NOTE. — Those marked thus † have been re-assigned, the first assignees having refused or neglected to send for them.

Those masked * have been transferred from one party to another.

– A –

5333. AHERN Thomas, Edward, ploughs, &c., to Henry Briggs, Patrick’s Plains

5334. ASHWORTH William, Bussorah Merchant, farmer’s man, to J. Bowerman, D.A. C. G.

5332. ATKINS William, E. St. Vincent, brushmaker, to L. E. Hansord, Sydney

– B –

5340. * BALDERSTONE William, Larkins, calico printer, to Robert Fitz, Windsor

5341. BARNETT Joseph Samuel, Planter, surgeon, &c., to John Kingdon, Sydney

5339. * BARTLEY Thomas, Lady Harewood, ploughs, &c., to J. J. Moore, Cabramatta

5349. BENSON Paul, Lady Harewood, wheel-wright, to Thomas Cowper, Clifton

5350. BICKERTON Richard, Captain Cook, labourer, to — Blewitt, Port Macquarie

5342. BOGGIS Joseph, Mermaid, painter and glazier, to Captain Hunter, Sydney

5335. BOND W. Henry, Elizabeth (3), servant, to A. K. Mackenzie, Bathurst

5338. * BOWMAN Thomas, Portland, ploughs, &c., to David Chambers, Sydney

5347. BRADLOWE John, Prince Regent, shoemaker, to George Rankin, Bathurst

5336. BRADY Thomas, Phœnix(2), farmer’s man, to George Bowman, Richmond

5346. BRENAN Phillip, Mary (2), gentleman’s servant, to John Slade, Sydney

5343. † BROAD William, Parmelia, stable-boy, to Mrs. M. Panton, Sydney

5348. BROWN Robert, Clyde, servant, to W. T. Cape, Sydney

5345. BURKE Martin, Larkins, horse breaker, to Colonel Morisset, Norfolk Island

5337. * BYRNE Edward, Florentia, labourer, to John Izzard, Windsor

5344. BYWATER John, Parmelia, butcher, to Robert Crawford, Hillend

– C –

5351. CALLAGHAN Daniel, Eliza, farmer, to Rev. Mr. M’Encroe, Sydney

5370. CARPENTER Thomas, Fortune, weaver, to Jeremiah Warlters, Port Macquarie

5362. CARROLL John, Borodino, gardener’s labourer, to Mrs. Wilson, North Shore

5353. CARTER James, Marquis Huntly, ploughman, to H. H. M’Arthur [McArthur], Parramatta

5366. CAYTON William, Exmouth, shoemaker, to George Cadley, Lane Cove

5354. CHURCHMAN Thomas, Glory, pipemaker, &c., to P. M. Thompson, First Branch

5361. COLLEY Michael, Asia, shepherd, &c. to Captain King, South Creek

5357. * CONEY David, Mellish, glazier, to George Hall, Pitt Town

5352. CONNELL John H., Mangles (2), confectioner, to W. Sadler, Windsor

5363. CONNORS Michael, Eliza (3), farmer’s man, to John Farrell, Sydney

5369. COOLEY William, Earl Spencer, labourer, to Rev. John Cross, Port Macquarie

5365. COPPING William, Lady Faversham, stone-cutter, to A. Lang, Hunter’s River

5356. * COUTS John, Countess Harcourt, farm labourer, to W. Cox, senior, Clarendon

5355. * COX Francis, Asia, shoemaker, to R. Dunsten, Wilberforce

5359. * CRAWFIELD William, Mangles, ploughman, to J. Richardson, Cowpasture

5367. CROLE Nathaniel, Parmelia, servant, to Robert Gardener, Cook’s River

5368. CROOKSHANKS James, Glory, carpenter, to A. C. Innes Port Macquarie

5360. † CROWDEN Samuel, Hercules, stable-boy, to Captain Hunter, Sydney

5364. CUNNINGHAM Thomas, Hercules painter and glazier, to John Browne, Sydney

5358. * CUMMINS John, James Pattison, labourer, &c., to John Smith, Lower. Portland Head

– D –

5371. DAHIG Thomas, Medina, ploughman, to Rev. Mr. M’Encroe, Sydney

5375. * DAVIS John, Lord Melville, shoemaker, to Thomas Dent, Lower Portland Head

