NSW Return of Male Convicts Assigned and Transferred between the 1st and 30th days of November, 1832, Inclusively

Note—Those marked † have been re-assigned, the first assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them. Those marked * have been transferred.

-A –

  1. ALLAN Michael, Parmelia, farm servant, to John Wigton, Nelson’s Plains
  2. ASPINALL Edward, Parmelia, coal miner, to John Wigton, Nelson’s Plains
  3. ASHLY Henry, Hercules, ribbon weaver, to F. W. Rice, Sydney

– B –

  1. BAILEY Thomas, Parmelia, farmer’s boy, to John M’Donald, Pitt Town
  2. BARNES William, Parmelia, farm servant, to Captain Wright, Parramatta
  3. BARRETT James, Eliza (6), carpenter, 3 years, to George Cavanagh, Sydney
  4. BARTLETT Charles, Parmelia, labourer, to Samuel Wright, Parramatta
  5. † BARTLETT Richard, Hercules, tap-boy, to Aus. Agri. Company, Port Stephens
  6. BAXTER Charles, Parmelia, tailor, to A. M’Dougall, Patrick’s Plains
  7. BAXTER John, Parmelia, farm servant, to John Wigton, Nelson’s Plains
  8. * BEASLEY Henry, Asia, groom and labourer, to John Hosking, Sydney
  9. BENNETT George, Parmelia, brickmaker, to H. Hume, Appin
  10. BEST Henry, Parmelia, labourer, to John Wigton Nelson’s Plains
  11. BRANT James, Parmelia, tailor, to S. A. Perry, Sydney
  12. BROAD William, Parmelia, stable-boy, to Mrs. M’Henry, Penrith
  13. † BROOKE James, Hercules, tailor, to Thomas Scott, Baraba
  14. BROWN George, Parmelia, groom, to G. F. Moncrief, Sydney
  15. * BROWN John, Portland, seaman, to C. H. Chambers, Sydney
  16. BROWN Joseph, Parmelia, farm servant, to H. Baldwyn, Wilberforce
  17. BROWN William, Parmelia, seaman, to John M’Donald, Pitt Town
  18. BUIST James, Parmelia, sawyer, to A. W. Scott, Ash Island
  19. * BURNS William, Cambridge, groom, to Alexander Riley, Raby
  20. BRYANT George, Parmelia, well-sinker, to John Wigton, Nelson’s Plains

– C –

  1. * CALLAGHAN Timothy, Borodino, plough-man, to Edward Ryan, Murrumbidgie
  2. * CANE Charles, Captain Cooke, servant, to J. B. Bettington, Sydney
  3. † CANTILL George, Planter, groom, to John M’Dougald, Pitt Town
  4. CARROLL John, Dunvegan Castle, bricklayer, to Captain Coghill, Kirkham
  5. CASEY Thomas, Dunvegan Castle, labourer, to James Manning, Nepean
  6. CHALMERS William, Parmelia, farm servant, to Edward Rouse, Rouse Hill
  7. CHRISTIE Samuel, Parmelia, quarryman, to Robert Scott, Glendon
  8. CHRISTOPHER William, Parmelia, farm servant, to George Loder, Windsor
  9. CHURM William, Planter, butcher’s-boy, to Aus. Agri. Company, Port Stephens
  10. CLARE David, Parmelia, labourer, to George Loder, Windsor
  11. CLARK John, Parmelia, seaman, to Robert Campbell, Sydney
  12. CLARKE William, Parmelia, filemaker, to Edward Rouse, Rouse Hill
  13. COLLISON Elias, Parmelia, lath cleaver, to Henry Baldwyn, Wilberforce
  14. COLLISTER John, Parmelia, farm servant, to Robert Campbell, Sydney
  15. COMPSON James, Parmelia, padlock-maker, to Edward-Rouse, Rouse Hill
  16. COOPER Charles, Parmelia, weighing machine-maker, to H. C. Sempill, Segenhoe
  17. COOPER James, Parmelia, farm servant, to J. E. Manning, Sydney
  18. COOPER John, Parmelia, farm servant, to John Johnstone, Portland Head
  19. COUGHLAN Richard, Dunvegan Castle, ladies’ shoemaker, to J. Blaxland, Newington
  20. † COX Benjamin, Planter, grazier, &c., to W. H. M’Kcnzie, Surry Hills
  21. COX WILLIAM, Dunvegan Castle, errand-boy, to J. Street, Bathurst
  22. CROSBIE James, Dunvegan Castle, shoe-maker, to Joshua Thorpe, Sydney
  23. CURTEN Michael Tyne, labourer, to W. C. Wentworth, Vaucluse
  24. CURTIS John, Parmelia, porter, to John Johnstone, Portland Head

