NSW Return of all Male Convicts Assigned and Transferred between the 1st and 31st Days of October 1832, Inclusively

* * * Part Two * * *

– K –

4738. KAINE Patrick, Dunvegan Castle, farm labourer, to Dennis O’Brien, Appin

4640. KAINES [OR Haines] John, John, errand boy, to Ann Andrews, Parramatta

4733. KAVANAGH James, Dunvegan Castle, ploughman, to T. Hawkins, Bathurst 

4741. KELLY James, Dunvegan Castle, errand boy, to E. Biddulph, Hunter’s River 

4737. KELLY John, Dunvegan Castle, whitesmith, to Henry Dumaresq, St. Hillier’s 

4739. KELLY John, Dunvegan Castle, servant, to Francis Little, Hunter’s River 

4740. KELLY John, Dunvegan Castle, errand-boy, to R. Lambert, Bathurst 

4735. KELLY Michael, Dunvegan Castle, wine porter, to Eyde Manning, Sydney

4724. † KENNEALY Willaim, Eliza (6), cartmaker, &c., to W. Dumaresq, St. Hilliers’ 

4730. KEMP Peter, Planter, farmer’s boy, to A. Brooks, Lower Portland Head 

4736. KEOGH James, Dunvegan Castle, grocer, &c., to J. Blaxland, senior, Newington 

4732. KEOGH John, Hercules (4), stable boy, to John Hosking, Sydney 

4726. KERRIGAN James, City Edinbro’, stone-cutter, to Robert Scott, Glendon

4734. KIERNAN Patrick, Dunvegan Castle, shepherd, to W. Walker, Brisbane Grove

4728. KING Robert, Planter, tobacconist, &c., to J. P. Webber, Penshurst

4727. KIRBY Henry, Lady Harewood, servant, to D. M’Intyre, Dart Brook 

4729. KIRK Thomas, Planter, seaman, &c., to A. Brooks, Lower Portland Head

4725. * KIRKWOOD James, Portland, cabinet-maker, to T. W. M. Winder, Windermere 

4742. KNIGHT Joseph, Glory, sawyer, to William Sparke, Hunter’s River 

4731. KNOWLES John, Hercules (4), brickmaker’s boy, to R. C. Dillon, Hunter’s River 

– L –

4745. * LACEY James, Lady Faversham, draper, &c., to Edward Farley, Cawdor 

4759. LALOR Thomas, Dunvegan Castle, plough-man, to G. Galbraitb, St. Vincent 

4747. LARKIN James, Planter, ploughs, &c., to Edward Burke, Mittagong 

4749. LARKHAM James, Planter, ploughman, to E. S. Hail, Sydney 

4748. LASKEY Henry, Planter, sheep shearer, to R. Crawford, Hillend 

4752. LAWRENCE Joseph, Hercules (4), farm labourer, to A. K. McKenzie, Bathurst

4769. LEACH Richard, Hercules (4), weavers boy, to A. Park, Williams’ River

4765. LEARY William, Dunvegan Castle, gardener, to D. Johnston, Cook’s River

4756. LEE James, Hercules (4), miner, to Isaac Nobbs, Field of Mars 

4770. LEE James, Hercules (4), horse dealer, to James Middleton, Sydney

4754. LEE John, Hercules (4), weaver, &c., to E. W. Evans, Hunter’s River 

4768. LEES James, Hercules (4), tap-boy, to J. Swan, Hunter’s River 

4751. LEVEY Isaac, Planter, glasscutter, &c., to Edward Burke, Mittagong

4750. LEWIS Benjamin, Planter, shepherd, to John Hosking, Sydney 

