NSW Return of All (Male) Convicts Assigned and Transferred Between the 1st and 30th Day of April, 1832

Note.—Those marked * have been reassigned, the first Assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them.

– A –

1236. ABRAY Thomas, Portland (4), millwright, baker and miller, to Peter McIntyre, Bulwarra

1241. * ALCOCK Thomas, Portland (4), shoemaker, to J. E. Manning, Ultimo

1238. ALLCOCK Thomas, Portland (4), shoemaker, to William Singleton, Patrick’s Plains

1240. ANDREWS William, Marquis Huntley, carpenter, to Henry Donnison, Sydney

1235. ANTISS John, Portland (4), brickmaker, ploughs, to Benjamin Sullivan, Williams’ River

1234. ATTLESEY John, Portland (4), farm labourer, to Henry Coulson, Sydney

1237. AYRES Richard (Portland (4), chair-bottom-maker and groom, to John Buckland, Hoare Town

1239. AYRES Thomas, Lady Faversham, carpenter, to T.V. Bloomfield, Maitland.

– B –

1260. BAKER James, Portland (4), milks, &c. William Hall (miller), Sydney

1246. BARKER William, Portland (4), jeweller, to Henry Coulson, Sydney

1261. BARNES Thomas, Fame, labourer, to Humphrey Thorn, Parramatta

1296. BARNETT James, Batavia, porter, to William Longford, Sydney 

1251. BARNETT Thomas, Portland (4), labourer, to C.H. Chambers, Sydney

1295. * BATE William, Isabella (4), butcher, shepherd, to Charles Boydell, Hunter’s River