5372. * DAVIS Patrick, Ferguson, errand boy, to John Howe, Windsor

5379. DAVIS William, Mangles, farm servant, to Alexander Martin, Parramatta

5378. DENT John, Elizabeth, errand boy, to George Blackett, near Liverpool

5377. † DEVINE George, Parmelia, shoemaker, to John Lowrie, Sydney

5376. DOWELL Thomas, Marquis Huntly, tanner, &c, to Andrew Gibson, Argyle

5374. * DOYLE Peter, Borodino, ploughman, to James Hall, Portland Head

5380. DRAKE John, Morley, tailor, to James Quinn, Sydney

5373. * DUFFY Patrick, Larkins, ploughman, to George Loder, Sydney

– E – 

5382. EDWARDS James, Royal Admiral, brass founder to Charles Chadburn, Sydney

5383. EDWARDS John, America, weaver, to Major Antill, Stonequarry

5381. * EDWARDS Thomas, Camden, stonemason, to Rev. D. M. Meares, Pitt Town

5384. ELLIS John, Morley, tanner, to A. C. Innis, Port Macquarie

– F

5386. FARNSHAM William, Manlius, gentleman’s servant, to William Haywood, Sydney

5390. FITZGERALD John, Dunvegan Castle, labourer, to William Lawson, Prospect

5385. * FITZPATRICK Thomas, Henry Porcher, butcher, &c., to P Mahoney, Pitt Town

5388. FLINN Michael, Edward, knife boy, to Andrew Loder, Patrick’s Plains

5391. FOGARTY Timothy, Eliza (5), labourer, to —— Phillips, Port Macquarie

5387. FORD John, City of Edinburgh, carpenter’s boy, to Henry Briggs, Patrick’s Plains

5389. FRANCIS Dennis, Burrell, gardener, to George Cadley, Lane Cove

5392. FRETON Smith, Mary (2), labourer, to Joseph Wilson, Port Macquarie

– G –

5596. GAINSBURY Aaron, Lady Harewood, jeweller, to George Bowman, Richmond

5393. GIBB Henry, Royal Admiral, ploughman, to John Town, jun., Richmond

5394. GOLDSPERK Jonathan, Marquis Hastings, ploughman, to W. Walker, O’Connell Plains

5402. GOOCH Matthew, Phœnix, errand boy, to Joseph Wilson, Port Macquarie

5398. GOODGER John, Mangles, bricklayer, to John Brooks, Denham Court

5396. * GOSSETT William, Marquis Hastings, hawker, to John Jobbins, Sydney

5400. GRANT John, Marquis Hastings, stone-mason, to Joshua Thorp, Sydney

5399. GREEN Thomas, Speke, errand boy, to Leslie Duguid, Sydney

5401. GRIMMER Edward, Batavia, labourer, to Henry Parker, Port Macquarie

5397. GWILLIAM John, Guildford, ploughs, &c., to James Connor, Sydney


– H –

5406. † HANCOCK William, Parmelia, kitchen gardener, to William Brooks, Newcastle

5408. † HANCOCK William, Parmelia, kitchen gardener, to John Reddall, Campbelltown

