NSW Return of all Male Convicts Assigned and Transferred between 1st and 30th days of September 1832, Inclusively

**** Part Two ****

– H –

4054. HAINSWORTH David, Clyde, cloth manufacturer and wool-sorter, to E. Park, Sydney

4052. HALL John, Clyde, stocking weaver, to John Dalton

4055. HALL Samuel, Clyde, groom, to William Dangar, Hunter’s River

4078. HALLORAN Patrick, Eliza (6), labourer, to James Mitchell, Sydney

4057. HAMILTON Henry, Clyde, baker, to J. Reid, Rose Bank

4051. HAMMOND Benjamin, Clyde, bricklayer’s labourer, to Mrs. Halloran, White Rock

4083. HANLEY John, Eliza (6), labourer, to Maurice Hollaghan, Appin

4067. HANNAH Patrick, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c. to Richard Brownlow, Sydney

4066. HARDING Patrick, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c. to Connor Boland, Maitland

4065. HARDISTY George, M. Huntley, cloth-dresser, to William Longford, Sydney

4077. HARDMAN Malony, Eliza (6), labourer, to Francis Reynolds, Sydney

4074. HARRINGTON William, Eliza (6), errand-boy, to W. C. Wentworth, Vaucluse

4063. HARRIS George, Clyde, errand-boy, to George Galbraith, Argyle

4076. HARRIS John, Eliza (6), errand-boy, to A. W. Scott, Ash Island

4060. HARRISON John, Clyde, miner, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

4097. HARRISON John, Burrell, top sawyer, &c. to W. T. Morris, St. Vincent’s

4056. HATTERSBY William, Clyde, baker, to James Blacket, Ultimo

4089. HAWKINS Charles, L. Harewood, porter and shoemaker, to Henry Hart, Illawarra

4094. HAWKINS William, R. Charlotte, weaver, to R. Roberts, Windsor

4062. HAYES John, Clyde, weaver, to Owen Bowen, Murray

4090. * HAYES John, Clyde, weaver, to John Burrows, Lower Minto

4086. HAYNES Patrick, Eliza (6), blacksmith, to D. McIntyre, Dart Brook

4091. HEAFY Patrick, Eliza, farmer’s labourer, to W. H. Suttor, Bathurst

4068. HEAGEY John, Eliza (6), labourer, to William Merritt, Sydney

4069. HEAGEY Martin, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c. to Henry Dumaresq, St. Hilliers

4088. HEALEY Pat, Eliza (6), cabinet turner and wheelwright, J. P. Webber, Hunter’s River

4093. HEGARTY Edward, C. Harcourt, tailor, to E. Lockyer, Ermington

4087. HENNAGHAN Thomas, Eliza (6), blacksmith, to E. Weston, Annandale

4070. HENNAGHAN Thomas, Eliza (6), labourer, to Caleb Wilson, Sydney

4085. HENNESEY John, Eliza (6), labourer, to Richard Brownlow, Sydney

4073. HENNESY John, Eliza (6), stable-boy, to P. McIntyre, Bulwarra

4092. HENRY Dominic, H. Porcher, footman and groom, to Thomas Shadlow, South Creek

4072. HICKEY Andrew, Eliza (6), labourer, to Judge Stephen, Sydney

4081. HICKEY John, Eliza (6), sweep, to John Osborne, lllawarra

4075. HOGAN Thomas, Eliza (6), land steward, to Donald McIntyre, Dart Brook

4082. HOGAN Thomas, Eliza (6), labourer, to James McCarthy, Castlereagh

4099. HOLLAND Samuel, Mary, cowman, to Walter Thompson, South Creek

4071. HOLLAND Thomas, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c to John Holland, Sydney