1277. BELL William, Captain Cooke, watchmaker’s apprentice, to John Burke, South Creek

1245. BERRY Thomas, Portland (4), ploughs, milks, to William Harper, Oswald

1291. BEST James, Surry (5), labourer, to Chief Justice Forbes, Sydney 

1279. BICKERTON Richard, Captain Cooke, soldier and farm servant, to Benjamin Sullivan, Williams’ River

1292. BIGGS Benjamin, Waterloo, bricklayer, to Samuel Icely, Bathurst 

1255. BIGWOOD Thomas or Francis, Portland (4), horse keeper and waiter, to Robert Low, Bringelly

1268. BILLING John, John (2), wheelwright, to Henry Donnison, Sydney

1269. BINNEY Isacher, Burrel, stone-cutter, to J. Lamb, Sydney

1256. BISHOP James, Portland (4), stableman, to Amb. Hallen, Sydney

1298. * BISHOP James, Portland, stableman, to Christopher Flynn, Sydney

1264. BISHOP John, Atlas (3), cabinetmaker and joiner, to Robert Crawford, Hill End

1247. BLOW Henry, Portland (4), seaman, to Thomas Watson, South Head

272. BONNICK Thomas, Marquis Huntly (3), blacksmith, to Daniel M’Guigg, Windsor

1282. BOULGER Michael, Captain Cooke, grocer, to Lieutenant-Colonel Dumaresq, Hunter’s River

1294. BOULTON Joseph, Norfolk (3), porter, to T. D. Rowe, Sydney 

1263. BOUTELL James, Marquis Hastings (1), farmer’s man, to Robert Taylor, Sydney

1243. BOWMAN Thomas, Portland (4), ploughs, &c. to D. Chambers, Sydney

1266. BOYD Charles, Lord Melville (2), stone-mason, to Captain Hunter, Sydney

1280. BOYLAN Samuel, Captain Cooke, seaman and farm servant, to S. L. Adair, Paterson’s River

1265. BRADFORD Joseph, Florentia, house painter, to John Street, Bathurst

1270. BRAMMER Joseph, Nithsdale, ropemaker, to William Jackson, Sydney

1259. BRAND Alexander, Portland (4), cabinet-maker, to H. H. McArthur, Parramatta

1253. BRAND Douglass, Portland (4), carver and gilder, to William Hibberd, Sydney

1244. BRAY John, Portland (4), carter, ploughs, to R. Redfern, Campbelltown

1274. BREEN James, Captain Cooke, farmer’s labourer, to John Burke, South Creek

1287. BRENNAN James, Captain Cooke, whitesmith, to Edward Ryan, County King 

1267. BRENNAN Patrick, Countess Harcourt, farmer’s man, to H. C. Antill, Stonequarry

1286. BRENNAN Thomas, Captain Cooke, butcher’s boy, to Vicars Jacob, Hunter’s River

1242. BREWER John, Portland (4), stocks-man, to C. H. Chambers, Sydney

1257. BRIGHT John, Portland (4), brickmaker, to B. Sullivan, Williams’ River

1273. BRISBANE Daniel, Captain Cooke, maltster, to R. Futter, Argyle

1258. BROWN David, Portland (4), cabinet-maker, to J. R. Styles, Argyle

1278. BROWN James, Captain Cooke, labourer and spadesman, to Isaac Shepherd, Kissing Point

1249. BROWN John (1), Portland (4), shop boy, to D. Chambers, Sydney

1250. BROWN John (2), Portland (4) seaman, to Thomas Watson, South Head

1281. BROWN Michael, Captain Cooke, weaver’s boy, to. S. L. Adair, Paterson’s River

1248. BROWN Peter, Portland (4), seaman, to Thomas Watson, South Head

1283. BUNNON Thomas, Captain Cooke, labourer, to Alexander M’Leay, Sydney

1293. * BURKE Thomas, Norfolk (3), stable boy, to Wicks Norton, Sydney 

1271. BURRELL Royser, Florentia, ropemaker, to William Jackson, Sydney

1252. BURTON John, Portland (4) horse keeper, to Robert Redfern, Campbelltown

1290. BURTON William, Marquis Hastings, ploughman, to J. P. Lloyd, Liverpool 

1254. BUTT Edwin, Portland (4), groom, to M. Henderson, Sydney

1284. BYRNE Henry, Captain Cooke, errand boy, to George Forbes, Hunter’s River

1289. BYRNE James, Captain Cooke, silk weaver  to Peter Howell, Illawarra 

1275. BYRNE John, Captain Cooke, farmer’s labourer, to Benjamin Sullivan, Williams’ River

1297. BYRNE John, Guildford (8), waiter, to C. Sims, Sydney 

1262. BYRNE John, Medina, shepherd, to Joseph Hibbert, Wilberforce

1276. BYRNE Owen, farmer’s labourer, to Isaac Shepherd, Kissing Point

1288. BYRNE Richard, Captain Cooke, cabinet-maker’s apprentice, to S. Scarss, Sydney 

1285. BYRNE Thomas, Captain Cooke, baker and confectioner, to Charles Roberts, Sydney

– C –

1325. CALDWELL John, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to James Atkinson, Bong Bong