4758. LEWIS George, Hercules (4), stable boy, to W. Heylin, Weather-boarded Hut

4743. * LOCK J., Marquis Hastings, silk weaver, to John Cobb, Hunter’s River 

4755. LOFTHOUSE William, Hercules (4), tailors’ apprentice, to J. Rooking Minchinbury 

4757. LOG John, Hercules (4), farm labourer, to E. W. Evans, Hunter’s River 

4764. LOUGHLIN James, Dunvegan Castle, shoe-maker, to Henry Bayly, Bayly Park 

4746. † LUCY Timothy, Eliza (6), labourer, &c., to John Connor, Prospect 

4753. LUMBY Amos, Hercules (4), farm labourer, to R. C. Dillon, Hunter’s River 

4762. LYNCH Bryan, Dunvegan Castle, plough-man, to D. Clarke, Sutton Forrest 

4761. LYNCH John, Dunvegan Castle, plough-man, to James Atkinson, Oldbury 

4763. LYNCH John, Dunvegan Castle, plough-man, to T. Waite, Sutton Forest 

4744. * LYNCH Michael, Edward, labourer, to William Hayes, Eastern Creek 

4760. LYNCH Owen, Dunvegan Castle, plough-man, to R. Brownlow, Sydney 

4767. LYNCH Thomas, Dunvegan Castle, errand-boy, to George Muir, Maitland 

4766. LYNN William, Hercules (4), tap-boy, to J. F. Hawkins, Bathurst 

– Mc –

4775. † M’ARAL [McAral] James, Eliza (6), labourer, to Mrs. King, Parramatta 

4835. M’ARDELL [McArdell] Thomas, Dunvegan Castle, farm labourer, to R. Casson, Sutton Forest

4843. M’ARTHUR [McArthur] John, Hercules, farmer’s boy, to E. G. Cory, Paterson’s River

4784. M’CANN [McCann] John, Mangles, farm servant, to Edward Ryan, Murrumbidgee 

4815. M’CART [McCart] Andrew, Dunvegan Castle, labourer, to W. T. Fitz, Windsor

4844. M’CARTHY [McCarthy] John, Clyde, tailor’s boy, to T. Saunders, Prospect 

4818. M’CORMACK [McCormack] John, Dunvegan Castle, farm labourer, to A. Murray, Carters’ Barrack

4799. M’CRAW [McCraw] Alexander, Hercules (4), shop-boy, to S. Hawker, Cherry Gardens 

4829. M’DERMOTT [McDermott] James, Dunvegan Castle, tailor, to John Wood, Maitland

4820. M’DERMOTT [McDermot] Joseph, Dunvegan Castle, indoor servant, to Lieut. Bayliss, 17th Regt.

4789. M’DONALD [McDonald] Alexander, Planter, shoe maker, to James Phillips, Hunter’s River

4782. M’DONALD [McDonald] John, Forth, cow boy, to John Thorn, Parramatta 

4825. M’DONALD [McDonald] Robert, Dunvegan Castle, carpenter, to J. E. Mannings Sydney 

4776. † M’DONOUGH [McDonough] James, Eliza (6), plaisterer, &c., to David Poole, Sydney 

4806. M’ENENY [McEneny] Peter, Dunvegan Castle, plough-man, to J. Blaxland, senior, Newington 

4836. M’ENTIRE [McEntire] John, Dunvegan Castle, errand boy, to J. Rodd, Bathurst

4792. M’EURN [McEurn] John, Hercules, (4), weaver, to John Brown, Darlington 

4809. M’EVOY [McEvoy] Andrew, Dunvegan Castle, carter, to Eyde Manning, Sydney

4779. * M’FARLANE [McFarlane] J. Lady Harewood, boatman, to Leslie Duguid, Cook’s River 

