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Soldier's Letter: Private William Richardson, 7th Battalion, 8 December 1918

First published in the Traralgon Record (Victoria), Tuesday 4 February 1919.

Mr P. Richardson has received the following letter from his son:

Sars Potteries,
France, 8/12/18.

Dear Dad,

A few lines, hoping you and mum are quite well, as this leaves me in the best of health. I often write to mother, but I don’t think she gets all my letters. Well, dad, we are just killing time here at present. We expected to go to Germany, but I don’t know if we are going or not now. We are just off the border of Belgium here, and expect to move into Belgium very shortly. It will be some time yet before we get home and I expect to be the last one to return of our family. Peter must have had a rough time with his foot. I think it would have been better for him if he had had it taken off in the first place. I had a letter from Uncle Jim some time ago, and he told me he had bought old Steer’s place. Well, dad, there’s not much news here at present. I will be able so tell you all my ups and downs when I get back. Alex. Dunbar, from Traralgon, is here in my Battalion, also Charlie Daniels. I suppose you know them. The weather is much like winter here — plenty of fogs and damp weather. I am sending you a photo as my advance guard; I will be the rearguard. 

With kind regards and best wishes from your son,

Soldier Identified: Private William James Richardson, Soldier No. 5744 of the 7th Bn, AIF. Returned to Australia, 12 June 1919.

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