1305. CALVERT William, Portland, weaver, to William Smith, Parramatta 

1303. CAMPBELL John, Portland, weaver, to William Smith, Parramatta 

1329. CAMPBELL Patrick, Captain Cooke, farm servant, to J. T. Maughan, Maitland 

1330. CAMPBELL Robert, Captain Cooke, stableman, to John Yeoman, sen., Hawkesbury

1340. * CANHAM John, Asia (9), cattle jobber, to Roger Murphy, Sydney 

1332. CAREY Maurice, Captain Cooke, servant and groom, to H. H. Macarthur, Parramatta

1301. CARLESS John, Portland, ploughs, shears, to Jonathan Harper, South Creek 

1324. CARROLL John, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to William Bowman, Bong Bong 

1327. CARROL Patrick, Captain Cooke, farm servant, to D. Campbell, Capita 

1314. CARTHY Timothy, Larkins (2), errand boy, to John Cuneena, Windsor 

1343. CHALLENDER William, Portland, in-door servant and waiter, to William Wilshire, Sydney

1309. CHALLENOR William, Portland, in-door servant, to John Church, Sydney 

1318. CHIPPETT Charles, Florentia, blacksmith, to Henry Donnison, Sydney 

1319. CINNAMOND John, Captain Cooke, ploughs, reaps, to S. L. Adair, Paterson’s River 

1313. CLARK Robert, Portland, tailor, to J. S. Spearing, Illawarra 

1341. * CLARK William, Isabella (4), hair dresser, to David Foley, Pitt Water 

1339. COLL Thomas, Bussorah Merchant, shoe-maker, to T. Walker, Concord 

1312. COLLINGWOOD William, Portland, shoe-maker, to George Blaxland, Hunter’s River 

1308. CONDREN John, Portland, in-door servant, to James Alderston, Sydney

1337. CONEFY John, Lady Harewood, hawker, to Felix McCabe, Sydney 

1338. CONNELL John, Boyne, farm labourer, to Chief Justice Forbes, Sydney 

1331. CONNELL William, Captain Cook, bricklayer, to John Single, Nepean 

1320. CONNOLLY John, Captain Cooke, spadesman, to S. L. Adair, Paterson’s River  

1321. CONNOR Michael, Captain Cooke, spadesman and labourer, to George Forbes, Hunter’s River 

1333. CONNORS Michael, Captain Cooke, house carpenter, to A. W. Steel, Bathurst 

1323. CONNOLLY Owen, Captain Cook, farm labourer, to Joseph Onus, Richmond 

1299. COOK Thomas, Portland, shepherd, ploughs, to J. T. Goodsir, Woolloomoolloo 

1302. COOPER John, Portland, mason, plasterer, to William Harper, Oswald 

1307. COOTER Henry, Portland, carter and mows, to Robert Futter, Argyle 

1306. CORD Portland, labourer, to John Caswell, South Creek 

1300. COUGH Richard, Portland, shepherd, to John McDonald, Pitt Town

1316. COURT James, Waterloo, stableman and butler, to William Woodward, Bungarribee 

1315. COURT William, Countess Harcourt, groom, to H. C. Antill, Stonequarry 


1335. COWEN Alexander, Captain Cooke, weaver and labourer, to James Arndell, Upper Hunter 

1311. COWLEY Daniel, Portland, shoemaker to Laurence Myles, Williams’ River  

1310. COX James, Portland, baker, to John Johnston, Sydney

1344. COX James, Portland, baker, to William Anderson, Sydney 

1336. * CREESE Daniel, Norfolk (3), shepherd and stockman, to Robert Futter, Argyle 

1317. CRILLY Michael,, Mangles (5), farm servant, to James Upton, Cornwallis 

1342. * CROOME Thomas, Isabella (4), butcher to Samuel Terry, Sydney 

1322. CROSGRAVE Andrew, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to John Yeoman, sen., Hawkesbury 

1304. CRUICKSHANKS James, Glory, cabinet-maker, to Major Sullivan, Williams’ River 

1328. CULLEN Thomas, Captain Cooke, farm servant, to John Atkinson, Bong Bong 

1326. CURNELLY Owen, Captain Cooke, shepherd and soldier, to D. Campbell, Capita 

1334. CUSH Denis, Captain Cooke, stone cutter, to E. Deas Thomson, Sidney 

– D –

1380. DALEY Maurice, Borodino, ploughman and shepherd, to Ensign Steel, Sydney

1358. DALEY Micheal, Captain Cooke, spadesman, to Sir John Jamison, Regent Ville 

1368. DALY Thomas, Captain Cooke, bricklayer, to J. Osborne, Illawarra

1372. DANNS Edward, Captain Cooke, rough carpenter and carter, to T. and H. Coulson, Hunter’s River

1345. DARBY Joseph, stocksman, shepherd, to William Danvers, Bathurst

1377. * DARLOVE Joseph, Isabella (4), feather dresser, servant, to Captain Fisher, Sydney

