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Air-O-Zone 1957

When a room smells stale – the morning after entertaining for instance – wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could take the whole room outside to air . . . into a grove of clean scented pines.
You can’t do that exactly of course, but – the next best thing is to bring the tangy freshness of a pine forest into your home by spraying with Air-O-Zone.
Air-O-Zone’s fine mist absorbs all unpleasant odours throughout the home. Perhaps most important of all, in a sick room where there is risk of infection, the glycol in Air-O-Zone destroys airborne bacteria.
You can buy Air-O-Zone for only 9/11 or 17/9 for the large economy size. Pressure pack Air-O-Zone lasts for months.
Air-O-Zone is sold by leading chemists and stores everywhere.

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