The Hobart Town Directory 1831

Abbott, C. Keeper of the Bonded Stores, Brisbane-st.
Adey, Stephen, Derwent Bank, Davey-street
Archer, J. L. Civil Engineer, Macquarie Point
Athorn, W. Livery Stable Keeper, Liverpool-street

Babtie, J. General Dealer, Liverpool-street
Ballantine, R. Custom-house Agent, Collins-street
Bamber, Miss, Ladies’ School, Davey-street
Barclay, D. Watchmaker, Elizabeth-street
Barrett, J. General Dealer, Elizabeth-street
Barrett, Mrs. Midwife, ditto
Beamont, John, Registrar of Deeds, New-town
Bedford, Rev. Wm. Colonial Chaplain, Liverpool-st.
Belbin, James, Inspector of Stock, Macquarie-street
Bell, John, Merchant, Wharf
Bent, Andrew, Elizabeth-street
Bent, B. Boot and Shoemaker, Brisbane-street
Bent, Richard, Bricklayer, Melville-street
Bethune, W. A. Merchant, Wharf
Bilton, Henry, Merchant, Campbell-street
Bisdee, John, Keeper of His Majesty’s Gaol, Murray-street
Blackwell, John, New-town
Blakesley, Mrs. Milliner, &c. Elizabeth-street
Bock, Thomas, Portrait Painter, Historical and Writing Engraver, Liverpool-street
Bodry, John, General Dealer, Argyle-street
Bowden, J. Licensed Victualler, Brisbane-street
Boyes, G. W. T. B. Commissary of Accounts, New-town Road
Boyd, Edward, Deputy Surveyor General, Macquarie-street
Brown, J. S. Deputy Assistant Commissary General, Liverpool-street
Brown, James, General Dealer, Liverpool-street
Brown, J. Chemist and Druggist, Liverpool-street
Browne, F. E. D. and Co. Agents, Elizabeth-street
Bruford, Alex. Hay and Corn Dealer, Murray-st.
Bryant, James, Assistant Surgeon, New-town road
Bunster, William, Merchant, Campbell-street
Burn and Macintyre, Carpenters and Builders, St. Patrick-street
Burnett, John, Colonial Secretary, Macquarie-street
Bush, D. General Dealer, Argyle street
Butler, Gamaliel, Solicitor, Harrington-street

Caldwell, Robert, General Dealer, Elizabeth-street
Campbell, T. Pastrycook, Elizabeth-street
Cartwright, George, Solicitor and Notary Public, Murray-street
Catley, J. Plumber, Painter, and Glazier, Elizabeth-street
Case, Henry, Shoemaker, Elizabeth-street
Champion, W. Hatter, Melville-street
Chapman, Isaac, Cabinet-maker and Undertaker, Brisbane-street
Chapman, H. Builder and Dealer, New-town Road
Clark, John, Cooper, Argyle-street
Clark, Richard, Shoemaker, Elizabeth-street
Clark, Mrs. Matron of the Female Orphan School
Cleburne, R. General Dealer, Liverpool-street
Coate, W. Licensed Victualler, Argyle-street
Cole, Thomas, Boat Builder, Davey-street
Collicott, J. T. Postmaster & Auctioneer, Murray-st.
Collins, James, Sheriff’s Bailiff, Liverpool-street
Conolly, Rev. P. Principal Catholic Chaplain, Killard, Patrick-street
Connelly, Henry, Harness Maker, Liverpool-street
Cook, W. Auctioneer, Elizabeth-street
Courtney, James, Goldsmith and Working Jeweller, Liverpool-street
Cowles, W. Licensed Victualler, Liverpool-street
Cowles and Aitcheson, Tailors, Elizabeth-street
Cox, J. E. Macquarie Hotel, Macquarie-street
Crombie, A. Merchant, Campbell-street
Crowther, W., Surgeon, &c. Murray-street
Cummings, Adam, Carpenter, Elizabeth-street

Darby, Robert, Blacksmith, Elizabeth-street
Darling, J. Deputy Assistant Commissary General, New-town Road
Davidson, R. Superintendent of Government Garden
Dawes and Hewitt, Merchants, Elizabeth-street
Dean, John, General Dealer, Baker and Miller, Elizabeth-street
Deane, J. P. Professor of Music and Circulating Library, Elizabeth-street
Devine, Thomas, Licensed Victualler, Campbell-st.
D’Hottman, Madame, Bathurst-street
Donahoo, J. Boarding House, Liverpool-street
Dowsett, Samuel, Hobart Town Classical and Commercial Academy, Campbell-street
Dowsett, Mrs. Ladies’ Seminary, Campbell-street
Dudgeon, Peter, Brewer, Collins-street
Dunn, John, Banker, Macquarie-street