1349. DAVIS Charles, Portland, watchmaker’s apprentice, to Walter Howell, Richmond 

1350. DAVIS John, Portland, brass founder, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens 

1351. DAVIS William, Portland, sawyer, ploughs, to Robert Crawford, Hillend 

1355. DAWES John, Minerva (5), stocking weaver, to Richard Morris, senior, Cornwallis 

1360. DAY Patrick, Captain Cooke, farm labourer and barber, to James Arndell, Upper Hunter 

1367. DELANY William, Captain Cooke, butcher, to Captain Coghill, Kirkham 

1354. DELMORE John, Phœnix (3), errand boy, to John Burns, Richmond 

1356. DEVINE Daniel, Sophia, groom and dealer, to James Henry, Sydney 

1370. DILLON Patrick, Captain Cooke, in-door servant, groom, to Michael Phillips, Sydney

1366. DILLON Peter, Captain Cooke, poulterer’s boy, to James Atkinson, Bong Bong 

1376. * DIX Charles, Isabella (4), mason, to John Bingle, Upper Hunter

1346. DOBBS John, Portland, shepherd, ploughs, to John West, Bathurst 

1357. DONALD Alexander, Exmouth, stone cutter, to A. B. Spark, Sydney 

1359. DONEGAN Owen, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to Edward Biddulph, Sophia Jane steam vessel

1362. DONNELLY John, Captain Cooke, packman, to James Ralph, Port Macquarie 

1373. DONNELLY John, Captain Cooke, confectioner, to James Williams, Sutton Forest 

1363. DONOHOE Patrick, Captain Cooke, labourer, to James Ralph, Port Macquarie 

1375. DONOHOE Patrick, Cambridge, whitesmith, to H. Donnison, Sydney 

1353. DORAN Thomas, Asia (6), dyer, to Thomas Graves, Pitt Town 

1364. DORNELL Peter, Captain Cooke, ropemaker’s boy, servant, to Joseph Onus, Richmond 

1348. DOUGLASS Thomas, Portland, seaman, to John M’Donald, Pitt Town 

1365. DOWNES Ambrose, Captain Cooke, milkman, to William Bowman, Richmond 

1361. DOWNES Peter, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to John Pie, Baulkham Hills 

1369. DOYLE John, Captain Cooke, ostler, to James Crispe, Sydney

1374. DRINKWATER William, Captain Cooke, servant, to William Hutchinson, Sydney

1352. DUNCAN George, Portland, carpenter, coachman, to T. Walker, Concord 

1379. * DUNCAN George, Portland, carpenter, coachman, to Richard Stubbs, Port Stephens 

1371. DUNNE Michael, Captain Cooke, tailor’s boy, to Henry Donnison, Sydney

1347. DYTCH John, Portland, stableman and spadesman, to Henry Nowland, Wilberforce 

1378. * DYTCH John, Portland, stableman and spadesman, to Charles Windeyer, Williams’ River 

