NSW Return of Male Convicts Assigned and Transferred between the 1st and 30th days of November, 1832, Inclusively

– Mc –

  1. † M’ARTHUR [McArthur] John, Hercules, turner’s boy, to Aus. Agri. Company, Fort Stephens
  2. M’CANNA [McCanna] Patrick, Parmelia, stable boy, to Edward Knapp, Sydney
  3. M’CHEAN [McChean] Charles, Parmelia, seaman, to James M’Dougall, Darlington
  4. M’CRAW [McCraw] John, Parmelia, seaman, to George Hillas, Cookburndoon
  5. M’CUTCHEON [McCutcheon] William, Parmelia, shepherd, to R. C. Pritchett, Sydney
  6. † M’DERMOTT [McDermott] James, Dunvegan Castle, tailor, to John Abbott, Windsor
  7. † M’DONALD [McDonald] Alexander, Planter, shoemaker, to George Bowman, Richmond
  8. † M’DONOUGH [McDonough] James, Eliza 6), plasterer, to General Stewart, Bathurst
  9. M’GHIE [McGhie] Edward, Parmelia, farm labourer, to James M’Dougall, Darlington
  10. M’GORMIC [McGormic] Hugh, Parmelia, distiller, to James Blackett, Ultimo

– M –

  1. MADDEN Michael, Parmelia, cutler, to Robert Wicks, Kissing Point
  2. MARTIN Aaron, Parmelia, stable boy, to J. S. Spearing, Illawarra
  3. MARTIN Edward, Parmelia, butcher, to Andrew M’Dougall, Patrick’s Plains
  4. † MARTIN James, Dunvegan Castle, paper stainer, to R. C. Lethbridge, Oakhampton
  5. MASON Robert, Parmelia, chimney sweep, to James Blackett, Ultimo
  6. MAW Robert, Parmelia, farm servant, to William White, Merton
  7. MILLARD Samuel, Parmelia, nailor, to James Bowman, Sydney
  8. * MILLER Thomas, Exmouth, stableman, to H. C. Sempill, Seganhoe
  9. † MOODY William, Hercules, ropemaker’s boy, to Charles York, Evan
  10. MORGAN John, Parmelia, racing jockey, to Benjamin Cox, Maitland
  11. MORGAN William, Parmelia, hairdresser, to William Goldsby, Bathurst
  12. † MORLEY Francis, Hercules, engineer’s apprentice, to Aus, Agri. Comp., Port Stephens
  13. MORRIS John, Parmelia, farm servant, to James Howe, Patrick’s Plains
  14. MORRIS Robert, Parmelia, dye-house boy, to William White, Merton
  15. MORRISON Philip, Parmelia, cotton weaver, to Thomas Morton, Point Farm
  16. MORTIMER Joseph, Parmelia, saddler, to Andrew M’Dougall, Patrick’s Plains
  17. MOSS James, Parmelia, house painter, to John Martyn, Sydney
  18. MURPHY James, Parmelia, groom, to Helenus Scott, Glendon
  19. † MURPHY Thomas, Helen, soldier, &c., to John Dickson, Steam Engine
  20. MURRAY Edward, Parmelia, weaver, to William Galvin, Sydney

– N –

  1. NASH Richard, Parmelia, butcher, to J. Eales, Berry Park
  2. NIXON Richard, Parmelia, linen weaver, to James Foster, Petersham

– O –

  1. OAKENFIELD William, Parmelia, stable boy, to Richard Fitzgerald, Windsor
  2. OAKLEY James, Parmelia, nailor, to William M’Arthur, Camden
  3. ODELL John, Parmelia, shoemaker, to John Piper, Bathurst
  4. ORPHAN Edwin, Parmelia, strolling player, to Richard Rouse, Rouse Hill

