NSW Return of All (Male) Convicts Assigned and Transferred Between the 1st and 30th Day of April, 1832

– N –

1607. NEALE George, Portland, shoemaker’s apprentice, to Gabriel Bennett, Sydney

1612. * NEALE George, Portland (4), shoemaker’s apprentice, to Helenus Scott, Hunter’s River

1609. NEILL Henry, Captain Cooke, farm servant, to Alfred Glennie, Hunter’ s River

1611. NEWBY Thomas, Competitor, silversmith, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

1605. NEWTON Isaac, Portland, errand boy, to Edward Sparke, Woodlands

1608. NICHOLLS Benjamin, Marquis Huntley, in-door servant, to Frederick Kenyon, Sydney

1610. NICHOLS James, Morley (5), sawyer and coachman, to William Roberts, Sydney

1606. NUNN James, Portland, soldier and farm labourer, to Captain Westmacott, Sydney

– O’ –

1619. O’NEIL John, Isabella (4), barber, to Robert Redfern, Bathurst

1614. O’NEILL Hugh, Portland (4), soldier and farm labourer, to James Evans, Bathurst

1618. O’MEALLY William, Captain Cooke, servant and groom, to T. D. Rowe, Sydney

1617. O’MEALY Edward, Captain Cooke, dairyman, stocksman, to E. Weston, Annandale

– O –

1613 OAKLEY William, Portland (4), shepherd, ploughs, to William Tom, Bathurst

1620. * OAKLEY William, Portland (4), shepherd, ploughs, to F. N. Rossi, Goulburn Plains

1615. OODFIELD Henry, John (2), horse castrator, to Lieutenant-Colonel Dumaresq, St. Hellier’s

1616. OSBORNE John, John (2), harness maker, to William Soole, Sydney

– P –

1631. PADMORE Alfred, Asia (2), letter-press printer and sawyer, to Terence Murray, Erskine Park

1622. PAICE David, Portland (4), ploughs, reaps, to Richard Lewis, Bathurst

1628. PALMER Charles, Portland (4), farrier, &c. to Captain P. P. King, R. N., South Creek

1640. * PATTERSON James, Isabella (4), turner and brazier, to John White, Sydney

1627. PAYNE William, Portland (4), brick-maker, to General Stewart, Bathurst

1630. PERRY John, Florentia (2), wadding maker, to Thomas Morris, Cornwallis

1634. PHELAN James, Captain Cooke, farm servant, to Robert Cox, Brisbane Water

1633. PHELAN Patrick, Captain Cook, farm servant, to Mathew Chapman, Williams’ River

1635. PHELAN William, Captain Cooke, farm servant, to Duncan McKellar, St. Vincent

1636. PHELAN William (2), shoemaker, to John Jones, Bathurst

1623. PHILLIPS Thomas, Portland (4), ploughs, reaps, to Robert Lambert, jun., Bathurst

1641. * PHILLIPS Thomas, Portland (4), ploughs, reaps, to Robert Scott, Hunter’s River

1625. PHILLIPS Samuel, Portland (4), tallow chandler and shop boy, to N. Aspinal, Sydney

1624. POWELL William, Portland (4), weaver, to Potter McQueen, Segenhoe

1626. PHILLIPS William, Portland (4), seaman, to Thomas Watson, South Head

1621. PIEKTHORNE William, Portland (4), poulterer, to Richard Lewis, Bathurst

1639. * POMEROY John, Isabella (4), watch finisher, to Australian Agricultural Company, P0ort Stephens

