The Hobart Town Directory 1831

Macarthur, Rev. A. Presbyterian Clergyman, Brisbane-street
Macdougall, John, Melville-street
Maddox, J.T. Deputy Assistant Commissary General, Campbell-street
Maddox, J. Chemist and Druggist, Elizabeth-street
Makepeace, H. Licensed Victualler, New-town Road
Makepeace, J. General Dealer, Elizabeth-street
Mannington, J. E. Miller, Liverpool-street
Martin, John, Licensed Victualler, Liverpool-street
Martin, John, Butcher, Elizabeth-street
Mason, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Elizabeth street
Mather, R. General Dealer, Elizabeth-street
Mawle, J. and W. Merchants, Wharf
Maycock, W. Licensed Victualler, Wharf
Melville, H. Colonial Times Office, Elizabeth-street
Mezger, J. Licensed Victualler, Argyle-street
Midwood, Mrs. Seminary for young Ladies, Roxbro’ House, Elizabeth-street
Miller, Rev. F. Independent Minister, Brisbane-st.
Miller, Edward, Bathurst-street
M‘Kavitt, J. Eating House, Argyle-street
M‘Lachlan, C. Agent to the Australian Company, Wharf
Morgan, John, General Dealer, Elizabeth-street
Morrison, A. Watchmaker, Elizabeth-street
Morrison, Askin, Merchant, Argyle-street
Montagu, A. Attorney-General, Davey-street
Moodie, A. Assistant Commissary General, Davey-street
Moore, J. H. Collector of Internal Revenue, Campbell-street
M‘Tavish, Mrs. Midwife, New-town Road
Muir, J. Butcher, Liverpool-street
Mulgrave, P. A. Chief Police Magistrate, Macquarie-street
Murray and Macdougall, Tasmanian Office, Elizabeth-street
Murray, W. General Dealer, Elizabeth-street

Neilley, William, Ordnance Store-keeper, Davey-st.
Newman, Richard, Police Officer, Macquarie-street
Nicholls, T. Upholsterer, Mattress-maker, and General Dealer, Argyle-street
Norman, Rev. J. Colonial Chaplain, Macquarie-st.

O’Connor, R. Inspector of Roads and Bridges, Battery Road
O’Ferrall, R. Collector of Customs, New-town Road
Ogilvie, Mrs. Liverpool-street
Olding, N. General Dealer, Collins-street
Orr, W. M. Merchant, Wharf

Pain, J. Licensed Victualler, Argyle-street
Panton, G. Veterinary Surgeon, Argyle-street
Parker, John, Livery Stable Keeper and General Dealer, Market-place
Parramore, W. T. Private Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor, Macquarie-street
Payne, M. General Dealer, Liverpool-street
Pedder, J. L. Chief Justice, Macquarie-street
Peet, W. Officer to the Court of Requests, Murray-st.
Petchey, John, Licensed Victualler, Murray-street
Philpott, Miss, Dress Maker, Elizabeth-street
Pinker, J. C. Linen Draper, Elizabeth-street
Pitcairn, R. Solicitor
Pitt, F. Harbour Master, Collins-street
Pitt, R. Licensed Victualler, Murray-street
Proctor, W. Comptrollor of Customs, New-town Road
Puckeridge, J. Watchmaker, Elizabeth-street

Read, G. F. Merchant, Harrington-street
Reeves, J. Engineer and Brass Founder, Murray-st.
Reid, C. Hair Dresser, Collins-street
Roberts, J. General Dealer, Argyle-street
Roberts, J. L. Brewer, Argyle-street
Roberts, J. V. General Dealer, Elizabeth-street
Robertson, J. and W. General Dealers, Elizabeth-st.
Rocher, Mrs. Ladies’ School, Melville-street
Ross, James, LL.D. Government Printer, Liverpool-street
Ross, Hugh, Solicitor, Davey-street
Rowcroft, H. British Hotel, Liverpool-street
Rowlands, T. W. Solicitor, Macquarie-street


