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Garrick Cigarettes - Miracle Filter 1960

Have you been smoking over long cigarettes? Aren’t you tired of their rinsed-out taste?

The right size has been calculated for a cigarette and Garrick’s got it.

The right size to give you a smooth, mild, real tobacco flavour. Consistent from first puff to last.

Some cigarettes are too short, so smoking is harsh and hot. Some are too long, so smoking is rinsed out at the beginning, bitter at the end. But in the balanced size of Garrick there’s true smoking pleasure. A balance between length and diametre, between miracle filter and flavour, a balanced blend of top-grade Virginia tobacco.

So, forget the rinsed-out taste of over long cigarettes. Buy twenty Garrick cigarettes in the new green stripe pack for three and tuppence.

Only a balanced cigarette gives first puff flavour all the way.

Garrick’s got it. 

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