– Mc –

1929. McADAMS Francis, Cambridge, groom, to Samuel Lyons, Sydney

1941. McALAMPHLEY Owen, Morley, baker, to Dr. Evans, Argyle

1918. McCAFFREY Patrick, Prince Regent, reaper and carman, to Aaron Waters, Lower Branch

1925. * McCANN James, Captain Cooke, errand boy, to J. Horsley, Liverpool

1947. McCARTY Joseph, Camden, barber and porter, to Archibald Bell, Belmont

1923. McCREADY William, Recovery (2), plough-man, milks, &c., to John Morrow, Penrith

1931. McGRATH Daniel, Andromeda, labourer, milks and reaps, to Edward McDowall, Sydney

1922. McGUIGAN Patrick, Ferguson, ropemaker, to John Brown, Windsor

1940. McGUINESS Hugh, Katharine Stewart Forbes, weaver, to Dr. Evans, Argyle

1919. * McKENNA John, Captain Cooke, shepherd and ploughs, to John Pike, Hunter’s River

1939. McMAHON James, Mariner, warehouseman, to William Shipley, Sutton Forest

1915. McNICHOLL William, Eliza (3), tobacconist, to Berry and Company, Sydney

1920. * McTEAR John, Captain Cooke, pedlar, to James McCarthy, Castlereagh

– M –

1928. MACE William, John (1), stocklock maker, to John Eggleton, Field of Mars

1930. MAKIN John, Guildford, ropemaker, to George Cadby, Lane Cove

1933. MALONEY Patrick, Edward, cook and house servant, to Dr. Fattorini, Sydney

1937. MARKHAM John, Norfolk (2), hairdresser, to Henry Delion, Sydney

1944. MARKS Joseph, Atlas (4), labourer, to Edmond Wright, Bargo

1942. MASON John, Marquis Huntly, quarry-man and herd, to George Barber, Argyle

1950. MAULE Daniel, Lord Melville, bargeman, to Daniel Egan, Sydney

1924. MAXWELL John, Ann (2), labourer, to William Evans, Paterson’s Plains

1949. MEGGETT Peter, Mermaid, seaman and hawker, to Robert Crawford, Hillend

1945. MOORE Timothy, Guildford (3), gardener and steward, to George Barber, Argyle

1943. MOORE Thomas, Coromandel, labourer, to John Wild, Camden

1936. MOORE William, Cambridge, errand boy, to Thomas West, Bathurst

1946. MORLAND James, Morley (5), groom, to Rev. William Pinkerton, Luskintire

1932. MORRIS John, Speke (3), farmer’s man, to William Allsop, North Richmond

1935. MORRISON James, Mangles, corduroy weaver, to Thomas Pieswell, Bathurst

1951. MORRISSY Martin, Asia (8), servant, to G. T. Palmer, Parramatta

1926. MORTIMER Patrick, Phoenix (3), baker, to William Lowe, Concord

1927. MOXON John, Larkins (1), farmer’s man, to David Johnston, George’s River

1921. MULLIGAN Peter, Guildford (8), labourer and soldier, to Francis Lowe, Sydney

1948. * MULLIN James, Captain Cooke, labourer, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

