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Triumphal Arch, New Wharf, Hobart, Tasmania 1868

TAS004.01 Triumphal Arch New Wharf Visit of Duke of Edinburgh. Tasmania, Australia ca. 1868Description: Triumphal Arch New Wharf Visit of Duke of Edinburgh.

Location: Tasmania, Australia


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Historical Information

[The Triumphal Arch: Excerpt from “The Duke of Edinburgh in Tasmania”, The Mercury (Hobart), Friday 31 January 1868, pg. 3]

This arch was a most appropriate and imposing structure. The piers were composed wholly of oil barrels, and, illustrative of our whaling trade, had a fine effect, and the top, piled up in the form of a high pyramid, with samples of our porter, ale, beer, jams, leather, wheat, barley, oats, &c., &c., and surmounted by the huge jaws of a whale, the merchant ensign of Britain floating over all, formed a most characteristic coup d’œil. Beneath this, on the river side of the arch was the inscription, “Welcome Sailor Prince,” and on the other side, “Welcome to Tasmania”. The feature which would, we imagine, best please His Royal Highness in connection with this structure, would be the two fine whale boats which surmounted the side arches, and which were manned by crews of six native youths attired in red shirts and sailor hats. These lads peaked their oars and cheered as the Prince’s carriage passed under the archway. 

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

ca. 1868

Triumphal Arch, New Wharf, Hobart

This photograph captures a view of the impressive Triumphal Arch that was constructed on New Wharf, Hobart especially for the visit of the Duke of Edinburgh in the year 1868. The photo has been colourised and enhanced to bring out the details of the arch. It encapsulates the grandeur and splendour of the Triumphal Arch, which represented a shining beacon of the pride the people of Hobart had for their town.