Assize of bread for the week 8 March 1807

Wheaten 10d. and Household Bead 7d. per loaf, to weigh 2lbs. 1 ounce new, and 2lbs. when one day old.

Current Prices of various Articles of Consumption at Sydney. —

Tea 6s. per ounce

sugar 1s. 6d. per lb.

rice 6d. per ditto

fresh butter 6s. per ditto

fresh beef and pork 2s.

and mutton 1s. 11d. per ditto

salt beef 4d. to 13d.

and salt pork 2s. per ditto

English soap 2s. to 2s. 6d.

and colonial soap 1s. to 18d. per ditto

white thread 14d.

coloured ditto 8d. to 10d. per skane

spirits 3l. to 3l. 10s. per gallon

porter 16s. per ditto

Port wine 10s. per bottle

tobacco 20s. to 24s. per lb.

men’s hats 2 to 3 guineas each

coarse white calicoes 5s. per yard

and linen cloths of all kinds scarce.

Source: Sydney (1807, March 8). The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1803 – 1842), p. 2.