First published in The Watchman (Sydney), 30th December 1909.

  • A little ammonia in tepid water will soften and cleanse the skin.
  • Door plates can be cleaned by rubbing with a cloth wet in ammonia and water.
  • One or two tablespoonfuls to a pail of water will clean windows better than anything else.
  • A few drops of ammonia in a cupful of warm water applied carefully will remove spots from fittings.
  • Yellow stains left by sewing machine oil on white material may be removed by rubbing the spot with a cloth wet with ammonia, then washing the article in soap and water.
  • Silver may be kept bright by rubbing with a soft flannel saturated with spirits of ammonia. Lay soft white paper over, and iron with a hot iron.
  • Old brass which is much tarnished should be treated in the same way. Then scrub the brass hard, and rinse in clean cold water.
  • Put a teaspoonful of ammonia in a quart of water, wash your brushes, and combs in this, and the grease will all disappear. Shake and dry in the open air.
  • Flannels and blankets will keep soft and white if washed with a tablespoonful of ammonia in the first water.

Source: Women’s Column (1909, December 30). Watchman (Sydney, NSW : 1902 – 1926), p. 2.