4816. M’GOVERNAN [McGovernan] Edward, Dunvegan Castle, farm labourer, to D. Murray, Airds 

4823. M’GOWAN [McGowan] Thomas, Dunvegan Castle, bricklayer, to James Wright, Sydney 

4822. M’GRATH [McGrath] John, Dunvegan Castle, jockey, to John M’Lougllin, Sydney 

4838. M’GUINNESS [McGuinness] Arthur, Dunvegan Castle, shoemaker’s boy, to W. Lawson, Bathurst 

4821. M’MURDRY [McMurdy] Charles, Dunvegan Castle, indoor servant, to A. Little, Cressfield 

4810. M’QUADE [McQuade] Charles, Dunvegan Castle, dealer, to D. Johnston, Cook’s River 

4812. M’QUIRK [McQuirk] Edward, Dunvegan Castle, poulterer, to John Norris, Parramatta

4783. M’SHANE [McShane] Patrick, Barnes Pattison, errand boy, to S. Thornton, Sydney 

4800. MacKENZIE Charles, Hercules (4), baker’s boy, to General Stewart, Bathurst  

– M – 

4786. MAIDENS Edward, Planter, sweep, &c., to Robert Crawford, Hillend 

4807. MALONE Bartholomew, Dunvegan Castle, ploughman, to James Pye, Baulkham Hills 

4795. MANSELL James, Hercules (4), to Soloman Wiseman, Lower Portland Head 

4778. * MARSDEN Peter, Marquis Huntley, shoe maker, &c., to F. Mowatt, Narallan

4802. MARSHALL James, Hercules (4), stocking-maker, to Richard Bates, Sydney 

4798. MARSHALL Samuel, Hercules (4), quarry-man, to G. Rankin, Bathurst 

4804. MARRIOTT George, Hercules (4), carpenter, to T. W. Cape, Sydney 

4827. MARTIN James, Dunvegan Castle, paper stainer, to H. C. Antill, Stonequarry 

4796. MARTIN William, Hercules (4), farmer’s boy, to J. Underwood, Rushcutters Bay 

4791. MASON Henry, Hercules (4), farmer, to T. W. Cape, Sydney 

4773. MASTERTON John, Royal George, rule-maker, to S. M’Donald, Williams’ River 

4819. MATTHEWS Patrick, Dunvegan Castle, farm labourer, to E. Hawks, Kissing Point 

4805. MEEHAN Owen, Dunvegan Castle, ploughs, to James Foster, Petersham 


4772. * MERCHANT John, Lord Melville, ploughs, &c., to Charles Purcell, Penrith 

4785. MIDDLETON William, Planter, ploughs, &c., to Alexander Livingston, Bathurst 

4790. MILLER Henry, Planter, labourer, to S. Allen, Camden

4811. MILLER John, Dunvegan Castle, stable boy, to John Friend, Sydney 

4787. MILLER William, Planner, weaver, &c., to James Cunningham, Sydney 

4794. MITCHELL Henry, Hercules (4), hawker to James Bradley Windsor Road 

4834. MOLLOY Owen, Dunvegan Castle, labourer to W. Coghill, Wingecarrabee

4840. MOLLOY William, Dunvegan Castle, shoe maker’s boy, to J. Palmer, jun., Hambledon 

4842. MOODY William, Hecules, ropemaker’s boy, to J. Phillips, Williams’ River 

4813. MOONEY James, Dunvegan Castle, leather dresser, to J. Mudie, Castle Forbes 

4824. MOONEY John, Dunvegan Castle, carpenter, to F. Foster, Brush Farm 

4808. MOONEY Michael, Dunvegan Castle, ploughman, to J. White, Sydney 

4803. MOORE Frederick, Hercules (4), butcher, to Peter M’Intyre, Bulwarra 

4831. MORAN Owen, Dunvegan Castle, labourer, to James Pye, Baulkham Hills 

4832. MORGAN John, Dunvegan Castle, glover, to James White, Sydney 

4793. MORLEY Francis, Hercules (4), engineer’s apprentice, to W. Forsyth, Brisbane 

4788. MORRIS Benjamin, Planter, shoemaker, to George Bunn, Sydney 

4774. † MORRISEY John, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to R. Johnston, Annandale 

