NSW Return of all Male Convicts Assigned and Transferred between 1st and 30th days of September 1832, Inclusively

Note—Those marked * have been re-assigned, the first assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them.

**** Part One ****

– A –

2994. ABBEY Edward, Eliza (6), in-door servant, to Janet Templeton, Concord

2989. ABNETT James, Clyde, bricklayer, to G. B. Suttor, Baulkham Hills

2984. ABRIAN Henry, Clyde, gardener’s labourer, to George Wyndham, Hunter’s River

2993. AHERN Jeremiah, Eliza (6), labourer, to D. M. Irving, Bathurst

2995. AHERN John, Eliza (6), groom, to Dr. Wilson, Lumley

2992. AHERN Michael, Eliza (6), shepherd, to John Maxwell, Bathurst

2988. AIVEY Francis, Clyde, butcher, to John Bradley, Windsor Road

2985. ALEXANDER James, Clyde, errand-boy, to Robert Henderson, Brisbane Water

2991. ALLAN James, Clyde, weaver, to John Palmer, Richard’s Vale

2983. ALLEN John B., Clyde, reaps, sows, &c. to G. Wyndham, Hunter’s River

2987. ANTONIO Emanuel, Clyde, house servant, seamen, &c. to Thos. Wealands, South Head

2986. ANTY Benjamin, Clyde, boatman, to John Pike, Hunter’s River

2990. ASHWORTH John, Clyde, weaver, to John Palmer, Richard’s Vale

– B –

3011. BAIN Thomas, Clyde, carver and gilder, to John F. Barrett, Sydney

3007. BAKER John, Clyde, ditto, to William McArthur, Camden

2997. BAKER Thomas, Clyde, porter, to Robert Scott, Barnaba

3000. BALL Benjamin, Clyde, frame-work knitter, to John Tindall, Bathurst

3015. BALLANTYNE William, Clyde, carrier’s boy, to William Lithgow, Sydney

3033. BARRETT James, Eliza (6), carpenter, to M. Chapman, Wallaroba

3031. BARRY Darby, Eliza (6), labourer, to Henry O’Brien, Yass Plains

3032. BARRY James, Eliza (6), carpenter, to W. H. Dutton, Raby

3030. BARRY James, Eliza (6), labourer, to John McGeorge, Goulburn Plains

3035. BARRY Laurence, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to Judge Stephen, Sydney

2998. BATEMAN George, Clyde, painter’s boy, to Robert Scott, Barnaba

3023. BATTERSFIELD Thomas, Eliza (6), in-door servant, to Dr. Mitchell, Sydney

3008. BAXTER George, Clyde, kitchen gardener, to Major Elrington, Mount Elrington

3021. BEAMISH John, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c. Executors of the late D. Wentworth, Sydney

3014. BEAVE George, Clyde, farmer’s boy, to D. McKellar, Argyle

3003. BEECH James, Clyde, in-door servant and groom, to Cornelius Prout, Sydney

2996. BELL George, Clyde, farmer’s labourer, to Dr. Wardell, Petersham

3013. BELL Joseph, Clyde, top sawyer, to George Brown, Illawarra

3038. * BELL Joseph, Clyde, top sawyer to F. A. Hely, Brisbane Water

3024. BELLANE Patrick, Eliza (6), wheelwright, &c., to Thomas Crawford, Wallis’ Plains

3029. BERRY John, Eliza (0), labourer, to C. J. Campbell, Erskine Park

3018. BIGGINS Thomas, Clyde, stable boy, to Dr. Wardell, Petersham

3019. BIRD William, Minerva, carpenter, &c, to William Wynter, Manning

2999. BLACKFORD James, Clyde, paper stainer, to Sarah Erskine, Erskine Park

3006. BLAND Thomas, Clyde, bricklayer, to William Rothery, Home Bush

3028. BOHAN Thomas, Eliza (6), hatter’s labourer, to W. S. Bell, Chess Hurst

