Ann Rumsby 1802-1850

The story of Ann Rumsby – All through a convict girl – A leading Navy doctor was censured. Rev. Samuel Marsden was fined, and five members of the Parramatta Bench were dismissed. Indirectly she was also responsible, to a large extent, for radical changes in the system of government. She was the keystone of one of Parramatta’s greatest feasts of scandal and rumour. The happenings caused a sensation throughout the country, and Parramatta, where the scene was laid, was the centre of a maelstrom of indictment and recrimination. Continue Reading →

“The Hell Ship” — The Tragic Story of the “Chapman” Convict Ship 1817

The tragic voyage of the “Chapman” convict ship resulted in 12 convicts being killed, 30 wounded, and the others starved and ill-treated for the remainder of the voyage. Includes transcripts of the Court Proceedings January 11 and 12, 1819, for the willful murder of John M’Ardle (Clements and Drake) and Daniel M’Cormick (Drake, Dewar, Bustead). Continue Reading →

The Parramatta Female Factory Riot and Governance in 1827

Details of the riot that took place at the Female Factory in 1827 – followed by an editorial about the Female Factory, which gives an insight to the views at the time. Of interest the editorial details the “classes” of the women and gives a Scale of Rations for the different Classes. Continue Reading →