1632. PORTER Thomas, Morley (5), shoemaker, to William Byrne, Lake Georire

1629. POULSTON William, Portland (4), baker’s boy, to Uria Moses, Windsor

1637. PRICE Peter, Guildford (7), shoemaker’s boy, to Robert Sherringham, Evan

1638. PRIOR Michael, Edward (2), farm labourer, to Patrick Purcell, Bank’s Town

– Q –

1642. QUIGLEY Hugh, Captain Cooke, tailor, to Samuel Coulson, Sydney

1643. QUIGLEY Thomas, Eliza (5), labourer, to Frederick Kenyon, Sydney

– R –

1645. RADFORD George, Portland, hedger and ditcher, to T. D.Rowe, Sydney

1073. RAEBURN James, Georgiana, errand boy, to C. Wallaghan, Illawarra

1655. RAINFORD John, Exmouth, blacksmith, to Rev. T. Hassall, Denbigh

1677. RANDALL Robert, Marquis Hastings, top sawyer, to L. Macalister, Argyle

1644. READ Robert, Portland, ploughs, sows, bee master, to George Forbes, Hunter’s River

1650. READY John, Portland, tailor’s apprentice, to J. G. Maelzier, Sydney

1560. REDMOND Peter, Captain Cooke, farm labourer and shepherd, to G. T. Graham, Sydney

1647. REDWOOD Benjamin, Portland, pot boy, to Robert Lambert, junior, Bathurst

1676. * REDWOOD Benjamin, Portland, pot boy, to John Mann, Williams’ River

1665. REGAIN Patrick, Captain Cooke, in-door servant, to William Lithgow, Sydney

1657. REID John, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to John Jones, Bathurst

1672. REILLY Francis, Bussorah Merchant, shoemaker, to George Graves, Liverpool

1659. REILLY Francis, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to George Bowman, Richmond

1670. REILLY Michael, Captain Cooke, wool comber, to William Smith, Parramatta

1662. REILY Robert, Captain Cooke, carpenter, and farm labourer, to Robert Cox, Brisbane Water

1652. REESE Richard, John (1), farmer’s man, to George Hambridge, Parramatta

1664. REYNOLDS James, Captain Cooke, labourer, to John Jones, Bathurst

1671. RICHARDS Charles, Asia (4), ploughs, shears, to Edward Futty, Sydney

1649. RINGROSE Thomas, Portland, shoemaker, to F. C. L. Thomson, Camden

1668. ROBERTS George, Captain Cooke, groom, and in- door servant, to Lieutenant Ball, 17th regiment

1648. ROBINSON George, Portland, brass founder, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

1654. ROONEY John, Albion, brickfield labourer, to S. W. Mansfield, Field of Mars

1658. ROONEY Patrick, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to Arthur Rankin, Bathurst

1666. ROONEY Patrick, Captain Cooke, in-door servant and groom, to George Druitt, Mount Druitt

1661. ROSS Joseph, Captain Cooke, packman, to E. Weston, Annandale

1674. ROWINSON William, Lord Melville, boatman, to Heavy Fleming, Hawkesbury

1656. RUDDY James, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to Sarah Galvin, Upper Minto

1663. RUNNION James, Captain Cooke, labourer, to Duncan McKellar, St. Vincent

1646. RUSH William, Portland, carter, to William Tom, Bathurst

1675. * RUSH William, Portland, carter, to John Town, junior, Richmond

1653. RYAN Edward, Eliza, farmers’ man, to William Maskell, Bathurst

1669. RYAN John, Captain Cooke, tailor and soldier, to Lewis Cohen, Sydney

1651. RYAN John, Guildford (4), sawyer, to John Hosking, Sydney

1667. RYAN William, Captain Cooke, groom and coachman, to John Bingle, Hunter’s River

– S –

1700. SADLER Thomas, Mellish, servant, to George Poulton, Sydney

1688. SALMON Henry, Portland, painter, &c. to John McArthur, Parramatta

1702. SAMPSON William, Dunvegan Castle, rope-maker, to William Rutherford,Sydney

1732. SAMUELS Abraham, Manlius, pedlar, to A. C. Wilson, Penrith

1717. SAUNDERS George, Captain Cooke, sawyer, to F. Rossi, Sydney

1697. SAUNDERSON David, Cambridge, farmer’s man, weaver, to John Cosgrove, South Creek

1719. SAVAGE Owen, Captain Cooke, ostler, to Richard Williams, Sydney

1712. SCOTT Peter, Captain Cooke, laborer and carter, to Arthur Rankin, Bathurst

1721. SCULLY Denis, Captain Cooke, weaver and wool comber, to William Cox, Clarendon

1692. SHARP William, Portland, bookbinder, to William Mofatt, Sydney

1736. * SHARP William, Portland, bookbinder, to John Cobcroft, Wilberforce

1720. SHAW P. F, Captain Cooke, chair maker, to John Tucker, junior, Hunter’s River

1694. SHEEHAN John, Eliza, house servant, to John Rochester, Sydney

