Hydraulic Cranes at Newcastle N.S.W. 1895

Coal shipped from Newcastle Harbour in 1895

The quantity of coal shipped in 1895 to foreign and intercolonial ports was 1,920,378 tons, valued at £678,217; and the largest quantity of coal taken by a steam (May 30, 1895) was 5,235 tons, by the “Port Stephens,” and by sailing vessel, 4,558 tons, by ship “Royal Firth,” on June 14, 1895.

Collieries at Work, &c., in the Northern District, viz., Newcastle, Four-mile Creek, Maitland, Greta, East Greta, Singleton, Curlewis, and Gunnedah

In 1895 there were sixty-nine collieries at work and opening out in the Northern district, which raised 2,631,221 tons of coal, valued at £813,227, and the number of men employed in and about the collieries was 6,777.  The Borehole coal seam is the principal one worked at the Newcastle collieries, and it varies from 18 feet to 4 feet 2 inches of marketable coal.  It is very free from faults, and lies almost horizontal.  It is a bright, bituminous, caking coal, of first-class quality for steam, smelting, household, and coking purposes, and a good gas coal.  The cost of hewing it is now 2s. 8d. to 3s. per ton, and the supposed selling price 7s. per ton delivered on board vessels at Newcastle Harbour.  The cost of hewing the Burwood coal seam, proved to be the next best in quality at and near Newcastle, is 2s. 7d. per ton, and the selling price is about 1s. less than the Borehole coal.  The cost of hewing the Great coal, situated 35 miles by rail north-west of Newcastle, is about 2s. per ton.

The Newcastle-Wallsend Coal Company has the Government railway contract for furnaces at Eveleight, at 6s. 6d. per ton; the New Anvil Creek Coal Company has the Murrurundi district contract, at 5s. 4d.; the East Great Coal-mining Company has the Newcastle and Singleton district, at 5s. 6d. per ton; the Centenary Coal Company the Werries Creek, Narrabri, and Armidale district, at 8s.; and Green and Curley, of Gunnedah, have also the latter contract at 7s. 9d. per ton – this colliery being situated 294 miles from Sydney.

Provenance: “New South Wales: the mother colony of the Australias“. Frank Hutchinson, Edited by F. Hutchinson.
Author: Frank Hutchinson
Date of Publication: 1896
Publisher: C. Potter
Place of Publishing: Sydney
Copyright status: Out of copyright
Courtesy: The British Library

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