Eddington, John, Elizabeth-street
Eldridge, G. W. Chemist & Druggist, Elizabeth-st
Emmett, H. J. Principal Clerk in the Secretary’s Office, New-town Road

Farrell, W. Butcher, Elizabeth-street
Fereday, Dudley, Sheriff, Bathurst-street
Fletcher, William, Acting Chief Constable, New-town Road
Foster, Thomas, Jeweller, Elizabeth-street
Frankland, G. Surveyor General, Macquarie-street
Fraser, S. Tailor, Liverpool-street
Furner, Mrs. Dress Maker, Liverpool-street

Gatehouse, George, Brewer, New-town
Gellibrand, J. T. Counsellor and Law Pleader, Murray-street
Giblin, R. W. Master of the Orphan School, New-town
Giles, Joseph, Licensed Victualler, Liverpool-street
Gordon, J. Licensed Victualler, Macquarie-street
Gow, –. Hosier and Glover, Elizabeth street
Graham, P. Boarding House, Liverpool-street
Grant, James, Merchant, Battery Road
Gunn, W. Superintendent of Prisoners’ Barracks, Campbell-street
Guy, B. General Dealer, Macquarie-street


Hackett, James, Distiller, Macquarie-street
Hamilton, W. H. Banker, Macquarie-street
Hance, William, Macquarie Hotel
Hancock, B. Licensed Victualler, Goulburn-street
Harris, W. Brass and Iron Founder, Macquarie-st.
Henry, B. General Dealer, Elizabeth-street.
Hiddlestone, John, Brisbane-street
Hind, Mrs. Dress Maker, New-town Road
Hobbs, James, Wharfinger, St. Patrick-street
Hodgetts, Mrs. Teacher of Music, Liverpool-street
Hodgson, Edmund, Tanner, Macquarie-street
Hone, Joseph, Master of the Supreme Court, Macquarie-street
Hopkins, Henry, Ironmonger and General Dealer, Elizabeth-street
Hopkins, Thomas, Boot and Shoe Warehouse, Elizabeth-street
Hopwood, W. Watchmaker, Liverpool-street
Hopwood, Mrs. Collins-street
Hopwood, George, Wheelwright, Collins-street
Horne, T. Barrister, Collins-street
Houshold, R, Parish Clerk, Undertaker, and Cabinet Maker, Liverpool-street
Howe, Mrs. Milliner, Macquarie-street
Hunter, George, Butcher, Elizabeth-street
Hutchinson, Rev. J.Wesleyan Misionary, Brisbane-st.

Jackson and Addison, Carpenters and Builders, Elizabeth-street
James, John, Collins-street
Jeffrey, J. Cabinet Maker & Undertaker Argyle-st.
Jennings, Henry, Solicitor, Murray-street
Johnson, John, Tanner, Parchment-maker, &c. New-town
Jones, John, Smith and Farrier, Liverpool-street
Jones, J. Confectioner, Elizabeth-street
Jones, W. Cooper, Bathurst-street

Kane, T. Saddler, Elizabeth-street
Kelly, James, Pilot, Collins-street
Kemp, A. F. Merchant, Macquarie-street
Kerr, John, Merchant, Macquarie-street
Knopwood, Rev. R. Colonial Chaplain, Clarence Plains

Laing, George, Butcher, Liverpool-street
Lakeland, Mrs. Macquarie-street
Langford, George, Drapery Warehouse, Elizabeth-st.
Lear, William, Baker, Elizabeth-street
Lester, Joseph, Collins-street
Lewis, Richard, Auctioneer, Macquarie-street
Lewis, W. Licensed Victualler, Bathurst-street
Lightfoot, T. Tailor and Draper, Elizabeth-street
Lindsay, W. Licensed Victualler, Elizabeth-street
Lloyd, James, Campbell-street
Lord, John, Merchant, Elizabeth-street
Lord, David, Stock Proprietor, Macquarie-street
Lovell, Esh, Superintendent of the Female House of Correction, Cascade
Lowes, T. Y. Cashier of the Bank of Van Diemen’s Land, Macquarie-street
Ludgater, M. Licensed Victualler, New-town Road

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