Every generation has a story to tell.  These stories contribute to our richly layered history, they capture the human spirit and connect us with our past. However, over time, the voices from the past have gradually become silent and are now all but forgotten.

Remembering the Past Australia draws on early newspapers, books and archives, to share these stories from long ago.  Here you will find an eclectic collection of articles, pictures, yarns, tales, recipes, and more, reproduced to shine a light on the generations that have gone before us.

This wide-ranging collection includes:

  • Stories about our vast and fascinating history which helped shape our country today
  • Historic pictures of how Australia was
  • Significant events that happened in the growth of our states and country
  • First hand accounts of the way life was in early Australia
  • The exploits of our bushrangers, their crimes and the manhunts as justice caught up with them
  • A bush tale or yarn or two
  • Australian poetry and music
  • Australians at War in World War I, including letters from our soldiers on service
  • Flashback to events as they made the news
  • Visit our ancestors homes with unique recipes, advice and handy-hints
  • Read about the lives of persons in Australian history
  • Delve into family history with transcriptions from various sources
  • Find out what happened on this day in Australian history

Remembering the Past Australia was founded by Lorraine Newland in 2017. A family and social historian, her interest in history began early in life listening to family stories passed down through the generations. Today she enjoys bringing stories about Australia’s past to light and helping people in their search for their own ancestral roots and putting their lives in context with the times and places they lived. She is a graduate of the University of Tasmania with High Distinction.