First published in “The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser “, 30 June 1883.

There are few places calculated to occupy a more prominent position in the early history of the colony than the quiet looking and pleasantly situated little town of Camden. Indeed, for for the present it can lay claim to more than ordinary importance, as comprising the nursery of the pastoral, agricultural, and vine growing industries of Australia. Camden is situated at a distance of about 40 miles to the south west of Sydney, and possesses all the advantages calculated to improve a generally prosperous district. 

 The climate during the greater portion of the year, is highly invigorating, being a sort of compromise between the warmth of the coast regions and the rarefied atmosphere of the table-land. 

 The district, which is beautifully undulating, comprises a rich and generous soil, devoted to the growth of many important kinds of farm produce. Dairy-farming, however, is the leading feature in the agricultural surroundings of Camden, the excellent nature of the pasture making it highly suitable for this purpose. 

The township is situated on the river Nepean (or Cowpasture), and when viewed from any of the surrounding heights cannot fail to create a favourable impression on the mind of a visitor. 

 The streets are well laid out at right angles, and are embellished with public buildings and private residences considerably above the average. The two banking institutions, the Commercial and New South Wales, which occupy opposite corners in the leading street, are fairly representative of the general prosperity of the district. There are other buildings in Camden well worthy of mention. They comprise the School of Arts, Post and Telegraph-office, Courthouse, and Public school, as also many important edifices of a public and private character. 

 Our illustrations are sufficiently convincing to away with any descriptions which might otherwise have been given. They clearly show some of the leading architectural features of an evidently prosperous town, surrounded by a district for which a bright future is evidently in store.

  1. The Court House
  2. A town residence
  3. The Commerical Bank
  4. View in John-street, looking south
  5. View in John-street, looking north
  6. Bank of New South Wales

Source: Views of Camden. (1883, June 30). The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 – 1912), p. 1216.