmoreland, 63 miles.

Whisky Crown, On the road to Goulburn, Camden, 80 miles.

William’s River, Clarence Town, 160 miles.

Windsor Town, Cumberland, 36 miles.

Wingecarribee, At the bridge at Bong Bong, on the road to Goulburn, Camden, 78 miles.

Wiseman’s Inn, At the Ferry over the Hawkesbury, on the road to Hunter’s River, Cumberland, 50 miles.

Wollogarong Lagoon, At Chisholm’s Hut, Argyle, 135 miles.

Wollaroba, On Woollaroba Creek, William’s River, Durham, 151 miles.

Wollongong, A Military Station in the Illawarra, near the Five Islands, Camden, 66 miles.

Wolowolar Mountain, South-west of Lake Bathurst, the Bora Creek, takes its rise in Wolowolar, and forms part of the Southern boundary, of Argyle, 147 miles.

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