– P –

  1. PACKHAM Thomas, Parmelia, farm servant, to Robert Wicks, Kissing Point
  2. PARK Rober, Planter, clockmaker, to James Robertson, North Shore
  3. † PARKER George, Parmelia, carter, &c., to John Hoskisson, Windsor
  4. PEARSON John, Parmelia, stable man, to Thomas Shepherd, Darling Nursery

– Q –

  1. * QUINN James, Asia (8), labourer, to William Klensendorfe, Liverpool

– R –

  1. RANDALL William, Parmelia, farm servant, to James Foster, Petersham
  2. † RATCLIFFE Shadwick, Planter, ploughs, to Mrs. Payne, Kissing Point
  3. RAWLINGS Thomas, Parmelia, waterman, to William Prestnall, Richmond
  4. RENSHOR John, Parmelia, cutler, to Robert Cowper, Sydney
  5. † RELTON John, Planter, gardener’s boy, to John Watson, Lower Branch
  6. REVELL Stephen, Parmelia, farm servant, to George Hillas, Cookburndoon
  7. * RILEY Patrick, Forth, sweep, to Alfred Kennerly, Rooty Hill
  8. ROBINSON James, Parmelia, nailor, to William M’Arthur, Camden
  9. ROEBUCK William, Parmelia, farm servant, to Richard Rouse, Rouse Hill
  10. ROSCOE Hugh, Parmelia, spinner, &c., to John Kingwood, Kurry Jong
  11. ROWSON Thomas, Parmelia, herdsman, to H. H. Parker, Port Macquarie
  12. RYAN James, Eliza (6), shoemaker’s apprentice, to James Mudie, Castle Forbes

– S –

  1. * SHARPLESS George, Minerva, cabin boy, to H. D. Nicholls, Sydney
  2. * SHEPHERD Charles, Isabella, baker, to William Klensendorfe, Liverpool
  3. * SHINE Connor, Eliza (6), labourer, to Francis Girard, Sydney
  4. SHIRLEY James, Parmelia, potter, to David Smith, lllawarra
  5. † SHOULDERS Henry, Planter, ploughs, &c., to William Buchanan, Sydney
  6. SIMPSON John, Parmelia, silk spinner, to Francis Mowatt, Narallan
  7. SIMPSON John, Parmelia, shop boy, to Peter Fagan, Brisbane Water
  8. SLATER Samuel, Parmelia, stonemason, to James M’Arther, Camden
  9. † SMITH Daniel, Hercules, ivory turner, to Charles York, Evan
  10. SMITH Edward, Parmelia, labourer, to Hugh Byrne, Airds
  11. SMITH John, Parmelia, farm servant, to Richard Fitzgerald, Windsor
  12. SMITH John, Parmelia, silk weaver, to John Patrick, Campbelltown
  13. SMITH John, Parmelia, waterman, to P. G. Ogilvie, Hunter’s River
  14. SMITH Joseph, Parmelia, seamen, to W. P. Faithful, Goulburn Plains
  15. † SMITH Thomas, Hercules, waiter, to Richard Fitzgerald, Windsor
  16. SMITH William, Parmelia, farm servant, to J. H. Rose, Yass Plains
  17. SMITHERS Stephen, Parmelia, carpenter’s boy, to William Regan, Sutton Forest
  18. † SMYTH Terence, Dunvegan Castle, indoor servant, to Jemima Eager, Sydney
  19. † SPARKES Benjamin, Planter, whitesmith, to Henry Shadforth, Parramatta
  20. STOTHURD George, Parmelia, farm servant, to William Jenkins, Portland Head
  21. STRAIGHT Richard, Parmelia, stable boy, to James Quinn, Sydney
  22. SULLIVAN Cornelius, Asia (8), labourer, to Daniel Jurd, Lower Branch
  23. SUMPTON Thomas, Parmelia, stable boy, to John Foreman, Parramatta
  24. † SWADLING John, Hercules, errand boy, to Barnard Riley, Parramatta
  25. SWALLOW Joseph, Parmelia, knife cutler, to David Smith, lllawarra
  26. † SWORDS Stephen, Dunvegan Castle, carpenter, to D. F. Mackay, William’s River

