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Launceston from Windmill Hill, Tasmania ca. 1868

TAS034.01 Launceston from Windmill Hill. Tasmania, Australia ca. 1868Description: Launceston from Windmill Hill.

Location: Tasmania, Launceston, Australia


Our Catalogue Reference: Part of CO 1069/621.

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Historical Information

Settled by Europeans in March 1806, Launceston is one of Australia’s oldest cities. The first significant colonial settlement in the region dates from 1804 when the commandant of the British garrison Lt. Col. William Paterson, and his men set up a camp on the current site of George Town. A few weeks later, the settlement was moved across the river to York Town, and a year later was moved to its definitive position where Launceston stands.

Initially, the settlement was called Patersonia; however, Paterson later changed the name to Launceston in honour of the New South Wales Governor Captain Philip Gidley King, who was born in Launceston, Cornwall. [Wikipedia]

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

ca. 1868

Launceston from Windmill Hill

Colourised and enhanced photograph overlooking Launceston taken from Windmill Hill, Tasmania – circa 1868.

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