Town Hall, Sydney

Excerpt from an article titled Sydney and Principal Towns, by Frank J. Donohue – published in “New South Wales: the mother colony of the Australias” (1896)

Handsome town halls bear evidence to the generally prosperous condition of the municipal councils and to the stability of the institutions, and at the head of these stands the monumental edifice of the Sydney Town Hall, completed in the centennial year. Its great hall is one of the largest in the world, covering a superficial area of 14,110 feet, the length, breadth, and height being respectively 166½, 85, and 65 feet. The splendid proportions and 200-feet tower of the Town Hall make it a conspicuous object in the centre of the city, and a fitting centre for that municipal organisation which has dotted the face of New South Wales with important and well-governed towns during the past fifty years. 

Source: “Town Hall, Sydney”, New South Wales: The Mother Colony of the Australias, From the University of California Libraries Collection, 

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