– D –

  1. † DAINES John, Planter, turner, to James Underwood, Rushcutter’s Bay
  2. DALES Thomas, Parmelia, house joiner, to William Shelly, Parramatta
    5120.† DALY Thomas, Planter, farm labourer, to J. W. Wright, Sydney
  3. DAVIS John, Parmelia, farm servant, to Charles Blaxland, Wollombi
  4. DAVIS John, Parmelia, shoemaker, to John Langdon, Sydney
  5. DAWSON George, Parmelia, brickmaker, to Dr. Wilson, Argyle
  6. † DAY Charles, Planter, brass-founder, to Samuel Onions, Sydney
  7. DELANY Cornelius, Dunvegan Castle, ostler, to H. Walker, Parramatta
  8. DERRINGTON John, Parmelia, cabinet-maker, to Cornelius Prout, Sydney
  9. DEVINE George, Parmelia, shoemaker, to J. Sarson, Sydney
  10. DICKINSON John, Parmelia, groom, to Dr. Bowman, Sydney
  11. DOCHARTY William, Parmelia, glass cutter, to G. M. Simpson, Field of Mars
  12. DOWLING Edward, Parmelia,paper stainer, to Joseph Inch, Sydney
  13. DOYLE Charles, Parmelia, pot-boy, to J. E. Manning, Sydney
  14. DUFFY Michael, Dunvegan Castle, coach-man, R. C. Lethbridge, Oakhampton
  15. DUFFY Michael, Danvegn Castle, farmer’s boy, to James Mudie, Castle Forbes
  16. * DUNN Michael, Captain Cooke, tailor’s boy, to J. B. Bettington, Sydney
  17. DUNNE Thomas, Dunvegan Castle, farm-labourer, to Rev. R. Hill, Sydney
  18. * DWYER William, Hindostan, tobacconist, to James Dargin, Sydney
  19. DYSON Edward, Parmelia, seaman, to James Wright, Sydney

– E –

  1. ECCLES William, Parmelia, weaver, to J. H. Boughton, Paterson’s River
  2. EDWARDS John, Parmelia, fellmonger, to Jolin Pike, Hunter’s River
  3. EDWARDS John, Parmelia, ropemaker, to John M’Laren, Sydney
  4. EVERS Titus, Parmelia, cloth weaver, to W. C. Wentworth, Vaucluse

– F –

  1. † FARRELL Edward, Dunvegan Castle, soldier, to J. T. Hughes, Sydney
  2. FELLOWS Stephen, Parmelia, butcher, to Robert Crawford, Hillend
  3. FORSTER John, Parmelia, shepherd, to J. & W. Ryrie, Arn Prior
  4. † FOX Patrick, Eliza (6), labourer, to John Dickson, Steam Engine
  5. FRASER John, Parmelia, stable boy, to James Glennie, Dalwich
  6. FREER John, Parmelia, farm servant, to John Pike, Hunter’s River
  7. † FROST Simon, Planter, ploughs, &c., to Rev. T. Reddall, Campbelltown

– G –

  1. GALDENER Christopher, Parmelia, iron-boiler-maker, to C. Blaxland, Hunter’s River
  2. * GALVIN Patrick, Edward, ploughs, &c., to W. Eyland, junior, Surry Hills
  3. GARLAND Anthony Leworthy, Parmelia, brushmaker, &c., to E. Hallen, Sydney
  4. GATES Thomas, or Yates, Parmelia, reedmaker, &c., to Lieut. Perrier, Bathurst
  5. * GILLIGAN Peter, Ferguson, farmer’s boy, to Thomas Stephens, Sydney
  6. GOLDFINCH James, Parmelia, labourer, to William Balcombe, Murray
  7. GOLDFINCH William, Parmelia, farmer’s boy, to James Wright, Sydney
  8. GORMAN Isaac, Parmelia, weaver and waiter, to William Sherwin, Parramatta
  9. GRAHAM William, Parmelia, labourer, to Sarah Erskine, Airds
  10. GRAVES Edward, Parmelia, blacksmith, to George Mosman, Williams’ River
  11. GREEN Henry, Parmelia, seaman, to T. Hyland, Prospect
  12. GREEN Joseph, Parmelia, calico printer, to L. Macalister, Argyle
  13. † GREENACRE William, Hercules, ploughs, &c., to Captain Brown, Bathurst
  14. GRIFFITHS George, Parmelia, farm servant, to J. H. Boughton, Paterson’s River
  15. GRIFFITHS William, Parmelia, farm servant, to Thomas Hyland, Prospect
  16. † GRIFFIN George, Dunvegan Castle, plasterer’s boy, to Andrew Cowan, Holesworthy

