The New South Wales Ministry 1895

  1. The Hon. G. H. Reid, M.P.
  2. The Hon. J. N. Brunker, M.P.
  3. The Hon. J. Cook, M.P.
  4. The Hon. J. H. Want, Q.C., M.L.C.
  5. The Hon. J. H. Young, M.P.
  6. The Hon. J. H. Carruthers, M.P.
  7. The Hon. A. Garran, LL.D., M.L.C.
  8. The Hon. J. Garrard, M.P.
  9. The Hon. A. J. Gould, M.P.
  10. The Hon. S. Smith, M.P.

Illustration Title: The Ministry; Public Domain, from the British Library’s Collection, 2013


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