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The legend of ANZAC was forged on the hills of Gallipoli in World War One. Here the ANZAC spirit was born, where Australian soldiers exemplified the notion of courage, endurance, ingenuity, good humour, larrikinism and mateship. News and stories from the day shed light on the horrors and humour of Australians at war.

During the Australian gold rushes over a million people, relocated to the Australian goldfields in search of payable gold. The influx of hopeful free immigrants would bring with them new skills and professions and change the convict colonies forever. The mateship that evolved on the goldfields and their collective resistance to authority led to Australia’s unique national identity. These articles highlight some of the many stories from the Australian goldfields.

For more than a century the exploits of bushrangers captivated and horrified the Australian public. Read about their exploits, their crimes, and the manhunts as justice caught up with them.

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