– T –

  1. TAYLOR James, Parmelia, farm labourer, to John Patrick, Campelltown
  2. TAYLOR John, Parmelia, butcher, to Robt. Campbell, Sydney
  3. THOMAS John, Parmelia, hatter, to R. Uther, Sydney
  4. THOMAS John, Parmelia, mason’s labourer, to J. H. Rose, Yass Plains
  5. THOMAS Joseph, Parmelia, farm servant, to Robert Howe, Sydney
  6. THOMAS William, Parmelia, toymaker, to John White, Sydney
  7. † THOMPSON James, Hercules, butcher &c., to Joseph W. Wright, Sydney
  8. * THOMPSON Joseph, Morley, plate-polisher, to James Wolfe, Sydney
  9. THOMSON James, Parmelia, farm labourer, to W. P. Faithful, Goulburn Plains
  10. † TINGEY George, Planter, carter, to Henry Shadforth, Parramatta
  11. TOPY Daniel, Eliza (6), errand boy, to R. C. Lethbridge, Oakhampton
  12. TRAVIS Moses, Parmelia, in-door servant, to Geo. M. Slade, Sydney
  13. TUBB Robert, Parmelia, hostler, to John Buckland, Hoare Town
  14. TUMOCK Thomas, Parmelia, butcher, to John M’Donald, Pitt Town
  15. TURNBULL Henry, Parmelia, boatman, to James M’Gournan, Parramatta
  16. TURNER Frederick, Parmelia, shoemaker, to Thomas Arkell, Charlton

– V –

  1. VALENTINE John, Parmelia, errand-boy, to James Wyatt, Sydney

– W –

  1. WAKFIELD John, Parmelia, gardener’s laborer, to John Connell, Sydney
  2. WALKER Henry, Parmelia, indoor-servant, to Andrew Gibson, Argyle
  3. * WALKER John, Hebe, laborer, to John Caruthers, Sydney
  4. WALLACE Exekiah, Parmelia, ploughs, &c., to David Scott, Illawarra
  5. † WARD Frederick, Hercules, errand-boy, to Robert Scott, Baraba
  6. † WARNER Thomas, Hercules, shoemaker’s boy, to William Bucknall, Surry Hills
  7. WATERS George, Parmelia, blacksmith, to G. C. Curlewis, Argyle
  8. WATSON John, Parmelia, farm servant, to John Connell, Sydney
  9. * WATTS William, Nithsdale, shoemaker, to C. Marsden, Parramatta
  10. WEED William, Parmelia, hostler, to J. W. Lowe, Sidmouth Valley
  11. WELLS Richard, Parmelia, farm servant, to William Crowe, Appin
  12. WHITE Thomas, Parmelia, shoemaker, to Capt. Maxwell, Sydney
  13. WHITE Saville, Parmelia, gardener, to Charles Throsby, Glenfield
  14. WHYLLIE David, Parmelia, laborer to John Wiseman, Hunter’s River
  15. WILLIAMS John, Parmelia, calendering, to William Crowe, Appin
  16. † WILLIAMS William, Hercules, stableman, to J. S. Hanson, Sydney
  17. WILMOT James, Parmelia, ploughs, &c., to John Dight, jun. Richmond
  18. † WILSON James, Planter, errand-boy, to Henry Keck, Sydney
  19. WINGATE James, Parmelia, cow-keeper, to Laurence D’Arcy, Appin

– Y –

  1. YORK John, Parmelia, farm servant to John Wiseman, Hunter’s River i

Note—Those marked † have been re-assigned, the first assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them. Those marked * have been transferred.

Principal Superintendent of Convicts’
Office, 30th November, 1832.

Source: New South Wales (1833, January 9). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), p. 14.

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