4095. HOLLES Benjamin, M. Huntly, shoemaker, to G. B. White, Patrick’s Plains

4079. HOULIHAN James, Eliza (6), labourer, to James Bowman, Sydney

4080. HOURAGAN John, Eliza (6), labourer, to John Larnack, Rose Mount

4061. HOWARD Peter, Clyde, turner, &c. to S. Lord, Sydney

4064. HOWIE James, Clyde, comb-maker, to William Lithgow, Sydney

4098. HOWIE William, Manlius, weaver, to Thomas Clarke, Parramatta Road

4084. HUDSON John, Eliza (6), sheriff’s bailiff, to Connor Boland, Maitland

4059. HUGHES Robert, Clyde, harness maker, to Robert Scott, Glendon

4050. HUMPHREYS William, Clyde, ploughman, to William Sherwin, Parramatta

4053. HUNT John, Clyde, waterman, to W. T. Kelman, Kirkton

4058. HUNTER Thomas, Clyde, machine maker, to J. H. Crose, Parramatta

4096. HUPPARD Joseph, Fergusson, ploughman, to C. Tindall, Evan

– J –

4106. JACKSON Henry, Clyde, carpenter’s apprentice, to Aust. Agrl. Comp. Port Stephens

4111. JAMES James, Asia (6), errand-boy, to John Cornwall, Richmond

4107. JAMISON James, Clyde, ladies shoemaker, to P. McIntyre, Bulwarra

4102. JOHNSON Henry, Clyde, boot-tree maker, to W. T. Jamison, Cabramatta

4110. JONES Arthur, Hooghley, brassfounder, to Richard Wiseman, Wollombi

4100. JONES Charles, Clyde, errand-boy, to Andrew Loder, Paterson’s Plains

4109. JONES James, Clyde, errand-boy, to L. McAlister, Argyle

4101. JONES John, Clyde, publican, to Andrew Loder, Paterson’s Plains

4104. JONES John, Clyde, bricklayer, to J. E. Manning, Sydney

4105. JONES John, Clyde, cabinet-maker, to William Brown, Appin

4108. JONES John, Clyde, whitesmith, to John Jamison, jun. Argyle

4103. JONES Thomas, Clyde, barber, to J. E. Manning, Sydney

– K –

4116. KEEFE Patrick, Eliza (6), ploughman &c., to J. R. Rouse, North Richmond

4121. KELLIHER Denis, Eliza (6), spadesman, to A. B. Spark, Sydney

4122. KELLIHER Michael, Eliza (6), labourer, to A, B. Spark, Sydney

4118. KELLY John, Eliza (6), ploughman, to John Dow, Wallis Plains

4117. KELLY Michael, Eliza (6), labourer, to Thomas Evernden, Bathurst

4126. KELLY Patrick, Eliza (6), servant and groom, to J. Gurner, Sydney

4128. KELLY Patrick, John Barry, labourer, to John McPherson, Argyle

4123. KENNA Michael, Eliza (6), labourer, to William Merritt, Sydney

4127. KENNEALY William, Eliza, (6), cart-maker and gardener, to J. Underwood, Ashfield Park

4119. KENNEDY Edmond, Eliza (6), labourer, to John Raine, junior, Parramatta

4124. KENNEDY Richard, Eliza (6), labourer, to H. McDermott, St Hillier’s

4112. KENNETT Richard, Clyde, shepherd, to R. C. Pritchett, Sydney

4120. KENNY Michael, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to George Forbes, Hunter’s River

4130. KERRIGAN James, City of Edinburgh, stone-mason, to W. T. Cape, Sydney

4125. KETTRICK Patrick, Eliza (6), labourer, to Henry Dumaresq, St. Hillier’s

4113. KIBBLE John, Clyde, gardener, &c. to James Phillips, Paterson’s River

4115. KILLEEN Timothy, Eliza (6), ploughman &c., to J. Templeton, Concord

