Remembering the Past Australia

Alka Seltzer 1959

(Voice-over) Hello, what have we here?

Looks like he’s upset with indigestion. Probably overwork and tension, or overeating has brought on that upset stomach and headache.

What should he do?

(Speedy) Why, take Alka Seltzer of course.

(Voice-over) Right Speedy!

For dependable relief, for the quick relief you want, take Alka Seltzer. One or two tablets of Alka Seltzer become an alkalizing liquid your body uses easily, quickly, naturally.

(Speedy) With Alka Seltzer relief is just a swallow away.



Down, down, down, the stomach flue

Round, round, round, the system too

With Alka Seltzer you’ll surely say

Relief is just a swallow away


(Speedy) Let Alka Seltzer help you when upset stomach and headache keep you awake. 

(Voice-over) For that feel better feeling and brighter start next morning, take Alka Seltzer for speedy relief.

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