Directed by Kenneth Brampton (d. 1942)

Premier: Strand and Lyric Theatres, Sydney, 7 November 1920

Robbery Under Arms is a 1920 Australian film directed by Kenneth Brampton and financed by mining magnate Pearson Tewksbury.

Kenneth Brampton made it a point to present the story of Captain Starlight in the most realistic surroundings. One scene was filmed at the spot where Clark, a notorious bushranger, held up the Araluen mail, and many other localities once frequented by bushrangers and lawless characters were included.

Appearing in “Robbery Under Arms” are Tien Mogue, Kenneth Brampton, Roy Redgrave, Hilda Dorrington, Ronald Conway and S. A. Fitzgerald

A “copy comprising about three-quarters of the film” was found and combined with already known footage to produce a near-complete version. A five-minute sequence is still missing. This version comes from a videotape released by the New South Wales Department of Education, Sydney in 1984 and was dedicated to the public domain with the provision that is “free to copy. But must not be broadcast on television.”

This is a silent film, there is no sound in the movie. An audio file containing traditional piano-roll music, similar to what would have been played in theatres during this era, is made available for your use while watching the movie.

This film is Public Domain in Australia. The film and literary copyrights have expired. The literary rights in the novel expired 31 December 1965 (50 years after the year of death of the author Rolf Baldrewood (Thomas Browne) The Copyright in the film expired 31 December 1970 (end of the 50th year after the release of the film as Kenneth Brampton’s death was previously unknown).

Article Source: Robbery Under Arms, Darling Downs Gazette, 28 December 1920, p. 5.