1710. SHEIL Patrick, Captain Cooke, farm servant, to H. Donnison, Sydney

1678. SHEPHERD Charles, Portland, milks, and stableman, to Henry Keirnan, Dart Brook

1711. SHEPHERD John, Captain Cooke, tailor and packman, to William Howe, Glenlee

1714. SHERIDAN Michael, Captain Cooke, errand boy, to G. T. Graham, Sydney

1705. SIMPSON Hugh, Captain Cooke, spadesman and labourer, to G. B. Clay, Bathurst

1685. SIMPSON James, Portland, comb maker, seaman, to H. C. Sempill, Segenhoe

1726. SIMS Samuel, Hadlow (1), carpet weaver, to Robert Cooper, Sydney

1706. SINNOT John, Captain Cooke, cattle dealer, to W. G. Packer, Argyle

1696. SMELT George, York (2), wheelwright, to S. L. Spearing, Illawarra

1709. SMITH Cristopher, Captain Cooke, shepherd, to Richard Fitzgerald, Windsor

1733. SMITH George, John (2), land surveyor, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

1690. SMITH Henry, Portland, shoemaker, to T. W. M. Winder, Windermere

1725. SMITH James, Surry (4), ploughs, reaps, to Morris Townshend, Wollombi

1699. SMITH John (2), John (2), errand boy, to William Stenson, Banks’ Town

1698. SMITH John, Midas, farmer’s man, weaver, and rope maker, to John McLaren, Sydney

1708. SMITH Owen, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to Jos. Peters, Worrondilly

1713. SMITH Richard, Captain Cooke, errand boy, to George Bowman, Richmond

1716. SMITH Thomas, Captain Cooke, tap boy, to P. McIntyre, Bulwarra

1727. SMITH Thomas, Norfolk (3), soldier and fisherman, to Henry Howey, Argyle


1684. SMITH Thomas, Portland, carter, to S. Coxen, Dart Brook

1693. SMITH Thomas (2), Portland, harness maker, to William Cox, senior, Clarendon

1681. SMITH Thomas, Portland, lace maker, ostler, to George Forbes, Hunter’s River

1730. * SMITH William, Isabella (4), seaman, to Charles Windeyer, Sydney

1683. SMITH William, Portland, plasterer’s labourer, to Henry Keirnan, Dart Brook

1718. SNOW George, Captain Cooke, shoemaker, to Squire Mason, Sydney

1701. SOWDEN Samuel, Nithsdale, stone cutter, to E. Hallen, Sydney

1682. SPENCER John Portland, weaver and ostler, to T. D. Rowe, Sydney

1704. SPOWAGE George, Marquis Huntly (3), carpenter, to George Galbraith, Argyle

1679. SPRIGNALL William, Portland, ploughs, reaps, &c. to William Coxen, Dart Brook

1691. STANDING John, Portland, collier, miner, &c. to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

1695. STARR Patrick, Governor Ready, plough man, to Thomas Lynch, Wilberforce

1686. STEEL Jas. Portland, ostler, to D. A. C. G. Kennedy, Sydney

1734. * STEEL James, Portland, ostler, to J. Andrews, Sydney

1680. STEVENS Robert, Portland, ploughs, reaps, &c. to H.C. Sempill, Segenoe

1689. STOCK William, Portland, shoemaker, to Andrew McDowall, Parramatta

1707. STOKES John, Captain Cooke, ploughs, reaps, to P. Mclntyre, Bulwarra

1687. STONE Robert, Portland, sawyer complete, to S. and W. Ryrie, St. Vincent

1726. STOODLEY Simon, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c. to D. Duncomb, Sydney

1729. * STRACHAN Andrew, Isabella (4), stockman, to T. D. Rowe, Sydney

1731. STRICKLAND Thomas, Isabella (4), carpenter and joiner, to Henry Osborne, Illawarra

1723. SULLIVAN Patrick, Eliza (3), boat boy, to J. F. Maughan, Maitland

1724. SWAYNE James, Mermaid, hinge maker, to Andrew Allan, Swaffam

1722. SWEENY Thomas, Captain Cooke, silk weaver, to John Callaghan, Maitland

1703. SWINDALE Thomas, Nithsdale, wheelwright, to William Cordeaux, Liverpool

1715. SWINBURNE Ralph, Captain Cooke, carter, to B. Clay, Bathurst

– T –

1737. TAFF John, Portland, ploughs, reaps; &c. to Potter McQueen, Segenhoe

1749 TAYLOR Edward, Isabella (4), porter, to Charles Windeyer, Sydney

1738. TAYLOR Samuel, Portland, cotton spinner, to Mary Marshall, Sydney

1739. TIGHE William, Portland, stable boy, to William Smith, junior, Wollombi

1742. THOMPSON William, Dunvegan Castle, cow boy, to John Hopkins, Wilberforce

1740. THOMSON George, Portland, seaman and boatman, to T. C. Farnell, Kissing Point

1741. THOMSON James, Portland, miner and collier, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

1736. THOMSON Thomas, Portland, spadesman, to Robert Ball, Lane Cove