4801. MORRISON John, Hercules (4), soldier, &c., to J. Innis, Sydney 

4771. * MOULL John, General Hewitt, carpet weaver, to R. Petitt, Cabramatta 

4839. MULLIN Christopher, Dunvegan Castle, errand boy, to General Stewart, Bathurst 

4781. MULLINS Michael, Jane, boatman, to A. Nash, Parramatta 

4777. * MURPHY Dennis, Eliza (6), farmer’s man, to T. Howe, Burra Burra 

4817. MURPHY James, Dunvegan Castle, farm labourer, to D. Murray, Airds

4837. MURPHY James, Dunvegan Castle, errand boy to T. F. Hawkins, Bathurst 

4828. MURPHY John, Dunvegan Castle, painter, &c., to Thomas Jones, Pitt Town 

4797. MURPHY John, Hercules (4), oilcloth painter, to A. K. M’Kenzie, Bathurst 

4826. MURPHY Patrick, Dunvegan Castle, carrier, to Sir John Jamison, Regent Ville 

4833. MURPHY Patrick, Dunvegan Castle, farm, labourer, to W. Coghill, Wingecarrabee 

4830. MURPHY Thomas, Dunvegan Castle, soldier, &c to H. C. Antill, Stonequarry 

4814. MURPHY Whitmore, Dunvegan Castle, labourer, to Lucy Hassall, Macquarie Grove 

4841. MURRAY Bernard, Dunvegan Castle, Cooper’s boy, to J. Phillips, Williams’ River 

4780. MURRAY Thomas, Mangles, gentleman’s steward, to W. Shelly, Parramatta 

– N –

4848. NICHOLLS William, Planter, carpenter, to Joseph Thompson, Sydney

4845. NIHIL Peter, Asia (8), grocer and spirit dealer, to W. Fitzgerald, Parramatta 

4849. NORRIS James, Hercules (4), silk factory, to W. Hutchinson, Sydney 

4846. NORTON Thomas, Planter, twine spinner, to J. A. Richardson, Mile Creek 

4854. NORTON Thomas, Dunvegan Castle, errand boy, to George Rankin, Bathurst 

4847. NOTMAN Peter, Planter, labourer, to John Regan, Mittagong 

4852. NOWLAN John, Dunvegan Castle, furniture stainer, to W. Cordeaux, Lippington 

4853. NOWLAN John H. Dunvegan Castle, shoe-maker, to F. Allman, Maitland 

4851. NOWLAN William, Dunvegan Castle, ploughman, to D. Johnston, Cook’s River 

4850. NUTTALL William, Hercules (4), weaver, &c., to J. Underwood, Sydney 

– O’ –

4857. O’CONNELL Thomas,4 Dunvegan Castle, in-door servant, to R. Alcorn, Dalwich

4856. O’DONNELL John, Dunvegan Castle, carter, to A. Murray, Carters’ barracks

– O –

4860. OLLEY Henry, Planter, bricklayer’s boy, to James Scott, Stonehinge 

4859. ORTON William, Planter, rope spinner, to J. Swan, Paterson’s River 

4855. OUTTRIM James, Hercules (4), ploughs, &c., to General Stewart, Bathurst 

4858. OWENS Michael, Dunvegan Castle, watch-maker, &c., to W. Litbgow, Argyle 

– P –

4877. PACE Daniel, Hercules (4), shoemaker’s apprentice to T. Lowrie, Sydney

4881. PADMORE Alfred, Dunvegan Castle, sawyer, to J. P. Webber, Tocal 

4865. PAINE Frederick, Planter, ploughs, &c., to John Swain, Parramatta 

4869. PALMER William, Planter, brass, founder, to A. Lowden, Botany 

4870. PALMER William, Planter, brewer, &c., to A. Bell, Bellmont 

4873. PARLE Robert, Planter, clockmaker, to Robert Broad, Sydney 

4866. PEARMAN Daniel, Planter, ploughs, &c., to Sydney Stephens, Sydney

4862. PEGLER James, Tottenham, butcher, &c., to T. Hackett, Parramatta 

4871. PERRY John Leonard, Planter, stable boy, to J. Raymond, Sydney

4863. PETERS William, Mellish, ploughman, to W. Bucknell, Surry Hills 

4878. PHELAN Dunvegan Castle, ploughman, to W. Cordeaux, Lippington 

4879. PHELAN Edward, Duncan Castle, plough-man, to W. H. Warland, Pages River 

4867. PHILPOT Joseph, Planter, farm labourer, to R. Futter, Argyle 

4868. PHYPPERS James, Planter, willow weaver, to John Hosking, Sydney

4861. * PICKET Joseph, Isabella (1), servant, to T. Clarke, Parramatta Road