3025. BOURKE James, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c. to W. S. Bell, Chess Hurst

3026. BOURKE John, Eliza (6), labourer, to John Maxwell, Bathurst

3034. BOWE John, Eliza (6), tailor, to William Dumaresq, St. Hilliers

3016. BOYLE John, Clyde, boat boy, to George Barber, Argyle

3017. BRADBURY Robert, Clyde, baker, to John Bates, Sydney

3039. * BRADBURY Robert, Clyde, baker, to R. Bate, Sydney

3027. BRENNAN William, Eliza (6), boatman, &c., executors of late D. Wentworth, Sydney

3036. BRENNAN William, Lady Harewood, boatman, to Roger Connor, Wilberforce

3001. BRIDGELAND William, Clyde, groom, &c. to Rev. Wm. Forest, Parramatta

3005. BROADBURY Joseph, Clyde, butcher, to William Cox, Hobart Ville

3040. BROSTER William, Albion, farmer’s boy, to Edward Sparke, Ravensfield

3012. BROWN Henry, bookbinder, to William Moffitt, Sydney

3010. BROWN Thomas, Clyde, plasterer’s apprentice to James Bowman, Sydney

3020. BROWNE George, America, painter and glazier, to William Loyde, Sydney

3042. BRYAN James, Marquis Huntly, farmer’s man, to John Watson, Lower Branch

3002. BRYANT John, Clyde, in-door servant, to Sir Edward Parry, Port Stephens

3009. BRYCE George, Clyde, cabinet-maker, to William Ogilvie, Hunter’s River

3037. * BRYCE George, Clyde, cabinet-maker, to Samuel Marsden, Parramatta

3041. BUCKLEY William, Prince Regent, weaver, to Isaac Cornwall, Richmond

3004. BUTLER Samuel, Clyde, butcher, to A. B. Spark, Sydney

3083. BUTTON George, brickmaker’s boy, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephen

3022. BYRNES Robert, Eliza (6), labourer, D. M. Irving, Bathurst

– C –

3073. CAIN William, L. Melville, brass finisher, to James Hart, Maitland

3066. CALLAGHAN Henry, Eliza (6), groom, to James Foster, Petersham

3061. CANNANE Patrick, Eliza (6), labourer, to W. P. Palmer, Parramatta

3050. CAREY Daniel, Clyde, shoemaker’s apprentice, to Aus. Agri. Com., Port Stephens

3043. CARR Isaac, Clyde, boatman, to Charles Blaxland, Hunter’s River

3064. CARROLL John, Eliza (6), labourer, to George Wentworth, Greensdale

3063. CARTHY Patrick, Eiiza (6), labourer, to James Cowan, Inverary

3054. CAVENAGH Thomas, Eliza (6), ploughman, to W. P. Palmer, Parramatta

3051. CHAMBERS Samuel, Morley, carpenter, &c., to Charles Thompson, Clydesdale

3048. CLARK William, Clyde, wool-sorter, to Thomas Icely, Bungarrabee

3044. CLAYTON Joseph, Clyde, sweep and brazier, to William Sherwin, Parramatta

3060. COLLINS James, Eliza (6), labourer, to Henry O’Brien, Yass Plains

3059. CONNELL James Condron, Eliza (6), labourer, to Thomas Arkell, Bathurst

3062. CONNOIS Joseph, Eliza (6), labourer, to Thomas Roberts, Sydney

3070. CONNOR Edward, Guildford, gentlemans’ servant, to Peter Gilligan, Castlereagh

3065. CONNOR John, Eliza (6), to groom and servant, to W. H. Geary, Virginia Cottage

3045. CONNOR Thomas, Clyde, frame work knitter, to A. W. Scott, Ash Island

3068. CONNORS James, Eliza (6), chain maker, &c. to Charles Blakefield, Parramatta

3053. CONNORS William, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to Thomas Arkell, Bathurst

3046. COOPER James, Clyde, labourer, to R. C. Pritchett, Sydney

3071. COOPER John, Hindostan, upholsterer, to Colonel Dumaresq, St. Hilliers