4114. KING William, Clyde, bricklayer’s labourer, to George McLeay, Brownlow-hill

4129. KNOWLES John, Phœnix, shoemaker, to Alexander Turner, Argyle


– L –

4143. LABY John, Eliza (6), Stableman, to Edw. Jones, Sydney

4144. LABY Patrick, Eliza (6), labourer, to J. R. Rouse, North Richmond

4135. LAMBERT William, Clyde, shoemaker, to Captain Dumaresq, St. Hillier’s

4140. LANE Charles, Claudine, miner, to James Bowman, Sydney

4137. LANGHORN John, Clyde, stable-boy, to J. R. Styles, Argyle

4146. LANHAM Michael, Eliza (6), butcher, to J. H. Broughton, Paterson’s River

4136. LANNAGAN Edwrad, Clyde, errand boy, to Robert Futter, Argyle

4147. LARKIN John, Eliza (6), top-sawyer, to G. B. Suttor, Baulkham Hills

4138. LARKHAM Samuel, H. Clyde, servant and groom, to Captain Hunter, Sydney

4156. LAVERY Hugh, Morley, labourer, to G. C. Curlewis, St. Vincent

4153. * LAW Alexander, Clyde, farmer’s boy, to Captain Collins, Sydney

4134. LAWRENCE Alexander, Clyde, farmer’s boy, to H. Finch, Sydney

4131. LAWRENCE Joseph, Clyde, ploughman, to H. O’ Brien, Yass’ Plains

4151. LEE Herbert, Clyde, firule maker, to G. Wyndham, Dalwood

4133. LEE Jonathan, Clyde, spademaker, to W. Foster, Williams’ River

4152. * LEE Jonathon, Clyde, spade-maker, to Captain Collins, Sydney

4145. LEFROY James, Eliza (6), jockey &c. to John Kinchela, Sydney

4154. LETT Richard, Royal George, carver and gilder, to Patrick Purcell, Banks Town

4132. LINFORD Thomas, Clyde, ploughman, to Lawrence Myles, Hunter’s River

4139. LITTLEHALES John, Clyde, tailor’s boy, to A. A. Company, Port Stephens

4155. LITTLEWOOD William, Atlas, labourer, to Patrick Riley, Maitland

4141. LOGAN Joseph,. Eliza (6), tailor, to Robt. Futter, Argyle

4142. LUCY Timothy, Eliza (6), labourer, to S. Wright, Parramatta

4148. LYNCH Michael, Eliza (6), spadesman, to Caleb Wilson, Sydney

4150. LYNCH Richard, Eliza (6), groom and servant, to Joshua Aarons, Sydney

4149. LYNCH Timothy, Eliza (6), labourer to John Hosking, Sydney

– Mc / Mac –

4189. McANDREW John, senior, Eliza, ploughman, to Aus. Agri. Com., Port Stephens

4190. McANDREW John, junior, Eliza, labourer, to Aus. Agri. Com., Port Stephens

4198. McARAL James, Eliza (6), labourer, to S. Wright, Parramatta

4159. McARTHUR John, Clyde, ploughs, &c., to Thomas Saunders, Prospect

4209. McCABE Michael, Cambridge, farmer’s man, to T. C. Suttor, Bathurst

4188. McCARTHY Eugene, Eliza, ploughman, to James Bloodsworth, Sydney

4175. McCARTHY John, Clyde, tailor’s boy, to James Phillips, Patterson’s River

4200. McCORMACK John, Eliza (6), servant, to Charles Roberts, Sydney

4172. McCOURT Henry, Clyde, errand boy, to  George Barber, Argyle

4202. McDONOGH James, Eliza (5), plasterer, to James Harris, Shanes Park

4185. McDONOUGH Lawrence, Eliza, ploughman, to Samuel Galvin, Upper Minto

4212. McFAIR William, Countess Harcourt, boatman, &c., to R. Smith, Campbell’s River

4174. McGHEE John, Clyde, errand boy, to Rev. Mr. Forrest, Parramatta

4193. McMAHON Michael, Eliza (6), labourer, to Thomas Evernden, Bathurst

