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Felix the Cat in Feline Follies, 1919

Produced by Pat Sullivan Cartoons for M. J. Winkler

Feline Follies was the first Felix the Cat film, produced before he acquired his now-famous name.

Felix the Cat

Synopsis: To female cats, Master Tom [Felix] is a heart-breaker; and to mice, he’s a head-breaker. But when Tom falls in love with Miss Kitty White, all that changes. Now, all the time he would have spent terrorizing the mouse population is instead spent primping in front of the mirror. Tom and Kitty first make love, and a great deal of noise, on a back-alley fence. Someone ends their tryst by throwing a boot. Later, they meet up by an ashcan. Tom plays his banjo and Miss Kitty dances. Later, cartoon magic allows them to pluck notes from the air and turn them into go-carts. It’s all fun and frolics until the mice destroy the house an oblivious Tom is supposed to be guarding, and the lady of the house throws him out by the tail. And then poor Tom gets a worse surprise.

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