NSW Return of all Male Convicts Assigned and Transferred between 1st and 30th days of September 1832, Inclusively

– N –

4217. NAUGHTON Edward, Clyde, ploughman, to Charles Cowper, Sydney

4215. NEWEY John, Clyde, painter and glazier, to John White, Sydney

4214. NEWTON John, Clyde, brickmaker, to Thomas Hawkins, Bathurst

4213. NOBLE Charles, Clyde, farmer’s labourer, to Sarah Erskine, Erskine Park

4216. NORRIE Edwin, Clyde, stable-boy, to Dr. Wardell, Petersham

4218. NOWLAN Patrick, Clyde, groom and servant, to Thomas Ryan, Sydney

– O’ –

4220. O’KEEFE Daniel, Elizabeth, soldier, &c., to W. Guise, Liverpool

– O –

4219. OTTO Thomas, Clyde, stable-boy, to John McHenry, Penrith

– P –

4222. PAICE Charles, Clyde, ploughman, to W. T. Jamison, Cabramatta

4223. PARR Thomas, Clyde, gardener’s labourer, to George McLeay, Brownlow Hill

4230. PARSONS William, Clyde, errand-boy, to Dr. Reid, Inverary Park

4221. PAXTON William, Clyde, ploughman, to J. McDougall, Darlington

4231. PECK Charles Edward, Clyde, brass founder’s boy, to J. R. Styles, Argyle

4237. PEMBERTON Joseph, Georgiana, nailor, to Samuel Onions, Sydney

4228. PERKINS Thomas, Clyde, shoemaker, to Archibald Campbell, Bathurst

4225. PICKERING James, Clyde, clockmaker, to James Robertson, North Shore

4239. PICKERING Mathew, Prince Regent, miner, to G. Peacock, Castlereagh

4227. PLOWRIGHT James, Clyde, tailor, to Major Rhode, Waterloo Mills

4233. PLOWRIGHT James, Clyde, tailor, to T. A. Murray, Lake George

4226. POLLARD Thomas, Clyde, labourer, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

4238. POLLARD William, Waterloo, bricklayer’s apprentice, to J. Bennett, Wilberforce

4229. POWELL James, Clyde, milk boy, to Cornelius Wholahan, Illawarra

4234. POWELL James, Clyde, milk boy, to R. Connor, Camden

4224. POWELL Joseph, Clyde, fishmonger, to W. Johnson, Bathurst

4232. POWER Thomas, Clyde, carpenter, to James Mitchell, Sydney

4235. PRICE Edward, Speke, milk boy, to J. Underwood, Ashfield Park

4236. PRIOR Michael, Edward, labourer, to R. Smith, Campbell’s River

– Q –

4240. QUINLAN James, Eliza (6), labourer, to Leslie Duguid, Sydney

– R –

4246. RANDALL Alfred, Clyde, plasterer’s boy, to R. Jones, Hunter’s River

4254. REARDON John Owen, Eliza (6), labourer, to Jemima Jenkins, Airds

4244. REDFORD John, Clyde, groom, to Robert Campbell, Sydney

4260. REEDY James, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to Archibald Bell, Bellmont

4251. REEDY John, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., and steward, to Thomas Parnell, Richmond

4262. REID Thomas, Eliza (6), shoemaker, to W. Hutchinson, Sydney

4264. * REILLY Francis, Bussorah Merchant, labourer, to T. West, Bathurst

4253. RING John, Eliza (6), labourer, to H. H. McArthur, Parramatta

4247. ROBERTS John, Clyde, canal boy, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

4245. ROBERTS William, Clyde, shoemaker’s apprentice, to John Cole, Argyle

4249. ROBERTSON James, America, gunsmith, and blacksmith, to R. Rouse, Rouse Hill

4242. ROBINSON John, Clyde, ploughs, &c., to Robert Lethbridge, Prospect

4265. ROBINSON John, Clyde, ploughs, &c., to George Wyndham, Dalwood

4243. ROBINSON Thomas, Clyde, hatter, to R. Uther, Sydney

4241. ROBINSON William, Clyde, ploughs, &c., to J. McHenry, Penrith

4250. ROCHFORD Patrick, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to F. Manton, Yass Plains

4243. RODEHOUSE John, Clyde, miner, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

4258. RUNO James, Eliza (6), groom, to John Harris, Shanes Park


4255. RYAN Edward, Eliza (6), grocer, &c., to Roger Murphy, Sydney

4263. * RYAN James, City Edinburgh, dealer, to Thaddy Coffy, Paterson’s River

