– A –

1482. AHERN Johanna, Southworth, house servant, to S. Bate, Sydney

1483. ARUNDALE Martha, Sovereign, dairywoman, to W. Hayes, Eastern Creek

1484. AUSTIN Ellen, Kains, cook, to H. C. Antill Stonequarry

– B –

1485. BETTS Elizabeth, Sovereign, laundress, to George Rankin, Bathurst

1487. BODEN Alice, Competitor, nurse, to Elizabeth Hunt, South Creek

1486. BROOKS Ellen, Burrell, needlewoman, to Percy Simpson, Parramatta

1488. BROWN Sarah, Louisa, house-maid, to Robert Ackroyd, Port Macquarie

1489. BUCKLEY Margaret, Forth, house servant, to W. Dimshea, Sydney

– C –

1493. CAMPBELL Margery, Palambam, allwork, to David Hennessy, Sydney

1490. CARTHY JUDITH, Southworth, house servant, to G. P. Wood, Richmond

1494. CLARK Mary A., Mary (3), laundress, to Joseph Myers, Prospect

1491. COLLINS Ann, Southworth, house servant, to J. K. Macdougall, Baulkham Hills

1495. CONNOLLY Catherine, Hooghley, house servant, to John Palmer, jun., Hambledon

1492. CONNOR Honor, Palambam, house servant, to Andrew Doyle, Portland Head

1498. CONNORS Bridget, Elizabeth, house servant, to Sophia Barwell, Sydney

1497. CONNORS Bridget, Hooghley, house servant, to Rev. J. Vincent, Sydney

1496. CORCORAN Mary, Hooghley, house servant, to Mary Myers, Goulburn Plains

– D –

1499. DALEY Catherine, Southworth, housemaid, to Joseph Peters, Goulburn Plains

1502 DARNEY Mary, Hooghley, house servant, to Daniel Morris, Sydney

1505. DAY Mary, Lucy Davidson, house servant, to Richard Kibble, Springwood

1501. DILLON Ann, Forth, Washerwoman, to James Roach, Sydney

1503. DONOHOE Bridget, Forth, house servant, to Maria Cope, Windsor

1507. DORAN Mary, Forth, cook, to A. Raymond, Sydney

1500. DOYLE Mary, Asia, house servant, to Henry Palmer, Parramatta

1504. DOYLE Mary, Southworth, nursemaid, to Robert Davies, Castle Hill

1506. DOYLE Winefred, Southworth, allwork, to John Smith, Sydney

– E –

1508. EGAN Mary, Lucy Davidson, wash and sew, to Ann Norris, Parramatta

– F –

1510. FLYNN Ann, Southworth, laundress, to John Brown, Patrick’s Plains

1511. FLYNN Mary, Southworth, allwork, to Sarah Tighe, Windsor Road

1509. FOSTER Ann, Rosslyn Castle, house servant and cook, to H. B. Bowerman, Parramatta

1512. FOX Ellen, Southworth, house servant, to William Smith, Sydney

– G –

1513. GARSIDE Elizabeth, Burrell, laundress, to William Rogers, Sydney

1517. GRAHAM Mary, Princess Charlotte, cook, to Joseph Myers, Prospect

1518. GREEN Elizabeth, Earl Liverpool, allwork and servant, to Elizabeth Davies, Sydney

1515. GREEN Rosanna, Lucy Davidson, laundress, to Charles Tompson, Clydesdale

1514 GREG Ann, Lucy Davidson, house servant, to John Murray, Bathurst

1516. GREGORY Mary, Princess Royal, laundress, to Edward Hunt, Sydney

1519. GUYN Ann, Kains, needlewoman, to Ann Barrett, Sydney

– H –

1525. HAMILTON Ann, Kains, house servant, to David Bell, Sydney

1521. HAMILTON Margaret, Edward, laundress, to William Woodhouse, Sydney

1520. HICKEY Catherine, Palambam, allwork, to Francis Flanagan, Bateman’s Bay

1523. HOGAN Mary, Southworth, allwork, to John Barber, Curryjong

1526. HOLLAND Ellen, Pyramus, needlewoman, to George Byrnes, Sydney

1524. HOLMES Catherine, Southworth, laundress, to William Kearns, Campbelltown

1522. HYNES Julia, Palambam, allwork, to Thomas Parnell, Richmond

– K –

1529. KEENAN Mary, Asia, allwork, to Eleanor Coogan, Sydney

1528. KELLY Mary, Southworth, house servant, to Susannah Jenkins, Sydney

1527. KING Mary, Hooghley, allwork, to Mr. W. Lewis, Sydney

– L –

1531. LEWIS Ellen, Burrell, house servant, to Rev. R. Forrest, Parramatta

1532. LYONS Ellen, Palambam, nursemaid, to Joseph Myers, Prospect

1530. LYONS ELIZABETH, Kains, nursemaid, to Female, Orphan Institution, Parramatta


– Mc –

1534. M’CORMACK [McCormack] Mary, Southworth, house servant, to R. Hindmarsh, Sydney