4880. PLUNKETT James, Dunvegan Castle, carpenter’s boy, to G. Muir, Maitland  

4872. POLL James, Planter, groom, &c., to John Wiseman, Wollombi

4875. POPPLE Robert, Hercules (4), ploughs, to W. Hutchinson, Sydney 

4864. POTTER John, Planter, ploughs, &c., to Samuel Allen, Camden 

4874. POTTERTON Christopher, Hercules (4), ploughs, &c., to G. Rankin, Bathurst 

4876. PRIESTLY James, Hercules (4), waggoner, to James Mudie, Castle Forbes 

– R –

4899. RALF Samuel, Hercules (4), baker, to Captain Hunter, Sydney

4890. RANDALL Thomas, Speke, servant, &c., to G. B White, Patrick’s Plains 

4893. RATCLIFFE Shadwick, Planter, ploughs, &c., to Gilbert Cory, Hunter’s River

4907. RATTIGAN Patrick, Dunvegan Castle, cutler, to J. Jackson, Airds

4889. RAWLINSON George, Morley, cotton factory, to J. Wood, Sydney

4888. * RAYNER George, John, stocking weaver, to John Bell, Sydney 

4911. REDDY James, Dunvegan Castle, bricklayer, to W. Long, Sydney

4018. REED James, Marquis Huntley, shoemaker, to G. Spears, Brisbane Water

4917. REICE John, Guildford, labourer, to John Fleming, Wilberforce 

4901. REILLY Christopher, Hercnles (4), plough-man, to Thomas Walker, Sydney 

4887. * REILLY Patrick, Andromeda, servant, to F. Girard, Sydney 

4915. REILLY Phillip, Dunvegan Castle, errand-boy, to J. Palmer, junior, Hambleton 

4906. REILLY Thomas, Dunvegan Castle, errand-boy, to R. Johnstone, Annandale 

4914. REILLY Thomas. Dunvegan Castle, errand-boy, to T. Raine, Bathurst 

4910. REILLY William, Dunvegan Castle, servant, &c., to W. J. Packer, Sydney 

4916. RELTON John, Planter, gardener’s boy, M. Rhode, Hunter’s River 

4885. * RENCHER William, Surry (5), joiner, &c., to John Wood, Maitland 

4912. REYNOLDS Daniel, Dunvegan Castle, tailor, to Lieut. M’Alister, Argyle 

4913. REYNOLDS James, Dunvegan Castle, shoe-maker’s boy, to T. F. Hawkins, Bathurst 

4905. RICE Joseph, Dunvegan Castle, farm labourer, to T. Best, Castle Hill

4898. RICHMOND Hugh, Hercules (4), hair-dresser, to J. H. Smith, Sidney 

4882. * RIDGLEY Daniel, General Stuart, seaman, to J. Franklin, Campbelltown 

4897. RING William, Hercules (4),. cabinet-maker, to J. Underwood, Rushcutter’s Bay 

4900. RIPLEY Charles, Hercules (4), shoemaker, to J. Grose, Parramatta 

4896. ROBERTS John, Hercules (4), pocket-book maker, to T. Underwood, Sydney 

4886. * ROBINSON Benjamin, Norfolk, boatman, &c., to J. Harper, Bong Bong 

4908. ROBINSON John , Dunvegan Castle, hawker, to Dennis O’Brien, Appin 

4894. ROBINSON John, Planter, stable boy, to R. Wiseman, Wollombi 

4895. ROBINSON George; Planter, livery stables, to A. B. Sparke, Sydney 

4909. ROGERS John, Dunvegan Castle, in-door servant, to T. Petty, Sydney 

4903. ROGERS Peter, Hercules (4), stable boy, to T. Walker, Sydney 

4891. ROGERS Richard, Planter, ploughs, &c., to Edward Cox, Mulgoa 

4904. ROONEY John, Dunvegan Castle, errand-boy, to T. Best, Castle Hill 

4919. ROYLE Robert, Planter, kitchen gardener, to Mrs. Fennell, Hunter’s River

4902. RULE George, Hercules (4), to W. H. Warland, Pages River 

4884. † RUNO James, Eliza (6), groom, to Mrs. King, Parramatta 

4892. RUSH Richard, Planter, ploughs, &c., to Andrew Loder, Patrick’s Plain 

4883. * RUSS John, Isabella, hair-dresser, to James Finham, Sydney 

– S –

4987. SANSTONE Charles, Hindostan, servant, to Walter Rogers Sydney 

4975. SCAMMELL Frederick, Hercules, butcher’s boy, to J. P. Webber, Tocal

4962. SCOTT Richard, Dunvegan Castle, dealer, to John Hosking, Sydney 

4933. SCOTTER William, Plotter, ploughs, &c., to Executors of late Mr. Oxley 

