Domestic Advice from 1828 Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania)

Domestic advice from Tasmania in 1828. Check out these maxims for health, how to clean plated articles, to extinguish fire in a chimney, prevent rust, to render shingles fire proof, destroy bugs, cure coughs, remove stains from mahogany or marble, oiling mahogany or cedar, taking spots out of linen, cleaning metal, fire proof cement, water proof cement, boots and shoes – or how about a cure for cancer or advice on administering laudanum to children. Continue Reading →

Recipes from Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) 1828

Recipes from Tasmania from 1828. Includes recipes for sweetening tainted meat, preserving fruit, how to make English coffee or breakfast powder, a substitute for tea (herbal tea), making bread, ginger beer, currant wine, mustard, yeast cakes, ale, preserving butter, and salting mutton. Continue Reading →

“Lest We Forget” Tales of the A.I.F.

A personal account of an AIF soldier’s experiences in WWI (1914-18). The author uses a humorous approach, with poems, jokes and limericks throughout the text to convey the general attitude of the troops, highlighting the Australian sense of humor. Continue Reading →