5403. HARPER Enoch, Hooghley, nailor, to Edward B. Owen, 17th Regiment

5404. † HARRISON Thomas, Parmelia, seaman, to John Nicholson, Sydney

5409. HENESSY Patrick, Eliza, labourer, to William Lawson, Prospect

5407. HIGGINS William, York, labourer, to Michael Ansell, Lane Cove

5405. † HOLLIDAY Charles, Parmelia, engineer, to Charles Runcimaid, South Creek

5410. HOWE George, Isabella, labourer, to James Ralfe, Port Macquarie

– I –

5413. * IRVING Richard, John, factory boy, to Hugh Hughes, Maitland

– J – 

5411. JOHNSON John, York, attorney’s clerk, to H. H. M’Arthur [McArthur], Parramatta

5412. JONES James, England, stable boy, to Richard Jones, Sydney

5414. JONES Thomas, Exmouth, blacksmith, to Mary Raine, Darling Mills

– K –

5415. * KELLY John, Bussorah Merchant, labourer, to Edward Gleed, Windsor

5417. † KEMSLEY Robert, Parmelia, farm servant, to Mrs. King, Parramatta

5416. KERR John, Bussorah Merchant, tailor, to Charles Gregory, Sydney

5418. KILFOYLE Michael, Bussorah Merchant, seaman, to Street & Hambleton, Sydney

– L –

5419. LAZARUS Lewis, Grenada, hawker, to Moses Brown, Sydney

5424. LAMBERT Alexander, Asia, farm servant, to Dr. Wilson, St. Vincent’s

5426. * LAMBERT William, Parmelia, labourer, to Charles Runciman, South Creek

5423. * LEARY Jeremiah, Norfolk, labourer, to John M’Grath [McGrath], Windsor

5427. LEE Henry, Marquis Huntly, butcher, to James Jenkins, Long Reef

5429. LEWIS George, Elizabeth, horse dealer, to Lieut. Geary, Port Macquarie

5428. LITTLEWOOD William, Atlas, labourer, to Edward Maxwell, Spring Creek

5425. LYNCH Michael, Fergusson, farm servant, to Skine Craig, Sydney

5421. * LEARY Thomas, Eliza, butcher, to Michael M’Quade, Windsor

5420. LYNCH Jeremiah, Governor Ready, distillery boy, to Francis Beattie, Newcastle

5422. * LYNCH John, Larkins, labourer, to Mrs. M. Cope, Windsor

– Mc –

5454. M’CANES [Mcanes] Michael, Edward, stable-boy, to J. Malcolm, Sydney

5441. * MCCARTHY [McCarthy] Charles, Brampton, labourer, to John Dight, jun., Airds

5442. * M’CARTHY [McCarthy] Michael, Norfolk, labourer, to Henry Howey, Argyle

5455. MCCARTHY [McCarthy] Michael, York, seaman, to Street & Hambleton, Sydney

5449. M’DONALD [McDonald] James, Guildford, stonecutter, to Berry and Co., Shoalhaven

5436. * M’DONALD [McDonald] John, Mangles, coachman, to John Fowler, Pitt Town

5430. M’GIVVEN [McGivven] James, Fergusson, tanner, to John Shaw Strange, Bathurst

5431. M’LEWANE [McLewane] John, Regalia, shoemaker, to Michael Henderson, Williams’ River

– M –

5457. MACE Patrick, Borodino, boatman, to Joseph Wilson, Port Macquarie

5451. MALABAR Abraham, Minstrel, makes butter, &c., to Mrs. King Parramatta

5437. * MALACHY John, Marquis Huntly, farm servant, to William Barry, Windsor

5447. MAR John, Minerva, ploughman, to Chief Justice Forbes, Sydney

5452. MARKS John, Eliza, tailor, to William Sexton, Sydney

5450. MARR John, Asia, cooper, to Mary Raine, Darling Mills

5446. MARSH James, Bussorah Merchant, cutler, to James Garner, Sutton Forest

5439. * MEREDITH William, Mermaid, gardener, to Richard Kemp, Sydney

5434. * MIDDLETON David, Exmouth, farmer, to Francis Pendergast, Windsor

5448. MILLER John, Countess of Harcourt, collier, to W. J. Pettit, Sydney

5450. MILLS Charles, Bussorah Merchant, tailor, to Robert Ashton, Sydney

5435. * MITCHELL John, Marquis Hastings, factory-boy, to Charles Summers, Windsor

