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All Saint's Church, Hobart, Tasmania ca. 1868

TAS024.01 All Saint's Church. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia ca. 1868Description: All Saint's Church.

Location: Tasmania, Australia


Our Catalogue Reference: Part of CO 1069/621.

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Historical Information

The foundation stone of All Saint’s Church was laid on 2 December 1858, in the presence of the Governor and Bishop of the Diocese, and the building was opened for worship on 18 August in the year following. At that time the Church consisted of the Nave, Chancel and Sanctuary as we see them now. The side-aisle and chapel were added by Hunter in 1863 and the two vestries were added in 1895, possibly by an apprentice of Hunter, Alan Walker, who was also the architect of the daughter Church of Saint Raphael at Fern Tree. During construction, the Rector of the parish was required, as a condition of the contract, and reflecting the ancient practice of the guilds, to lead the workmen in prayers at the start of each day’s labour. [History of the Parish. All Saints Church.]

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

ca. 1868

All Saint’s Church, Hobart

Colourised and enhanced photograph of All Saint’s Church in Macquarie Street, Hobart – circa 1868.

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