– H –

  1. HADFIELD Daniel, Parmelia, soldier, to George Bunn, Sydney
  2. HANCOCK William, Parmelia, gardener, to Thomas Bartie, Williams’ River
  3. * HAMILTON Patrick, Asia (2), tailor, to George Druitt, Mount Druitt
  4. HAMILTON William, Parmelia, gardener, to Captain Rossi, Sydney
  5. * HARDISTY George, Marquis Huntly, cloth-dresser, to W. Kiensendorlffe, Liverpool
  6. HARGRAVES John, Parmelia, cloth weaver, to W. P. Faithful, Goulburn Plains
  7. HARLEY James, Parmelia, butcher, to John Johnstone, Darlington
  8. † HARRIDAN William, Hercules, errand boy, to Aus. Agri. Com. Port Stephens
  9. HARRIS Thomas, Parmelia, baker, &c., to Major Innis, Port Macquarie
  10. HARRIS William, Parmelia, coach-smith, to John Urquhart, Sydney
  11. HARRISON Thomas, Parmelia, seaman, to John Robins, Illawarra
  12. † HARRISON William, Hercules, errand-boy, to A. A. C. Port Stephens
  13. HARRY Josiah, Parmelia, bullock-driver, to W. Balcombe, Wollodillo
  14. † HARVEY John, Marquis Huntly, errand-boy, to A. W. Scott, Ash Island
  15. HASTINGS James, Parmelia, footman, to Robert Johnstone, Annandale
  16. HEATON Richard, Parmelia, bleacher, &c., to R. C. Pritchett, Sydney
  17. HENDERSON Elias, Parmelia, groom, E. Deas Thomson, Sydney
  18. HEYWOOD Isaac, Parmelia, farm servant, to L. M’Alister, Argyle
  19. HEYWOOD Joseph, Parmelia, farm servant, to Francis Mowatt, Narallan
  20. HOBBS Arthur, Parmelia, farm servant, to Sarah Erskine, Airds
  21. HOGAN Thomas, Eliza (6), errand-boy, to W. H. Hovell, Molle’s Mains
  22. HOLDSWORTH Thomas, Parmelia, cloth-dresser, to Robert Cooper, Sydney
  23. HOLLIDAY Charles, Parmelia, engineer, to Timothy Beard, Cabramatta
  24. HOPWOOD George, Parmelia, shoemaker, to Samuel North, Windsor
  25. HOWARTH William, Parmelia, weaver, &c., to A. W. Scott, Ash Island
  26. HOWE William, Parmelia, chimney-sweep, to Alexander Fraser, Castlereagh
  27. HURD Henry, Parmelia, brickmaker, to Robert Johnstone, Annandale
  28. HURST Edward, Parmelia, machine-maker, to Robert Cooper, Sydney

– J –

  1. JACKSON Daniel, Parmelia, farm servant, to Alex. Fraser, Castlereagh
  2. JOHNSON John, Parmelia, farm servant, to S. Lord, Sydney
  3. JOHNSON Thomas, Parmelia, seaman, to Cornelius O’Brien, Illawarra
  4. † JOHNSON Thomas, Planter, glover, &c.., to John Cunningham; Wilberforce
  5. JUFFS William, Parmelia, ploughs, &c., to Wm. Sherwin, Parramatta

– K –

  1. * KELLY John, Countess of Harcourt, stable boy, to C. Marsden, Parramatta
  2. † KELLY John, Dunvegan Castle, Errand-boy, to L. Macalister, Argyle
  3. KENDALL James, Parmelia, ploughs, &c., to A. W. Scott, Ash Island
  4. KENDALL Richard, Parmelia, farm servant, to George Bunn, Sydney
  5. KENNY Jeremiah, Parmelia, clothmaker, to George Spray, Maitland
  6. KENT John, Parmelia, potter, Edward Hal!en, Sydney
  7. KEMSLEY Robert, Parmelia, farm servant, to Timothy Beard, Cabramatta
  8. † KEY Robert, Planter, Tobacconist, to Thomas Ambrose, Lower Branch
  9. † KIERNAN Patrick, Dunvegan Castle, Shepherd, J. T. Hughes, Sydney

– L –

  1. LAMBERT William, Parmelia, carter, &c., to Charles Gordon, Sydney
  2. * LAURENCE John, Exmouth, ploughs, to John Coghill, Kirkham
  3. † LEACH Richard, Hercules, weaver-boy, Aus. Agri. Company, Port Stephens
  4. LEE Charles, Parmelia, farm servant, to Cornelius O’Brien, Illawarra
  5. LEYLAND Robert, Parmelia, tailor, to Richard Yeomans, Maitland
  6. LOCKHART Hugh, Parmelia, hawker, to James Howe, Patrick’s Plains
  7. † LYNCH Bryan, Dun vegan Castle, plough-man, to James Mudie, Castle Forbes
  8. LYNCH William, Parmelia, tailor, to C. H. Campbell, Erskine Park
  9. † LYNN William, Hercules, tap-boy, to Aus. Agri. Company, Port Stephens

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