4181. McMAHON Patrick, Eliza, labourer, to Leslie Duguid, Sydney

4166. McMILLAN James Henry, Clyde, cabinet-maker, &c., to W. Danger, Hunter’s River

4196. McNAMARA Francis, Eliza (6), miner, to John Jones, Sydney

4177. McNEIL John or James, Mangles (1), painter, &c. to T. Wealands, South Head

4173. McQUADE Hugh, Clyde, plasterer, to William Cowell, Sydney

4205. McTEAGUE Berclay, Eliza (6), baker, to S. Lord, Sydney

4180. MacKIE Peter, Eliza, ploughs, &c, to William Guise, Liverpool

– M –

4168. MADEN Edmond, Clyde, cloth weaver, to S. Lord, Sydney

4178. MADDON or MADDOX Thomas, Charlotte (2), pit sawyer, to Thomas Walker, Sydney

4192. MAHER John, Eiza (6), labourer, to Joshua Thorp, Sydney

4199. MAHONY John, Eliza (6), in-door servant, to Major Druitt, Mount Druitt

4197. MALONY Daniel, Eliza (6), soldier, to George Forbes, Hunters River

4201. MANCE Thomas, Eliza (6), cook, confectioner, &c. to Chief Justice Forbes, Sydney

4182. MANMON Patrick, Eliza, ploughs, &c., to H. H. McArthur, Parramatta

4164. MANSELL Robert, Clyde, brickmaker, to Robert Taylor, Sydney

4183. MANVILLE John, Eliza, ploughs, &c. to Jemima Jenkins, Airds

4167. MARCUS Abraham, Clyde, tailor, to Rev. E. Dowling, Windsor

4169. MARKHAM William, Clyde, weaver, to S. Lord, Sydney

4158. MARSHALL John, Clyde, ploughman and shepherd, to W. D. Kelman, Kirkton

4162. MARSHALL William, Clyde, Fishmonger, to Robert Lethbridge, Prospect

4207. * MARSHALL William, Clyde, fishmonger, to Thomas Yeomans, Newington

4165. MARTIN William, Clyde, joiner, to the Aus. Agri. Com., Port Stephens

4208. MAULDEN William, Albion, shoemaker’s boy, to G. Cavenagh, Seven Hills

4160. MAWSON Thomas, Clyde, boatman, to H. Finch, Sydney

4206. * MAWSON Thomas, Clyde, boatman, to Capt. Collins, Sydney

4210. MAXWELL Benjamin, Champion, groom and servant, to Ann Leeson, Wilberforce

4157. MAYPOLE Stephen, Clyde, ploughman, to G. T. Savage, Claremont

4194. MEADE George, Eliza (6), labourer, to John Dow, Wallis Plains

4163. MEADER John, Clyde, brickmaker, to Thomas Cowper, Clefton

4186. MESKILL John, Eliza, ploughman, to A. K. Mackenzie, Bathurst

4171. MILLIAN Alexander, Clyde, stable boy, to Robert Futter, Argyle

4184. MOONEY Edmond, Eliza, shepherd, to Edward Jones, Sydney

4161. MOORE James, Clyde, stableman, to W. B. Wilkinson, Maitland

4179. MONOGHUE Thady, Eliza, ploughs &c., to James Cohen, Patterson’s Plains

4187. MORAN Michael, Eliza, ploughman, to John Jones, Bathurst

4195. MORAN Patrick, Eliza (6), labourer, to John Raine, jun., Parramatta

4204. MORIARTY Owen, Eliza (6), tailor, to James Forster, Petersham

4191. MORISEY John, Eliza, ploughs, &c., to Obid West, Camden

4211. MULLINS David, Countess Harcourt, farm servant, to Robert Pringle, Carrington

4170. MUSTO Shadwick, Clyde, tailor boy, to to Aus. Agri. Com., Port Stephens

4203. MURPHY John, Eliza (6), tailor, to David Smith, Sydney

4176. MURPHY Patrick, Eliza, gardener, to Richard Archbold, Lane Cove

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