– D –

1381. EDLESTON Richard, Portland, farmer, cotton manufacturer, to George Muckle, Liverpool 

1387. EDMEADS George, Norfolk, (3), labourer, to James Elder, Parramatta 

1385. EDWARDS William, John (2), shoemaker and labourer, to Thomas Baker, Sydney 

1388. EDWARDS William, Globe, house carpenter, to Alexander Busby, Hunter’s River

1383. EGAN James, Portland, tailor and soldier, to Captain Maxwell, Sydney 

1384. EGAN John, Captain Cooke, gardener ploughs, to William Panton, Stonequarry

1386. ELLIS Joseph, Asia (9), carter and labourer, to Archibald Bell, Upper Hunter 

1382. EVANS William, Portland, bricklayer’s labourer, to Thomas Tulk, Port Stephens 

– F –

1395. FALLOON James, Captain Cooke, shepherd, ploughs, to Lieutenant-Colonel Dumaresq, Hunter’s River 

1391. FARQUHAR John, Portland, house servant, to Captain Rossi, Sydney 

1405. FARRELL Francis, Captain Cooke, groom and servant, to Roger Murphy, Sydney 

1403. FARRELL James, Captain Cooke, wire drawer and weaver, to John McArthur, Camden 

1397. FARRELLEY Michael, Captain Cooke, ploughs reaps, &c., to James Reid, Hunter’s River 

1398. FARRELLY Thomas, Captain Cooke, ploughs, reaps, &c., to Montagu Rothery, Homebush

1404. FEE Charles, Captain Cooke, shoemaker’s boy, to Edward Biddulph, Sophia Jane 

1400. FINN John, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to Robert Lowe, jun., Mudgie 

1399. FITZPATRICK Daniel, Captain Cooke, carman, labourer, to J. W. Lowe, Sidmouth Valley

1402. FITZPATRICK John, Captain Cooke, plasterer’s boy, to Sir John Jamison, Regent Ville

1393. FREEMAN Frederick, Portland, shoemaker, to Charles Cowper, Sydney 

1390. FREEMAN Thomas, Portland, errand boy, to John West, Bathurst 

1392. FLANNAGHAN Richard, Portland, letterpress printer, upholsterer, P. Simpson, Sydney

1406. FLETCHER John, Marquis Huntley, brass founder, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens 

1401. FLINN Arthur, Captain Cooke, lint-mill boy, to John Atkinson, Bong Bong 

1394. FOGARTY John, Atlas (1), seaman, to Henry York, Regent Ville

1396. FOX Richard, Captain Cooke, spadesman, to W. T. Morris, St. Vincents 

1389. FROOM Joseph, Portland, sweep, to William Danvers, Bathurst 

– G –

1428. GALLAGHAN Bartley, Captain cooke, labourer, to Mathew Chapman, Williams’ River

1419. GARRATT John, Ann and Amelia, groom and coachman, to T. Mason, Parramatta 

1420. GARSIDE William Alexander, Marquis Huntly, soldier and labourer, to Robert Smith, Campbell’s River

1422. GASCOIGNE Henry, Fame, labourer, to Stephen Witaker, Bathurst 

1423. GAULTON Edward W., Anne, ropemaker, to William Smith, Parramatta 

1426. GEARTY Ambrose, Captain Cooke, ploughs, reaps, &c. to George Galbraith, St. Vincents 

1425. GEARTY Owen, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to George Galbraith St. Vincents 

1435. GEARY William, Recovery, tailor, to William Challinor, Sydney 

1432. GEOGEGAN Thomas Fallow, Captain Cooke, house-carpenter, to F. Allman, Maitland 

1431. GERRAGHTY James, Captain Cooke, groom, coachman, to Ambrose Hallen, Sydney 

1424. GIBBS George, Mermaid, stone cutter, to Captain Dumaresq, Hunter’s River 

1413. GIBBS Richard, Portland, baker, to James Bowman, Woolloomoolloo

1415. GOODALL Thomas, Lord Eldon, seaman, to Patrick Carlon, Banks’ Town 

1408. GOODWIN William, Portland, errand boy, to George Muckle, Liverpool

1411. GORE Edward, Portland, copper-plate printer, to Stevens and Stokes, Sydney 

1437. GOULD John, Fiorentia (1), farm boy, to Robert Redfern, Bathurst

1417. GRACE Richard, Sophia, Coopers’ boy, to James Tylly, Sydney

1414. GRACE Thomas, Portland, ropemaker and seaman, to John McLaren, Sydney 

1409. GRANGER Joseph, Portland, silk hatmaker, groom, to William Johnston, Bathurst 

1439. * GRANGER Joseph, Portland, silk hat maker, to J. McLaren, St. Vincent

1407. GREEN George, Portland, farm labourer and stockman, to Henry Nowland, Hawkesbury

1438. * GREEN George, Portland, farm labourer and stockman, to Charles Windyer, William’s River  

1412. GREEN William, Portland, upholsterer, to J. S. Spearing, Illawarra 

1418. GREENHALGH Joseph, Guildford (7), butchers’ boy, to John Pendergrass, Cornwallis 

1421. GREENWOOD Thomas, Nithsdale, wool sorter and soldier, to Leslie Duguid, Sydney 

1434. GRIER Thomas, Captain Cooke, carpenter, to Major Mitchell, Sydney 

1430. GRIFFITH John, Captain Cooke, groom, servant, &c., to J. B. Bettington, Sydney 

1416. GROOM James, Elizabeth, brass founder, to John Rape, Castlereagh

1436. GROSVENER William, Morley (5), labourer, to Andrew Allan, Swaffam 

1410. GROVES James, Portland, coachman and groom, to Major Poole, Parramatta

1429. GRUGAN Peter, Captain Cooke, labourer, to P. M. Simpson, Castle Hill 

1427. GUFFIN Laurence, Captain Cooke, dealer in silks, to John Pie, Baulkham Hills 

1433. GUNNIS Henry, Captain Cooke, weaver and labourer, to Richard Fitzgerald, Windsor 

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