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Ascot Cigarettes - King Size Filter 1960

This man has just made a new discovery and smoking pleasure. New Ascot King Size Filter Cigarettes. A man who lives and works outdoors, he smokes Ascot King Size Filters for their fresh, mild flavour.

. . . This man too, knows just how good the new Ascot King Size Filters are.

. . . And, so does this man. He likes new Ascot’s because they are the big smoke. The really satisfying cigarette.

Everywhere, men who know and enjoy the fine flavour of a good cigarette are taking to the big smoke. New Ascot King Size Filters, in the new flip box.

Try Ascot’s fresh clean filterd flavour. They’re mild and satisfying.

Ascot King Size Filters – 3 shillings for 20.

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