1547. M’CULLOCK [McCullock] Bridget, Hooghley, allwork, to Henry Russell, Pennant Hills

1536. M’DONALD [McDonald] Ellen, Southworth, general servant, to William Figg, Sydney

1546. M’DONALD [McDonald] Sarah, Princess Charlotte, house servant, to John M’Blain, Parramatta

1539. M’GILL [McGill] Rachael, Southworth, house servant, to Thomas Cooper, Sydney

1543. M’GOVY [McGovy] Bridget, Asia, laundress, to John Cobb, Hunter’s River

1545. M’INTOSH [McIntosh] Christiana, Lord Sydmouth, nurse, to Female Orphan Institution, Parramatta

1548. M’SNEAL [McSneal] Isabella, Southworth, house servant, to Robert Crawford, Prospect

– M –

1537. MACK Mary, Kains, cook, to Catherine Palmer, Parramatta

1550. MARSHALL Margaret, Pyramus, laundress, to Ann Campbell, Irish Town

1551. MEAHER Mary, Asia, allwork, to Catherine Hancock, Sydney

1538. MEARS Sarah, Competitor, cook, to Thomas Moore, Liverpool

1541. MEEKIN Eliza, Brothers, laundress, to W. Byrne, Campbeltown

1542. MILDENHALL Mary A., Rosslyn Castle, house servant, to John Buckland, Stonequarry

1540. MOODY Ann, Asia, house servant, to Catherine Grime, Parramatta

1535. MULCAHY Mary, Elizabeth, house servant, to Catherine Slator, Sydney

1549. MULLIGAN Catherine, Elizabeth, house servant, to W. P. Palmer, Maitland

1533. MURPHY MARY ANN,Southworth, house servant, to Margaret Byrne, Sydney

1544. MURRAY Jane, Asia, allwork, to Joseph Leburn, Sydney

– O –

1552. O’HARA Ann, Southworth, nurse, to Thomas Quigley, Windsor

1553. O’HARA Ellen, John Bull, house servant, to Thomas Dargin, Windsor

– P –

1555. PATERSON Margaret, Earl Liverpool, house servant, to H. F. Drinkwater, Sydney

1554. POWELL JUDITH, Lucy Davidson, house servant, to W. H. Brotherton, South Creek

– Q –

1556. QUANE Mary, Hooghley, allwork, to Patrick Fennell, Campbelltown

1557. QUIN Elizabeth, Southworth, house servant, to John Pike, Prospect

– R –

1558. ROGERS Mary Ann, Forth, allwork, to F. Hanesworth, Sydney

1559. ROURKE Mary, Elizabeth, house servant, to J. B. Bettington, Sydney

– S –

1563. SHEEHY Bridget, Hooghley, house servant, to John Smith, Sydney

1565. SHERRIDAN Rose, Southworth, house servant, to Patrick Kinchela, Sydney

1561. SLEEMAN Martha, Pyramus, cook, to Augustus Hayward, Parramatta

1567. SMITH Elizabeth, Earl Liverpool, cook, to John Buckland, Stonequarry

1560. SMITH Lydia, Louisa, house servant, to J. W. Fulton, Castlereagh

1570. SMITH Sarah, Princess Charlotte, house servant, to Thomas Weavers, Sydney

1568. SOUTER Isabella, Earl Liverpool, house servant, to J. S. Hanson, Sydney

1569. STEWART Mary, Sovereign, nursemaid, to H. C. Antill, Stonequarry

1566. STORRETT Ann, Princess Royal, laundress, to Michael M’Quade, Windsor

1564. SULLIVAN Margaret, Lucy Davidson, house servant, to Elizabeth Clayton, Sydney

1562. SWEENEY Bridget, Southworth, dairywoman, to John Crawley, Richmond

– T –

1571. THOMPSON Mary, Southworth, wash, &c., to M. Campbell, Cooke

1572. TOOHEY Eleanor, Southworth, general servant, to P. P. Anley, Maitland

– W –

1580. WARNER Elizabeth, Lucy Davidson, house servant, to C. Chadburn, Sydney

1578. WATSON Mary, Forth, dairywoman, to Susannah Jones, Sydney

1576. WEEKS Ellen, Sovereign, needlewoman, to Frances Smith, Sydney

1579. WENTWORTH Catherine, Lacy Davidson, laundress, to William Rogers, Sydney

1575. WHALE Ann, Grenada, house servant, to W. Stephenson, Sydney

1573. WILLMOTT Mary, Burrell, house servant, to Augustus Hayward, Parramatta

1577. WILSON Catherine, Pyramus, housemaid, to John Palmer, sen., Parramatta

1574. WILSON Catherine, Southworth, washerwoman, to Lucretia Heley, Sydney

Principal Superintendent of Convicts.
Female Factory, Parramatta
12th September, 1832.

Source: Return of Female Convicts Assigned and Transferred in September, 1832 (1832, December 5). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), p. 445.