Remembering the Past Australia

GEC Mastermatic Stoves & Ovens 1965

Take a good look. Can you see, see how well you’re cooking?

Now G.E.C. lights up the top of the range for you.

Safe. Convenient.

G.E.C. Mastermatic range gives you bright, white light. There where you need it. No more peering into pots. You can now see how well you are cooking. See.

And, see how well you’re grilling. Under, on top. Using all or half of it. Now that’s saving.

And, see how well you’re baking. Wide vista oven door, fully lit interior. Even an optional rotisserie. Look power light gives warning. Storage drawer saves steps for you.

See G.E.C.

G.E.C. Celebrity, Built-in range and the G.E.C. Mastermatic – in all new styling.

Make your new range G.E.C. and see, see how well you’re cooking. 

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