4256. RYAN James, Eliza (6), labourer, to Sarah Galvin, Upper Minto

4252. RYAN John, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to Elizabeth Shelly, Parramatta

4261. RYAN P. Regan, Eliza (6), servant and weaver, to J. Andrews, Sydney

4257. RYAN Thomas, Eliza (6), labourer, to A. K. McKenzie, Bathurst

4259. RYAN Timothy, Eliza (6), nailor, to A. C. Innis, Port Macquarie

– S –

4272. SALTOR William, Clyde, factory boy, to James McDougall, Darlington

4281. SCOTT John, Clyde, tailor, to F. W. Unwin, Sydney

4298. SEXTON William, Eliza (6), labourer, to F. Manton, Yass Plains

4268. SHAW John, Clyde, ploughman, to Robert Henderson, Brisbane Water

4308. SHADWICK Edward, Greyhound, soldier, &c., to W. H. Suttor, Bathurst

4291. SHEA William, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to J. H. Boughton, Patrick’s Plains

4305. SHEA William, Caroline, soldier, to Henry Ferris, Darling Harbour

4288. SHEEDY John, Eliza (6), labourer, &c., to Helenus Scott, Glendon

4301. SHIEL John, Eliza(6), errand-boy, to John Presnell, Curryjong

4299. SHIELL John, Eliza (6), soldier, &c., to James Barker, Sydney

4292. SHINE Connor, Eliza (6), labourer, to Cornelius Prout, Sydney

4273. SHIRD Thomas, Clyde, factory boy, to A. Campbell, Bathurst

4285. SHIRLEY William, Clyde, errand-boy, to Dr. Reid, Inverary Park

4277. SIMMONS George, Clyde,seaman, to J. H. Grose, Parramatta

4302. SMALLEY John, Eliza (6), weaver, to G. Sewell, Sutton Forest

4282. SMALLY John Clyde, weaver, to Owen Bowen, Murray

4283. SMITH Henry, Clyde, shoemaker’s apprentice, to John Jamison, jun., Argyle

4303. SMITH John, Coromandel, shoemaker, to William Lee, Roxburgh

4304. SMITH John, Glory, bricklayer, to F. J. Rothery, Homebush

4280. SMITH Joseph, Clyde, gardener, to Rev. Thomas Sharpe, Hawkesbury

4270. SMITH Samuel, Clyde, groom and shepherd, to A. Campbell, Bathurst

4267. SMITH Thomas, Clyde, clothworker, to W. Foster, Williams’ River

4275. SMITH Thomas, Clyde, worsted spinner, to James Ryrie, Murray

4300. SMITH Thomas, Eliza (6), cloth worker, &c, to T. West, Bathurst

4269. SPALDING Joseph, Clyde, ploughman, to Eliza Broughton, Appin

4307. SPARKLING William, Marquis Hastings, ploughs, &c., to J. Singleton, Portland Head

4266. SPITTAL George, Clyde, ploughs, &c., to W. Johnston, Bathurst

4274. STANWELL Richard, Clyde, labourer, &c., to Joseph Daley, Maitland

4290. STAPLETON John, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to John Pendergrast, Airds

4278. STEEL John, Clyde, errand-boy, to Henry Russell, Pennant Hills

4286. STEPHENS Thomas, Layton, letter-press printer, to James Cohen, Patterson’s Plains

4306. STEWART James, Champion, carter, &c., to H. C. Antill, Stonequarry

4271. STEWART James, Clyde, butcher, &c., to Thomas Bray, Concord

4279. STOWELL William, Clyde, baker, to Thomas Barker, Sydney

4276. SULLIVAN Dennis, Clyde, millers’ boy, to Eliza Broughton, Appin

4296. SULLIVAN Florence, Eliza (6), labourer, to Archibald Bell, Bellmont

4294. SULLIVAN Michael or CLEARY, Eliza (6), labourer, to John Jones, Bathurst

4295. SULLIVAN Michael, stable boy, to William Christy, Windsor

4297. SULLIVAN Patrick, Eliza (6), labourer, &c., to W. McArthur, Camden

4287. SULLIVAN Thomas, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to Robert Scott, Glendon

4289. SULLIVAN William, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to Samuel Clift, Maitland

4284. SUMMERS Thomas, Clyde, cabin boy, to R. Jones, Hunter’s River

4293. SWEENY Edward, Eliza (6), land steward, to Charles Cowper, Sydney

– T –

4311. TAYLOR Alexander, Clyde, farmer’s boy, to C. Wholahan, Illawarra

4319. * TAYLOR Alexander, Clyde, farmer’s boy, to John Dow, Aberglasslyn