3047. CRANE John, Clyde, fruiterer, to Henry O’Brien, Yass Plains

3052. CRAWFORD Thomas, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., C. J. Campbell, Erskine Park

3069. CRAZEY Patrick, Eliza (6), house carpenter, to Dr. Wilson, Lumley

3067. CREADON John, Eliza (6), blacksmith, to J. W. Blaxland, jun. Newington

3049. CROSS Samuel, Clyde, tailor, to Rev. E. Dowling, Windsor

3072. CROSS William, Norfolk, carter, to G. T. Savage, Claremont

3056. CUNNINGHAM David, Eliza (6), ploughman, to James Dodds, Maison Drew

3055. CUNNINGHAM Philip, Eliza (6), ploughman, to Edward Moore, Lower Minto

3057. CUMMINGS James, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c. to Alfred Kennersby, Appin

3058. CUMMINS Thomas, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c. to W. R. Tress, Appin

– D –

3097. DALY John, Eliza (6), groom and servant, to Elizabeth Smith, Parramatta

3095. DANIEL Patrick, Eliza (6), labourer, to John West, Bathurst

3093. DARKIN Francis, Eliza (6), labourer, to James Darby, Bathurst

3075. DAVIS Daniel, Clyde, ploughman and shepherd, to John Tindall, Bathurst

3082. DAVIS Henry, Clyde, shoemaker, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

3080. DAVIS Thomas, Clyde, butcher, to Henry, Chivet, Sydney

3076. DAVISON William, Clyde, waterman, to L. Macalister, Argyle

3081. DAWES Henry, Clyde, butcher, to John McDonald, Pitt Town

3077. DEAN George, Clyde, miner, &c. to Thomas McVitie, Sydney

4000. DICKS Belcher, Sesostris, carter, &c. to John McPherson, Argyle

3096. DIUAN John, Eliza (6), indoor servant, to Berry and Co., Sydney

3074. DOLLAMORE William, Clyde, farmer’s labourer, to Robert Scott, Barrabee

3085. DONLEY Edward, Eliza (6), ploughs, to John West, Bathurst

3084. DONNELLAN Daniel, Eliza (6), ploughs, to Pierce Colletts, Mount York

3091. DONOGHOE James, Eliza (6), labourer, to Alfred Kennersly, Rooty Hill

3090. DONOGHUE Owen, Eliza (6), foreman in distillery, to Edward Moore, Lower Minto

3087. DOOLAN Patrick, Eliza (6), ploughs, to William Howe, Glenlee


3099. DOOLAN Patrick, Eliza (6), ropemaker, to William Dangar, Noctsfield

3098. DOWNEY James, Eliza (6), butcher, to Robert Crawford, Hill End

3088. DOYLE David, Eliza (6), ploughs, to John Reddall, llawarra

3092. DOYLE John, Eliza (6), labourer, to W. R. Tress, Appin

3078. DRAPER Francis, Clyde, stableman, to C. W. Wall, Wall Grove

3079. DUNCAN Charles, Clyde, farmer’s boy, to Dennis Shiel, East Bargo

3089. DWYER John, Eliza (6), ploughs, to J. K. McDougall, Baulkham Hills

3094. DWYER William, Eliza (6), labourer, to Pierce Colletts, Mount York

4001. DYER Henry, Waterloo, bricklayer, to Thomas Forster, Wilberforce

3086. DYNAN Daniel, Eliza (6), ploughs, to William Graham, Camden

– E –

4003. EDWARDS Thomas, Clyde, boatman, to William White, Dalswinton

4007. * EDWARDS Thomas, Clyde, boatman, to Julia Johnston, Horselay

4006. ENRIGHT Thomas, Eliza (6), labourer, to James Singleton, Lower Portland Head

4005. ERWIN John Irvin, Eliza (6), labourer, &c. to Peter McIntyre, Bulwarra

4002. EVANS Robert, Clyde, ploughman, to L. Macalister, Argyle

4004. EVASTON Martin, Eliza (6), ploughs, to W. C. Wentworth, Vaucluse

– F –

