Circular Quay, from the Custom House, Sydney 1895

Excerpt from an article titled Public Works, including Roads and Bridges by J. W. Holliman, Department of Public Works, Sydney  – published in “New South Wales: the mother colony of the Australias” (1896) 

At Sydney Harbour, owing to its magnificent natural facilities, very little has been required to provide for shipping beyond the construction of wharfs at which ships can lie to discharge and load cargoes. Although much work of this kind has been left to private enterprise, some of the most important wharfs have been constructed by the Government, which now yield a very considerable revenue. Amongst them are the wharfs at the Circular Quay, formerly known as Sydney Cove, on the shores of which the first settlement was made and the foundation laid of the City of Sydney.

Provenance: “New South Wales: the mother colony of the Australias“. Frank Hutchinson, Edited by F. Hutchinson.
Author: Frank Hutchinson
Date of Publication: 1896
Publisher: C. Potter
Place of Publishing: Sydney
Copyright status: Out of copyright
Courtesy: The British Library

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