4312. TENNANT William, Clyde, groom, to D. McKellar, St. Vincent

4314. TERRY James, Clyde, blacksmith, to John McLaren, Sydney

4309. THATCHER Thomas, Clyde, ploughman, to J. H. Grose, Parramatta

4313. TILSLEY Richard, Clyde, baker, to Thomas Barker, Sydney

4317. THOMSON James, Hooghley, labourer and shoemaker, to J. Hillier, Williams’ River

4310. THOMSON Peter, Clyde, ploughman, to Richard Jones, Hunter’s River

4321. THOMPSON John, Lord Sidmouth, labourer, to Edward Sparke, Ravensfield

4322. THOMPSON John, Speke, labourer, to R. Wiseman, Wollombi

4315. THORBURN Richard, Clyde, errand-boy, to George Galbraith, Argyle

4323. TODD Matthew, Isabella, shoemaker, to Alexander Busby, Hunter’s River

4318. TRACY James, Eliza (6), stable-boy, to Alexander Park, Hunter’s River

4320. TRETHAWAY William, Asia, baker, to G. Loder, Windsor

4316. TURNER William, Indian, labourer, to H. Bayly, Bayly Park

– W –

4848. WADE James, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to Alexander Park, Hunter’s River

4337. WALKER John, Clyde, brickmaker, to Robert Crawford, Hillend

4354. * WALKER John, Clyde, brickmaker, to E. Lockeyer, Ermington

4355. WALKER Joseph, Admiral Gambier, miner, to W. Jenkins, Portland Head

4358. WALKER Thomas, Champion, tailor, to H. Robertson, Liverpool

4344. WALSH John, Eliza (6), ploughman, &c., to Roger Murphy, Sydney

4351. WALSH John, Eliza (6), labourer, to E. Shelly, Parramatta

4347. WALSH Maurice, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to W. Danger, Noetsfield

4346. WALSH Patrick, Eliza (6), labourer, to W. Pendergrast, Airds

4350. WALSH Thomas, Eliza (6), labourer, to Thomas Parnell, Richmond

4329. WANT William, Clyde, maltster, to E. S. Hall, Sydney

4333. WARBY Jonathan, Clyde, stocking weaver, to James Dodds, Maison Dieu

4352. WARD Michael, Eliza (6), labourer, to Samuel Cleft, Maitland

4325. WARD Thomas, Clyde, ploughs, &c., to William Lithgow, Sydney

4357. * WATKINS John, John (3), boy, to S. Kyrie, Arn Prior

4324. WELCH Thomas, Clyde, farmer’s labourer, to G. Wentworth, Greendale

4341. WEST William, Clyde, errand-boy, to D. McKellar, Argyle

4349. WHITE Richard, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to D. McKellar, St. Vincent

4335. WILD Philip, Clyde, baker, to Aaron Barnet, Sydney

4331. WILLIAMS Andrew, Clyde, warehouseman, to David Bell, Sydney

4338. WILLIAMSON Thomas, Clyde, gardener, &c., to Major Innis, Port Macquarie

4340. WILSON Charles, Clyde, tailor, to Major Druitt, Mount Druitt

4326. WILSON Daniel, Clyde, labourer, to R. Guise, Murray

4332. WILSON John, Clyde, twine spinner, to James Phillips, Paterson’s River

4342. WILSON John, Clyde, farmer’s boy, to Robert Scott, Barrabee

4353. * WILSON John, Clyde, twine spinner, to John Dow, Aberglasslyn

4336. WILSON William, Clyde, confectioner, to Sir Edward Parry, Port Stephens

4330. WISEY William, Clyde, boatman, to T. Wealands, South Head

4334. WOODBRIDGE John, Clyde, in-door servant, to Robert Campbell, Sydney

4343. WOODLAND Thomas, Royal Charlotte plasterer, &c., to Jemima Jenkins, Airds

4345. WOODS Thomas, Eliza (6), ploughman, &c., to Dr. Wilson, Lumley

4339. WOODWARD John James, Clyde, tailor, to Charles Cowper, Sydney

4356. WOORE Oliver, Vittoria, stone mason, to Joseph Blackwell, Sydney

4328. WRIGHT Henry, Clyde, carter, to H. Thorne, Parramatta

4327. WRIGHT John, Clyde, weaver, to James Riley, Camden

– Y –

4359. YEADON William, Clyde, stable boy, to Robert Day, Sydney

Note—Those marked * have been re-assigned, the first assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them

Principal Superintendent of Convicts’ Office.
30th September, 1832.


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