4019. FANNING Joseph, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c. to John Larnack, Rose Mount

4015. FARNELL Thomas, Clyde, tailor’s boy, to L. Macalister, Argyle

4023. FARRELL William, Eliza (6), groom and soldier, to Thomas Walker, Sydney

4010. FARROLL Peter, Clyde, cutler’s boy, to Lawrence Myles, Hunter’s River

4029. FAUGHNEY Thomas, Mangles, ploughs, &c. to Henry Shadforth, Parramatta

4013. FENCOCK John, Clyde, carpenter and joiner, to James McFarlane, Argyle

4009. FERGUSON Duncan, Clyde, grocer, &c. to C. H. Wall, Wall Grove

4014. FERMOUGH Vessey, Clyde, butcher, to Edgar Hyland, Sydney

4030. FERRON John, James Pattison, errand boy, to Captain Williams, Sydney

4027. FINN David, Boyne, labourer, to Robert Pringle, Carrington

4018. FINN Patrick, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c. to James Bowman, Sydney

4011. FIRTH William, Clyde, wool-comber, to J. Blaxland, jun., Newington

4012. FISHER Thomas, Clyde, groom, to Henry Glennie, Dalwick

4024. FLEMING Patrick, Eliza (6), cabinet-maker, to John Bray, Appin

4016. FLINN Michael, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c. to Donald Mclntyre, Dartbrook

4026. FLYNN William, Boyne, labourer, &c. to Duncan McKellar, Strathallan

4021. FLYNN William, Eliza (6), labourer, to John Capell, South Creek

4017. FORAN David, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c. to A. W. Scott, Ash Island

4022. FORDE Michael, Eliza (6), labourer, &c. to Cornelius Prout, Sydney

4031. FOULSHAM Isaac, Marquis Hastings, sweep, to James Cracknell, Illalong

4020. FOX Patrick, Eliza (6), labourer, to Sarah Hansey, Baulkham Hills

4028. FREETH Joseph, Claudine, stable boy, to Robert Price, Woodlands

4025. FRITH James, Eliza (6), tailor, to R. Smith, Campbell’s River

4008. FUTTER James, Clyde, ploughman, to A. W. Scott, Ash Island

– G –

4041. GANTLEY John, Eliza (6), labourer, to William Graham, Camden

4039. GAVAN John, Eliza (6), labourer, to John Osborne, Illawarra

4048. GAVIN Daniel, J. Pattison, errand boy, to Henry Drinkwater, Sydney

4047. GEARY John, Manlius, seaman, to James Singleson, Lower Portland Head

4033. GENDERS Joseph, Clyde, ploughman, to Charles Blaxland, Hunter’s River

4046. GILL John, Cambridge, farmers man, T. C. Suttor, Bathurst

4040. GLEESON Gregory, Eliza (6), ploughs, &c., to D. M. Irving, Bathurst

4034. GLOVER Edward, Clyde, waterman, to Thomas Saunders, Prospect

4037. GOLDSPIN Jonathan, Marquis Hastings (1), ploughman, to Thomas Hassell, Denbigh

4049. GRACE Richard, Sophia, coopers boy, to Dr. Lhodsky, Sydney

4045. * GRAMMETT Edward, Clyde, ploughs, &c., to Julia Johnston, Houseley

4036. GRAMMETT James, Mermaid, ploughs, &c., to Thomas Balcombe, Sydney

4935. GREENWOOD John, Clyde, lace weaver, to G. T. Savage, Claremont

4038. GREHAN Luke, Eliza (6), shepherd, to James Mitchell, Sydney

4043. GREY Michael, Eliza (6), carter, to John Reddall, Illawarra

4032. GRUMMITT Edm. [Edmond], Clyde, ploughs, &c. to William White, Dalswinton

4042. GUIGANE Thomas, Eliza (6), labourer, to William Howe, Glenlee

4044. GUTHRIE John, Eliza (6), shoemaker, to Andrew Gibsone, Argyle

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