4927. SCOWCROFT John, Ocean (3), weaver, to Robert Green, Parramatta 

4971. SCULLY James, Dunvegan Castle, plough-man, to Lucy Hassall, Macquarie Grove 

4924. * SEATON William, Marquis Huntley, coach-smith, to C. Weavers, Sydney 

4979. SELWOOD John, Planter, errand-boy, to Peter M’Intyre, Hunter’s River 

4930. SHARP William, Lady Harewood, gardener’s labourer, to W. Bowman Sutton Forest

4951. SHAW James, Hercules (4), ploughs, &c., to Captain Edwards, 17th Regt.

4928. SHEEN John, Asia (9), errand-boy, to A. Foss, Sydney 

4966. SHEEGAN Daniel, Dunvegan Castle, confectioner, to G. Cox, Mulgoa 

4937. SHEPHERD Henrys, Planter, farmer’s boy, to E. Cox, Mulgoa

4965. SHERIDAN Michael, Dunvegan Castle, stable-boy, to J. R. Styles, Inverary 

4946. SHIPTON John, Hercules (4), ploughs, &c., to A. B. Sparke, Sydney

4943. SHOULDERS Henry, Planter, ploughs, &c., to E. Cooy, Hunter’s River 

4948. SIMPSON William, Hercules (4), ploughs, &c., to W. D. Kelman, Kirkton

4963. SLATTERY John, Dunvegan Castle, farm labourer, to John Hosking, Sydney

4956. SMALLEY Joseph, Hercules (4), iron founder, &c., to W. Vernon, Botany 

4983. SMITH Daniel, Hercules, errand-boy, R. Lambert, Bathurst 

4972. SMITH Edward, Dunvegan Castle, plough-man, to R. Johnstone, Annandale

4961. SMITH Francis, Hercules (4), machine-maker, to R. Cooper, Sydney 

4953. SMITH George, Hercules (4), cotton factory to Henry Harvey, Parramatta 

4945. SMITH Henry, Planter, Miller, to George Hall, Pitt Town 

4985. SMITH John, Camden, spadesman, to R. Potts, Richmond 

4973. SMITH John, Hercules, tailor’s boy, to William Cox, Bathurst 

4925. * SMITH John Lloyd, York, linen draper, &c, to John Needham, Sydney 

4926. SMITH Thomas, Guildford, chandler’s Boy, to S. Barker, Parramatta 

4958. SMITH Thomas, Hercules (4), waiter, to Andrew Goodwin, Sydney 

4935. SMITH Thomas, Planter, type founder, to J. P. Lloyd, Liverpool 

4939. SMITH Thomas, Planter, shoemaker, to G. T. Savage, Claremont 

4977. SMITH William, Dunvegan Castle, errand-boy, to G. Rankin, Bathurst

4932. SMITH William, Florentia, shoemaker, to Joseph Gates, Sydney 

4929. SMITH William, Larking toymaker, to Thomas Ryan, Sydney 

4944. SMITH William, Planter, printers pressman, to Mrs. A. Howe, Sydney 

4980. SMITH William, Planter, carter’s boy, to J. Webber, Paterson’s River 

4969. SMYTH John, Dunvegan Castle, gardener, to Colonel Shadforth, Sydney

4967. SMYTH Terence, Dunvegan Castle, in-door servant, to Michael Phillips, Sydney 

4978. SOLIVAN Patrick, Dunvegan Castle, dealer’s boy, to W. Bowman, Bathurst 

4938. SPARKS Benjamin, Planter, whitesmith, to Edward Cooy, Hunter’s River 

4941. SPEERS Henry, Planter, stableman, to J. Verge, Sydney 4949. SPENDLOVE William, Hercules(4), ploughs, &c., to H. H. McArthur, Parramatta

4957. SPENCER William, Hercules (4), quarry-man to, Captain Rossi, Sydney 

4959. SPENCER Alfred, Hercules (4), knife-maker, to E. C. Close, Hunter’s River 

4920. * SPINKS John, K. S. Forbes, game-keeper, to A. Gibson, Goulburn Plains 

4976. SPITCH William, Hercules, well sinker’s boy, to D. F. Mackey, Williams’ River 

4950. SQUILCH Thomas, Hercules (4), ribbon weaver, to G. McLeay, Brownlow Hill 

4982. STAINES Charles, Planter, farmer’s boy, to P. McIntyre, Hunter’s River 


4981. STANLEY Benjamin, Planter, farmer’s boy, to George Muir, Maitland 

4955. STANLEY Peter, Hercules (4), factory boy, to Henry Harvey, Parramatta 

4922. † STAPLETON John, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to D. Foley, Pitt Water

