The Last of the Bushrangers

Excerpt from The Last of the Bushrangers: An Account of the Capture of the Kelly Gang:-
And now, with these few necessary words of ex planation and introduction, let me get at once to my story, and the events which led to my being connected with the capture of the last of the Bushrangers. Continue Reading →

History of the Australian Bushrangers

Excerpt from History of the Australian Bushrangers:
Hitherto the histories of Australia have passed very lightly over the bushrangers, but there can be no doubt that they exercised some influence, and not always for evil, for to their influence is due some of the sturdy Republicanism of the modern Australians. The publication of this story may perhaps assist the future historian in tracing the growth of public opinion in Australia, and will therefore not be without its use. It is in this hope that I submit it to the public. Continue Reading →