Remembering the Past Australia

British Paints Nu-Plastik 1960

This is Nu-Plastik. The only guaranteed, acrylic reinforced, wall and ceiling finish you can buy. And this is acrylic. A strong, tough, modern plastic used in jet-plan canopies. See how tough and flexible acrylic is? It gives Nu-Plastik an outstanding finish that bonds with any surface.

See this mechanical scrubbing machine? On it, Nu-Plastik, withstood over 3,000 scrubbing actions with a stiff bristled scrubbing brush, carrying a two-pound weight. Think of that as a test for durability. 

Nu-Plastik is so easy to use, even first-time painters can get professional results, whether using roller or brush. What’s more, Nu-Plastik dries while you wait.

British Paints Nu-Plastik, in the world’s greatest colour range. For interior or exterior decoration. 

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