Sarjeant, Mrs. Baker, Liverpool-street
Scrivenor, Edward, Brisbane-street
Schultze, F. Brisbane-street
Scott, J. Colonial Surgeon, Liverpool-street
Shoobridge, W. Hop Grower, New-town Road
Shribbs, E. House and Sign Painter, Bathurst-street
Simcoe, W. Wheelwright and Blacksmith, Elizabeth-street
Simmons, J. Assistant Engineer, Murray-street
Skinner, Jonathan, Carpenter, Patrick-street
Smith, Peter, Leather Merchant, &c. Liverpool-st.
Smith, Philip, Plumber, Painter, and Glazier, Bathurst-street
Smith, John, Baker, Argyle-street
Smithson, W. Gunsmith, Tinman, and Blacksmith, Elizabeth-street
Sorell, William, Registrar of the Supreme Court, Macquarie-street
Solomon, J. and J. General Dealers, Liverpool-street
Solomon, John, General Dealer, Liverpool-street
Solomons, Mark, General Dealer, Elizabeth-street
Squire, Thomas, Schoolmaster, Argyle-street
Spode, Josiah, Superintendent of Convicts, St. Patrick-street
Sprent, A. M. Schoolmaster, Liverpool-street
Steel, M. Liverpool-street
Stephen, A. Solicitor-General, Macquarie-street
Stephen, G. M. Clerk of the Supreme Court, Macquarie-street
Stocker, W. T. Butcher, Elizabeth-street
Stodart, R. Wine and Spirit Merchant, Elizabeth-street
Stokell, George, General Dealer and Timber Merchant, Macquarie-square
Stone, Thomas, Schoolmaster, Liverpool-street
Stracey, J. C. G. General Dealer, Collins-street
Sullivan, J. Licensed Victualler, Collins-street
Swan, John. General Dealer, Elizabeth-street

Thomas, Jocelyn, Colonial Treasurer, New-town
Thomson, J. Hobart Town Academy, Melville-street
Thornloe, James, Brisbane-street
Turnbull, Adam, M. D. Campbell-street
Turnley, G. Merchant, Liverpool-street

Underwood, J. C. Auctioneer, Macquarie-street

Walford, Bernard, Licensed Victualler, Murray-st.
Walford, Benjamin, Licensed Victualler, Murray-st.
Walker, John, Miller, (Steam Engine,) Wharf
Watchorn, W. Staffordshire and Glass Warehouse, and General Dealer, Liverpool-street
Watson, A. G. Inspector of Distilleries, Sandy Bay
Weavil. J. Elizabeth-street
Westbrook, J. H. Surgeon, &c. Collins street
Whitaker, S. Cabinet-maker and Undertaker, Harrington-street
White, E. T. Watchmaker, Elizabeth-street
Wilson, W. Merchant, Wharf
Wilson, T. Pork Butcher, Liverpool-street
Wilson, W. Licensed Victualler, Liverpool-street
Williams, Thomas, Shoemaker, Brisbane-street
Williamson, R. Shoemaker, Elizabeth-street
Williamson, S. Licensed Victualler, Elizabeth-street
Wintle, S. J. Boot and Shoemaker, and Leather Manufacturer, Elizabeth-street
Wise and Day, Licensed Victuallers, Collins-street
Wilkinson, H. Assistant Surveyor, Macquarie-street
Wolding, T. H. Veterinary Surgeon, Elizabeth-street
Wood and Co. Wine and Spirit Merchants, Liverpool-street
Wood, James, Wholesale Stationer and General Dealer, Liverpool-street
Wood, C. Tinman, Elizabeth-street
Woods, R. H. Superintendent of Convicts, Campbell-street
Woodward, G. Surveyor, Brisbane-street
Woolley, J. Cabinet-maker, Macquarie-street
Wright, A. General Dealer, Goulburn-street
Wright, A. Butcher, Elizabeth-street
Wylde, W. Pastry Cook, Elizabeth-street

Young, T. Solicitor, Liverpool-street
Young, W. Licensed Victualler, Campbell-street

Source: The Van Diemen’s Land Almanack 1831; Hobart Town; Edited and Printed by Henry Melville, Colonial Times Newspaper Office

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