1938. MULVEY Thomas, Sarah, in-door servant, to James Hawthornden, Sydney

1916. MUNDEN Samuel, Lady Harewood, factory boy and tailor, to James Dodds, Hunter’s River

1917. MURPHY Mathew, Larkins, labourer and stableman, to Alexander Elliott, Sydney

1934. MUSTOE Edward, Ocean (3), seaman, to Hannah Walker, Parramatta

– N –

1956. NELSON George, Phoenix, labourer, to James Richardson, Sydney

1953. NELSON James, Asia (5), confectioner, and soldier, to John Richards, Sydney

1955. NICHOLLS George, Asia (2), canal digger, to James White, Hunter’s River

1952. NORTHY Samuel, Mangles (3), miner, to J. B. Bettington, Sydney

1954. NOWLAN Patrick, Hercules, servant and groom, to Andrew Nash, Parramatta

– O’ –

1959. O’BRIEN George, Larkins (2), soldier, to Richard Carr, Camden

1961. O’DONNELL Edward, Countess Harcourt, attorney, to Leslie Duguid, Hunter’s River

– O –

1857. OLIVER John, Baring (2), cook and bookbinder, to M. Campbell, Harrington Park

1962. OLIVER John, Baring (2), bookbinder, to Dr. Fattorini, Sydney

1960. ORRELL James, Claudine, coal miner, to Thomas Toole, Camden

1958. OWEN Michael Sheridan, Captain Cooke, errand boy, to James Milsom, North Shore

– P –

1970. PARKER James, Eliza (4), shoemaker’s boy, to R. V. Dulhunty, Wollombi

1964. PEACOCK James, Larkins, groom and coachman, to William Cox, J. P. Clarendon

1971. PEDDER Richard, Sarah, joiner and cabinet maker, to R. Smith, R. N., Port Macquarie

1965. PEGLER James, Tottenham, butcher and labourer, to Samuel Green, Baulkham Hills

1972. PENNYCARD Charles, Eliza (4), plasterer’s boy, to Mathew Ryan, Illawarra

1973. PERRY Thomas, Hadlow, boatman, to R. Hart Davies, Page’s River

1967. PONSONBY John, John (2), groom and indoor servant, to Daniel Bradly, Campbelltown

1969. POTTER Charles, Norfolk, shoemaker, to Benjamin Singleton, Williams’ River

1968. POTTER Thomas, Royal Admiral, tailor, to David Reed, Inverary

1963. POWER James, Larkins, farmer’s man, to A. W. Scott, Ash Island

1966. PRICE John, John (2), groom and in-door servant, to John Vardy, Airds

– R –

1979. REED Jeremiah, Norfolk (2), labourer, to William Richardson, Windsor

1984. REID Alexander, Agamemnon, labourer, to John Urquhart, Sydney

1976. REVELY Thomas, Bussorah Merchant, farming man, to Henry Osborne, Illawarra

1980. RHODES Thomas, Albion, gentleman’s servant, to Martha McMahon, Blackwattle Swamp

1977. RIGGS Thomas, Governor Ready, plough-man and reaps, to Thomas West, Bathurst

1974. ROBERTS Charles, Exmouth, shoemaker, to Joseph Thomson, Sydney

1982. ROBERTSON James, America, gunsmith, cutler, to James Hawthorn, Maitland

1978. ROONEY Patrick, Waterloo, labourer, reaps, to George Hall, Pitt Town

1975. ROSS Charles, Georgiana, valet, to Dalmahoy Campbell, Bathurst

1983. ROUCH Patrick, Eliza, printer’s apprentice, to G. T. Savage, Claremont

1981. RYAN John, Ferguson, labourer, to John Buckland, Hoare Town


– S –

1995. SENIOR John, Countess Harcourt, farmer’s man, to William Johnstone, Bathurst

1996. SHIPLEY Henry, Albion, whitesmith, to H. M. Fulton, Bathurst

2004. SHORT George, Marquis Hastings, groom and farmer, to John Scarr, Campbelltown

1985. SLATER JAMES, Hindostan, painter and glazier, to Palmer Carney, Kurryjong

2000. SMITH Charles, Morley (5), stable boy, to Patrick Mahony, Pitt Town

1987. SMITH John, Lady Harewood, childrens’ shoemaker, to William Lowe, Steam Engine

1999. SMITH John, Marquis Huntley, brick layer’s labourer, to Samuel Bateman, Sydney

1988. * SMITH Richard, Captain Cooke, errand boy, to John Colcroft, Wilberforce

1997. SMITH Thomas, Lady Harewood, dyer and labourer, to James Blake, Bong Bong

1991. SMYTH Thomas, Sophia, weaver, to Robert Cooper, Sydney

1993. SNAPE John, Morley (5), hairdresser, to J. Nicholson, Parramatta

1989. * SNOW George, Captain Cooke, shoemaker 2 years, to Berry and Company, Sydney

1992. SOWERBY John, Asia, cabinet maker, to John Cobb, Hunter’s River

1986. STAFFORD James, Asia (9), grocer’s shop-man, to Peter Gillighan, Castlereagh

1994. STRINGALL Nathaniel, Florentia, copper smith, brazier, to James Whittaker, Sydney

2002. * SULLIVAN John, Norfolk, ploughs, milks, to Francis Mowatt, Narralan

2003. SUMMER James, Sesostris, errand boy, to Major Antiil, Stonequarry

1990. * SWEENY Thomas, Captain Cooke, silk weaver, to Richard Dennis, Airds

1998. SWIFT James, Marquis Huntley, brick-layer’s labourer, to Samuel Bateman, Sydney

2001. SWIFT Silvester, Lady Harewood, chimney sweeper, to John Proctor, Penrith

– T –

2008. TENNANT Chas. [Charles] Katherine Stewart Forbes, groom and coachman, to R. Futter, Argyle

2009. TIMMENS Stephen, Guildford, errand boy and weaver, to Henry Osborne, Illawarra

2006. THOMSON Thomas, Marquis Hastings, groom and farmer, to J. Scarr, Campbelltown

2007. THOMPSON James, Mellish, stableman, to John Lees, Castlereagh

2005. * TYRELL Patrick, Captain Cooke, labourer, to James Milsome, North Shore

– U –

2010. UNCLES John, Speke (3), factory boy, to Edward Shipley, Sutton Forest

– V –

2011. VARNEY Robert, Lady Harewood, carter, to Dr. Fattorini, Sydney

2012. * VINCON Robert, Isabella (4), labourer, to Andrew Lang, Hunter’s River

– W –

2020. WALKER John, Hooghley, tailor, to William Brown, Appin

2019. WALSH Patrick, Countess Harcourt, shoe-maker, to Walter Thomson, St. Vincent

2028. WANN James, York, sailmaker, to Francis Mitchell, Sydney

2026. WARNER Samuel, John, locksmith’s, boy, to David Maziere, Parramatta

2018. WATSON John, Guildford, fisherman, to John Allen, Cornwallis

2023. WELSH John, Eliza (5), farmer’s man and shepherd, to W. P. Faithful, Goulburn Plains

9022. WELSH Redmond, Mariner, salter, to Sir John Jamison, Regent Ville

2017. WILCOCK John, Prince Regent, plumber, painter, and glacier, to Robert Cooper, Sydney

2013. WILLY George, America, miner, to Robert Scott, Hunter’s River

2014. WINTER James, Lonach, pig dealer, to Alexander Elliott, Sydney

2027. WILSHIRE James, York, in-door servant, to John Buckland, Newington

2016. WILSON Thomas, Henry, chip hat maker, to Robert Wicks, Kissing Point

2015. WHITE Joseph, Bussorah Merchant, seaman, to David Weir, Penrith

2021. WHITE Patrick, Marquis Hnntley, tailor’s boy, to George Brown, Wellington Park

2025. WORLOCK William, England, baker, to William Walker, Bathurst

2024. WRAY John William, Midas, gentleman’s servant, to Rev. William Pinkerton, Luskintire

Note. — Those marked * have been re-assigned, the first Assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them. 

Principal Superintendent of Convicts’ Office,
1st June, 1832

Source: New South Wales (1832, August 22). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), p. 248. 

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