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Elliott's Tannery, Macquarie Street, Hobart, Tasmania ca. 1868

TAS026.01 Elliott's Tannery. Macquarie Street. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia ca. 1868Description: Elliott's Tannery. Macquarie Street.

Location: Tasmania, Australia


Our Catalogue Reference: Part of CO 1069/621.

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Historical Information

. . . In Anglesea street, a much larger tannery was established by a person named Reeves, who, however, got into financial difficulties, and in the middle fifties the services of an auctioneer had to be called in, flying his red flag in Birch’s paddock. After an interval, this tannery was taken over and worked by Henry Elliott, who had been running a small tannery in Collins street, behind the shop now used by Smales. Elliott was a great lover of music, and on the realisation of his estate, his organ was secured for a church on the eastern side of the river. His end was sudden, and after a while, his cousin George Henry Elliott left Footscray for Hobart and re-opened the old tannery and the grindery shop. In his hands the business was not a success; he returned to Victoria, where he embarked in a different sort of industry, and later the tannery was conducted, first by Proctor, next by Holmes, and last by Hoare, son-in-law to Holmes. [‘Hobart in Other Days‘, Critic (Hobart), Tuesday 17 November 1916, pg. 6.]

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

ca. 1868

Elliott’s Tannery, Macquarie Street, Hobart

Colourised and enhanced photograph of Elliott’s Tannery (also known as the Anglesea Tannery) taken from Macquarie Street. Hobart, Tasmania – circa 1868.

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