4984. † STEEL John, Clyde, errand-boy, to R. Potts, Richmond 

4954. STERN Samuel, Hercules (4), bricklayer’s labourer, to Mrs. M. Raine, Parramatta

4940. STEVENS William, Planter, stableman, to Sarah Waples, Sydney

4970. STOCK Richard, Dunvegan Castle, stone-cutter, &c., to T. West, near Sydney

4960. STOCKWELL Henry, Hercules (4), groom, &c., to R. Johnstone, Annandale 

4952. STOVES Thomas Hercules (4), plaisterer’s boy, to A. B. Sparke, Sydney 

4936. STRIKE George, Planter, farmer’s labourer, to J. P. Lloyd, Liverpool 

4947. STRINGLE James, Hercules (4), ploughs, &c., to E. C. Close, Hunter’s River 

4923. † SULLIVAN Florence, Eliza (6), labourer, to H. P. Dutton, Hunter’s River 

4931. SULLIVAN Jeremiah, Earl St. Vincent, ploughs, &c., to W. C. Wentworth, Vaucluse 

4921. * SUMMERS Alexander, John, stable-boy, to Samuel Lyons, Sydney 

4986. SUTTON William,. Grenada, ropemaker, to Thomas Parnell, Richmond 

4974. SWADDLING John, Hercules, errand-boy, to J. Street, Bathurst 

4934. SWAINE William, Planter, silk weaver, to C. Wilkins, Sydney 

4932. SWAYNE James, Planter, farm labourer, to R. Cobcroft, Wilberforce 

4964. SWORDS Kichard, Dunvegan Castle, labourer, to John Jackson, Airds 

4968. SWORDS Stephen, Dunvegan Castle, carpenter to R. J, Alien, Argyle 

– T –

5006. TAFT Albion, Hercules (4), potter, to J. W. Wright, Sydney

5002. TAYLOR George, Hercules (4), ploughs, &c., to E. Biddulph, Maitland

4995. TAYLOR James, Planter, farmer’s labourer, to J. Chisholm, Lower Branch

4993. TAYLOR John, Planter, weaver, to G. T. Palmer, Parramatta 

4990. TAYLOR William, Planter, sawyer, &c., to G. C. Curlewis, Argyle 

4992. TAYLOR William, Planter, farm labourer, to J. Oatley, Sydney 

4997. TAYLOR William, Planter, groom, to Captain Moffit, Port Stephens 

5004. THOMAS Joseph, Hercules (4), painter’s boy, to W. D. Kelman, Kirkton

5003. THOMPSON James, Hercules (4), butcher, &c., to W. Walker, Brisbane Grove 

4991. TINGEY George, Planter, carter, to T. Coffee, Patrick’s Plains 

5000. TISSIKER Thomas, Planter, cobler, to E. Weston, Annandale  

5009. TITHE James Dunvegan Castle, labourer, to G. Cox, Mulgoa  

4999. TOWNSEND Edwin, Planter, stone mason, to H. McDermott, Surry Hills

4989. † TRACEY James, Eliza (6), stable boy, to F. Flannagan, St. Vincent

4988. * TRAIL James, Morley, seaman, to S. M’Donald, Williams’ River 

4996. TRIMBY William, Planter, under game-keeper, to Executors of late Mr. Oxley 

4998. TURNER Edward, Planter, groom, to P. Simpson, Parramatta 

5005. TURNER Henry, Hercules (4), lace-maker, to H. H. McArthur, Parramatta 

5008. TURNER James, Hercules (4) ladies’ shoe-maker, to W. Cox, Hobart Ville 

4994. TURNER James, Planter, gardener’s labourer, to Dr. Ramsay, Dobroyd 

5001. TURNER John, Hercules (4), carter, &c., to J. W. Wright, Sydney 

5007. TWISS Henry, Hercules (4), in-door servant, to S. Marsden, Parramatta 

– V –

5012. VALE Joseph, Planter, butcher, to W. Dangar, Noctsfield

5010. * VALENTINE Henry, Manlius, butcher’s boy, to S. M’Donald, Williams’ River 

5011. VINES William, Planter, ploughman, to G. T. Palmer, Parramatta 

– W –

5016. † WADE James, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to Major Barlow, Lake George 

5050. WADE William, Hercules, woollen weaver, to Captain Waldron, 39th Regt

5028. WALKER Edward, Planter, brickmaker, to Mrs. M. Raine, Darling Mills

5023. WALKER Thomas, Asia, farmer’s man, to Charles Steel, of Mounted Police

5059. WALLIS Patrick, Dunvegan Castle, in-door servant, to T. Thompson, Bathurst

5014. † WALSH John, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to Major Barlow, Lake George 