1750. TOLL William, Portland, ploughs, milks, &c, to H. Scott, Hunter’s River

1743. TONER Mathew, Mangles (5), farm servant, to Michael Connor, Parramatta

1747. TOOTHE Hugh, Captain Cooke, cotton spinner, servant and soldier, to William Dawes, Sydney

1748. TOOMEY Timothy, Norfolk (3), waiter, to James Wright, Sydney

1746. TROY Patrick, Captain Cooke, stockman, ploughs, to Thomas Wilford, Sydney

1744. TUCKER John, Phoenix (3), farm servant, to Stephen Whitaker, Bathurst

1746. TYRRELL Patrick, Captain Cooke, labourer, to W. G. Parker, Argyle

– V –

1761. VINCON Robert, Isabella (4), labourer, to Thomas Chapman, Surry Hills

– W –

1779. WADE William, Merope and Wave, soldier and seaman, to A. McDougall, Maitland

1756. WALKER John, Portland, bricklayers’ labourer, to Obed West, Camden

1757. WALKER Henry, Portland, hair dresser, storekeeper, to James Atkinson, Bong Bong

1769. WALL Mathew, Governor Ready, groom, to Montague Rothery, Homebush

1774. WALL Thomas, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to Edward Ryan, County King

1760. WALTON George, Portland, fancy work box maker, to Morris Castle, Sydney

1758. WARD James, Portland, servant and groom, to W. C. Wentworth, Sydney

1764. WARD Joseph, Portland, porter, to Edward Churchill, Portland Head

1783. * WARD Patrick, Norfolk (4), labourer, to Thomas Lawrie, Sydney

1772. WATSON James, Marquis Huntley (3), shoemaker, to A. Munroe, Sydney

1767. WATSON John, Baring (2), baker, to Patrick Hayes, Parramatta

1766. WEBSTER James, Champion, labourer, to Patrick Carlon, Banks’ Town

1765. WELSH Henry, Portland, porter, to Major Antill, Stonequarry

1778. WATSON John, Captain Cooke, in-door servant, to John Blaxland, Newington

1787. WEBB John, Isabella (4), groom and horse breaker, to Thomas Icely, Bungarribee

1791. * WELSH Henry, Portland (4), porter, to F. N. Rossi, Goulburn Plains

1766. WEST John, Portland, labourer, milks, reaps, to S. Tuckerman, Portland Head

1762. WEST Robert, Portland, gardener, to J. P. Webber, Markham

1786. * WHALEN Michael, Norfolk (4), rough shoemaker, to Thomas White, Upper Hunter

1777. WHALEY David, Captain Cooke, servant and groom, to William Wilks, Sydney

1764. WHEELER John, Portland, bricklayer, to Thomas Raine, Bathurst

1780. WHELAN Robert, Captain Cooke, weaver, to Simeon Lord, Sydney

1775. WHITE James, Captain Cooke, herdsman, to Vicars Jacob, Hunter’s River

1770. WHITE James, Eliza, stableman and butler, to Robert Ormston, South Creek

1768. WHITEBY John, Royal Admiral, turner and chair maker, to R. Jones, Sydney

1763. WHITELAGG Joseph, Portland, butchers’ labourer, ploughs, &c., to Joshua John Moore, Cabramatta

1771. WHITTLE Joseph, Andromeda, servant, to George Smith, Sydney

1789. WHOFFEN John, lsabella (4), labourer and seaman, to James Corry, Irish Town

1781. WILLIAMS John, Fanny, gardener, to George Welch, Sydney

1759. WILLIAMS John, Portland, in-door servant, to Dr. Bowman, Sydney

1782. WILLIAMS Joseph, Surry (4), errand boy, to Morris Townshend, Wollombi

1753. WILLIAMSON John, Portland, shepherd and ploughs, to James Atkinson, Bong Bong

1776. WILSON John, Captain Cooke, ostler, to Benjamin Bedford, Sydney

1761. WILSON Samuel, Portland, gardener, to J. Blaxland, Newington

1786. WITHERS Stephen, Surry (6), labourer, to Roger Murphy, Sydney

1752. WOOD Robert, Portland, shepherd, milks, &c., to Major Antill, Stonequarry

1790. * WOOD Robert, Portland (4), shepherd and milks, to John McLaren, St. Vincent

1788. WOOD William, Isabella (4), brass founder, groom, to Charles Boydell, Hunter’s River

1784. * WOODLOCK Michael, Norfolk (4), labourer, to Henry Howey, Argyle

1773. WOODS Owen, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to Robert Martin, junior, Windsor

– Y –

1792. YOUNG James, Isabella (4), baker, to H. Walker, Parramatta

1794. * YOUNG James, Isabella (4), baker, to Simeon Lord, Sydney

1793. YOUNG James, Bussorah Merchant, in and our-door servant, to James Barker, Sydney

Note.—Those marked * have been reassigned, the first Assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them.

Principal Superintendent of Convicts’ Office,
7th July, 1832.


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