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In Melbourne Tonight
New Year's Special, 29 December 1961

In Melbourne Tonight, also known as “IMT”, was a highly popular nightly Logie award-winning variety television show produced at GTV-9 Melbourne from 6 May 1957 to 1970.

The star attraction was Graham Kennedy who was the show’s main host; however, other presenters often presented the show also.

Geoff Corke was Kennedy’s original offsider until 1959 when Bert Newton joined GTV-9 from HSV-7 to become Kennedy’s straight-man. This began a professional partnership that continued for many years and a friendship that continued until Kennedy’s death in 2005.

Other In Melbourne Tonight regulars included Joff Ellen, Val Ruff, Panda Lisner, Anne Marie Fabry, Mary Hardy, Rosie Sturgess, Patti McGrath (later Patti Newton), Toni Lamond, Philip Brady, Johnny Ladd, Noel Ferrier, Elaine McKenna, Bill McCormick, Ted Hamilton, The Tune Twisters and the Channel 9 Ballet.

From 1960, a Friday night syndicated “national” edition of the program aired under the title The Graham Kennedy Show (later The Graham Kennedy Channel Nine Show), with highlights packages being shown as The Best Of IMT and The Best Of Kennedy.

Most episodes of this series are lost, and surviving editions are usually incomplete such as this episode. This particular episode departs from a typical broadcast as Grahame Kennedy, Bert Newton and other regulars play a News Years Eve joke by having the dancers sing, the announcer plays the violin, etc.

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