5015. WALSH Patrick, Eliza (6), labourer, &c., Henry James, Sydney 

5061. WARD Frederick, Hercules, errand-boy, to G. Rankin, Bathurst

5030. WARD James, Planter, thatcher, &c., to John Coghill, Kirkham

5024. WARD Patrick, Norfolk, labourer, to E. Ryan, Murrimbidgee

5057. WARNER John, Hercules, saddler, to R. Crawford, Hillend

5063. WARNER Thomas, Hercules, shoemaker’s boy, to H. Mitchell, Maitland

5047. WARREN William, Planter, working Jeweller, to G. T. Palmer, Parramatta

5019. * WATSON William, Phoenix (3), baker’s labourer, to W. Rolfe, Sydney

5027. WAYLING Thomas, Mellish, servant, to P. Rawlings, Sydney

5036. WEBB George, Planter, ploughman, to Richard Wiseman, Wollombi

5040. WEBB George, Planter, bargeman, to W. Tuckwell, Parramatta

5052. WEBSTER Francis, Hercules, carver and gilder, to James Reid, Rose Brook

5065. WELLS James, Hercules, errand-boy, to M. Chapman, Williams’ River

5066. WELSH John, Marquis Huntley, labourer, to J. B. Johnstone, Portland

5032. WEST Richard, Planter, ploughman, to James Cunningham, Sydney

5017. * WHALAN James, Andromeda, grocer, to Thomas Howe, Brisbane Water 

5060. WHITE John, Dunvegan Castle, house painter, to T. O’Brien, Illawarra

5062. WHITE Matthew, Hercules, errand-boy, to W. Lawson, Bathurst

5042. WHITE Robert, Planter, postboy, to W. Cordeaux, Lippington

5055. WHITEHEAD John, Hercules, butcher, &c., to Edward New, Parramatta

5020. WHITFORD John, Lord Sidmouth, painter, &c., to John Kentwell, Parramatta

5026. WHITTLE Samuel, Mermaid, shepherd, to Charles Cowper, Sydney

5033. WICKS Moses, Planter, ploughman, to William Dunn, Hunter’s River

5058. WILDON Patrick, Dunvegan Castle, farm labourer, to J. R. Styles, Inverary

5045. WILLETT Arthur, Planter, sawyer, to, W. Morgan, Sydney

5038. WILLIAMS Charles, Planter, pipemaker, to Executors of late Mr. Oxley

5039. WILLIAMS Charles, Planter, silk weaver, to John Coghill, Kirkham

5031. WILLIAMS John, Planter, ploughman, to Henry Marr, Sydney

5051. WILLIAMS William, Hercules, stableman, to James Birnie, Sydney

5053. WILLIAMSON Daniel, Hercules, in-door servant, to Colonel Wall, Wall Grove

5021. WILLIAMSON George, Marquis Huntley, dyer, &c., to J. Millers Brisbane Water

5046. WILMOT John, Planter, watchmaker, &c., to H. Dumaresq, St. Hillier’s

5029. WILLS Henry, Planter, farm labourer, to J. Chisholm, junior, Lower Portland Head

5056. WILSON Edward, Hercules, stonemason, to E. Deas Thompson, Sydney

5037. WILSON James, Planter, errand-boy, to Ann Smith, Sydney

5041. WILSON James, Planter, coachman, &c., to Mrs. Scott, Sydney

5025. WILSON John, Lord Melville, wheelwright, to R. Jones, Sydney

5049. WILSON William, Hercules, seaman, to Thomas Watson, South Head

5018. * WILSON William Clyde, confectioner, to Aus. Agri. Com., Port Stephens

5034. WILTSHIRE Joseph, Planter, ploughman, to William Duns, Hunter’s River

5043. WITCHELL Isaac, Planter, carter, &c., to Adam Wilson, Cook’s River

5035. WITHERS Joseph, Planter, ploughman, to John Wiseman, Wollombi

5044. WOLLSTON Thomas, Planter, shoemaker, to James Mudie, Castle Forbes

5048. WOOD Henry, Hercules, weaver, to E. Biddulph, Maitland

5054. WOOD John, Hercules, baker, &c., to J, B, Montefiore, Sydney

5013. * WOODLAIRD Joseph, Adrian, farmer’s labourer, to Rev. G. Erskine, Sydney 

5064. WOODS James, Hercules, shoemaker’s boy, to G. Muir, Maitland

5022. WORRALL George, Royal George, gardener, to S. Icely, Bathurst

– Y –

5070. YORK Joseph, Planter, fishmonger, &c., to J. W. Ryrie, Murray

5067. YOUNG James, Bussorah Merchant, in-door servant, to H. Hewitt, Maitland

5069. YOUNG James, Planter, ploughs, &c., to James Cobb, Hunter’s River

5068. YOUNG William, Jane, spadesman, to W. T. Morris, Bathurst

Note — Those marked † have been re-assigned, the first assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them. Those marked * have been transferred.

Principal Superintendent of Convicts Office,
30th September, 1832


  1. NSW Return of all Male Convicts Assigned and Transferred between the 1st and 31st October 1832, Inclusively (1832, December 19). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), p. 471.
  2. NSW Return of all Male Convicts Assigned and Transferred between the 1st and 31st October 1832, Inclusively (1832, December 26). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), p. 487.

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