Round the World with the A.I.F. in Days of War and Peace 1918-1919

A personal narrative of the author’s experiences in the Australian Imperial Forces during the last months of WWI and into 1919. The text covers soldiers experiences in Australia, France, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and includes pictorial content. The text is extensive in its coverage of the theatre of war, using excerpts from famous authors and poets to emphasise the plight of the digger. Continue Reading →

Tales of Billzac

Extracts and pictorial content from an Australian soldier’s diary, originally published in Australia’s major newspapers. The personal narrative begins with the landing in Gallipoli in 1915 and continues with stories of other battles in Europe leaving readers enthralled with its anecdotal, humour in the face of suffering approach.
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Snapshots and Reminiscences of Anzac

A personal narrative accompanied by a collection of photographs taken with a small vest pocket camera by an Australian soldier fighting in Turkey and Egypt in World War 1 (1914-1918). The text covers the experiences of the AIF soldier in Gallipoli and Egypt and his travels to other parts of Europe including London. Date of publication unknown but estimated at 1920. Continue Reading →