5438. * MOLLOY John, Hercules, stable-boy, to G. T. Savage, Claremont

5444. † MORGAN John, Parmelia, racing jockey, to Hannah Hume, Appin

5443. † MORRIS John, Parmelia, ploughman, to Mrs. King, Parramatta

5432. MORRISON James, Mangles, weaver to George Sewell, Sutton Forest

5440. * MOONEY Patrick, Asia, cooper, to John Black, Sydney

5445. * MOSS James, Parmelia, house-painter, to H. T. Bass, Point Piper

5433. MURRAY Edward, Mariner, horse breaker, to George Healy, Bathurst

5453. MURRELL William, Recovery (1), labourer, to John Leake, Cabramatta

– N –

5458. NASH Ralph, Forth, carpenter, to John Wood, Lowther

– O –

5459. OTTEA David, Edward, knife-boy, to Andrew M’Dougall, Patrick’s Plains


– P –

5466. PACEY William, Adamant, cotton spinner, to Michael Foley, Port Macquarie

5460. * PERKS William, Asia, calico printer, to Mrs. M. Cope, Windsor

5464. PHILLIP J. Burrell, gardener, to Henry Dumaresq, St. Hillier’s

5462. PITHAM Henry, Marquis Hastings, ploughs, &c., to Alexander Riley, Raby

5461. * POWER John, Norfolk, groom, to John M’Laren [McLaren], Sydney

5463. PRESCOTT Thomas, Hebe, gun-lock filer, to Andrew M’Dougall, Patrick’s Plains

5465. PURCELL William, Florentia, tailor, to J. Bradley, Parramatta

– Q –

5468. * QUADLING John, Waterloo, groom, to George M’Leay, Brownlow Hill

5467. * QUINN John, Phœnix, gentleman’s servant, to John Forster, Windsor

– R –

5472. RATCLIFFE Shaw., Planter, ploughs, &c., to Thomas Moore, Liverpool

5469. REDGATE William, Eliza, ribbon weaver, to Edward Churchill, Portland Head

5478. REIDY John, Brampton, collier, to Charles Blewitt, Port Macquarie

5476. RIDING William, Clyde, carter, to Chief Justice Forbes, Sydney

5470. ROBERTSON John, Hercules, painter and glazier, to John Browne, Sydney

5477. ROBERTS John, Asia, dairyman, to Alexander Riley, Raby

5474. ROBINSON William, Countess Harcourt, farm boy, to Richard Roberts, Pitt Town

5473. ROSCOE Hugh, Parmelia, labourer, &c., to John Howe, Windsor

5471. * ROUSE John, Isabella, cabin-boy, to T. Rollinson, Curryjong

5475. RUSSELL Henry, Parmelia, miller, &c., to John Larnack, Patrick’s Plains.

– S –

5482. * SCULLY Martin, Jane, clothes dealer, to F. E. Forbes, Liverpool

5484. * SHEPHERD Charles, Portland, stableman, to John Bingle, Puen-Buen

5480. SHERWOOD James, Mangles, groom, to George Salter, Sydney

5479. SHINE William, Andromeda, ploughman, to Cornelius Shine, Bathurst

5487. SLATER William, Mermaid, carpenter’s boy, to Thomas Hyndes, Sydney

5494. SLOANE Patrick, Atlas, sawyer, to William Wynter, Port Macquarie

5485. SMITH William, Planter, printer’s pressman, to Stephens and Stokes, Sydney

5483. * SMITH William, Portland, plasterer’s labourer, to John Bingle, Puen Buen

5486. † SMITHERS Stephen, Parmelia, carpenter’s boy, to H. T. Bass, Point Piper

5489. SNELLING John, Lady Faversham, poulterer, &c., to Patrick Dyce, Argyle

5490. SNOWLDEN William, Surry, butcher, to Andrew Loder, Patrick’s Plains

5493. STEVENSON John, Parmelia, labourer, to William Lawson, Prospect

5492. STONE Joseph, Eliza, labourer, to W. Lawson, Prospect

5488. STRONG George, Dunvegan Castle, cooper’s boy, to Captain King, South Creek

5481. SULLIVAN Owen, City of Edinburgh, errand-boy, to T. Lynch, Wilberforce

5491. SUTTON Thomas, Asia, errand-boy, to J. D. Campbell, near Liverpool

– T –

5497. TAYLOR George, Phœnix, in-door servant, to Adam Wilson, Cook’s River

5499. THOMAS William, Camden, table-boy, to D. M’Intyre, Hunter’s River

5500. THOMPSON James, Eliza, shoemaker, to J. L. M’Gillivray, Lane Cove

5498. TILLOTT Thomas, Marquis of Hastings, farmer’s man, to W. J. Pettitt, Sydney

5495. TURNER George, Exmouth, shoe-maker, to James Scott, St. Hillier’s

5496. * TWGLEY Thomas, Hercules, labourer, to Edward Churchill, Portland Head

– W –

5514. WAFER John, Hooghley, shoemaker, to Lieutenant Geary, Port Macquarie

5504. WALKER Thomas, Champion, tailor, to Sir John Jamison, Regent Ville

5510. WALLACE Thomas, Sophia, weaver, &c., to Alexander Martin, Parramatta

5512. WATSON Jonathan, Marquis of Huntly, carter, to J. D. Campbell, near Liverpool

5507. WEBSTER Thomas, Dick, farm servant, to John Nicholson, Sydney

5501. WELSH John, Somersetshire, labourer, to P. G. Ogilvie, Hunter’s River

5513. WEST John, Camden, shoemaker, to Mary Raine, Darling Mills

5509. WHELAN Thomas, Mellish, errand-boy, to Peter M’Pherson, Bathurst

5515. WILKENS Charles, Somersetshire, Labourer, to S. Partridge, Port Macquarie

5503. WILKINSON Thomas, Prince Regent, errand-boy, to Arthur Kemmiss, Sydney

5511. WILLIAMS Edward, Bussorah Merchant, Mariner, to Major Antill, Stone Quarry

5502. WILLIAMS George, Lord Melville, plane maker, to Arthur Kemmiss, Sydney

5505. † WILLS James, Hercules, errand-boy, to John Howe, Windsor

5506. † WILMOT James, Parmelia, ploughs, to John Nicholson, Sydney

5508. WILSON William, Eliza (1), fustian skeiner, to Edward Maxwell, Spring Creek

NOTE. — Those marked thus † have been re-assigned, the first assignees having refused or neglected to send for them.

Those masked * have been transferred from one party to another. 

Principal Superintendent of Convicts’ Office,
31st December, 1832.

Source: New South Wales (1833, February 6). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), p. 53.