Note. — Those marked * have been re-assigned, the first Assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them.

– A –

1795. ACTON James, Prince Regent, smith, to F. C. L. Thompson, Argyle

– B –

1813. BARNETT Hyam, America, hatter, to James White, Hunter’s River

1808. BARRY John, Morley (5), copperplate printer, to John Dickson, Steam Engine

1807. BATEMAN Michael, York, in-door servant, shoemaker, to T. S. Kendall, Illawarra

1804. BAYLIN John, Florentia, farmer’s man and miner, to John Cox, Mulgoa

1809. BEADLE Joseph, John (2), soap boiler, carter, to F. Girard, Sydney

1798. BLAGBOROUGH Nathaniel, Donvegan Castle, labourer, to Mary Rudd, Airds

1814. BOGGIS Joshua, Mermaid, painter and glazier, to James Murray, Sydney

1802. BOYD William, Albion, boatman, to James Blackett, Ultimo

1811. BRACE Thomas, Albion, reaper and labourer, to R. Futter, Argyle

1805. BRENNAN Patrick, Countess Harcourt, farmer’s man, to John Dickson, Steam Engine

1803. BRENNAN Thomas, Countess Harcourt, farmer’s man, to M. Rothery, Homebush

1799. BRIDGE James, America, carpenter and machinest, to Dr. Wardell, Petersham

1801. * BROWN James, Captain Cooke, labourer and spadesman, to John Pike, Homebush

1796. BROWNING James, America, brick-maker, to Major Rhode, Waterloo Mill

1812. BURKE Thomas, Mangles, carman, to James White, Hunter’s River

1797. BURKE Thomas, Marquis Huntley, seaman and labourer, to William O’Donnell, Maitland

1810. BURNETT Michael, Vittoria, tailor, to James McArthur, Camden

1815. BURNETT Patrick, Seaflower, soldier, to John Wood, Windsor

1800. BYRNE Murphy, Captain Cooke, farmer and farm steward, to John Connor, Prospect

1806. BYRNE Patrick, Hercules (3), groom and coachman, to John Hawden, Elderslie

– C –

1828. CALLIGHAN Michael, Eliza (3), farmer’s man, to W. S. Bell, Hunter’s River

1819. * CARROLL John, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to James McArthur, Camden

1821. CARROLL Thomas, Cambridge, errand boy, to Joshua Bushell, Caddie

1824. CASEY Patrick, Martha, tailor, to John Murray, O’Connell Plains

1825. CAWTHERA Joseph, Katherine Stuart Forbes, coal miner, to Montague Rothery, Homebush

1822. CHURCHMAN Thomas, Glory, pipe maker and servant, to George Watkins, Sydney

1829. CLEARY Daniel, Forth, ploughman, to W. H. Geary, Virginia Water

1820. COGLAN John, Prince Regent, dairyman, to John Weston, Surry Hills

1818. COLLINS George, Royal George, tinman and brazier, to Dr. Fattorini, Sydney

1827. COLLINS Jeremiah, Marquis Huntley, farm servant, to Timothy Beard, Lower Minto

1833. CONNELL Peter, Sir Godfrey Webster, labourer, to John Harrey, Sydney

1826. CONNOR Luke, Forth, errand boy and weaver, to John Livingston, Bathurst

1823. CONNOR Michael, John (2), clerk and servant, to Rev. P. Sidefield, Parramatta

1832. * COOK Thomas, Portland, shepherd, ploughs, reaps, to C. D. Ridell, Sydney

1831. CORBITT John, Asia, tailor, 7 years, to Francis Mowatt, Narralan

1830. COUTTS John, Countess Harcourt, farm labourer, to Philip Thorley, Richmond

1817. CREEDON Michael, Asia (8), labourer, to Major Rhode, Waterloo Mill

1816. CURTIN Dennis, Edward, shoe maker’s apprentice, to William Pithers, Liverpool Road

– D –

1842. * DANNS Edward, Captain Cooke, rough carpenter and carter, to William Wallace, Sydney

1835. * DELANY William, Captain Cooke, butcher, to Samuel Terry, Sydney

1840. DOGHERTY Patrick, Mariner, fancy chair maker and soldier, to Michael Ryan, Irish town

1836. * DONNELLY John, Captain Cooke, carpenter and button maker, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

1834. * DOWNES Ambrose, Captain Cooke, milkman, to James McArthur Camden

1837. DOYTE James, Hercules (3), printer’s boy, to Isaac Wise, Sydney

1838. DUFF Dennis, Phoenix (3), farm labourer, to William Newport, Prospect

1839. DUFF George, Sarah, silk weaver, to H. M. Fulton, Bathurst

1841. DUNCAN David, Guildford, saddle and harness maker, to John Griffiths, Sydney

– E –

1843. ELLISON ROGER, Prince Regent, tanner, to David Maziere, Parramatta

– F –

1850. FARMAN Charles, Burrell, baker, to William Lees, Liverpool Road

1846. FARRELL James, Eliza (5), ploughman, to James Dodds, Hunter’s River

1853. FARRIER John, Mermaid, waggoner, to Thomas Ryan, Sydney

1844. FERGUSON Finlay, Marquis Huntley, shepherd, shears, &c., to John Mann, Williams’ River

1852. FISHER George, Mary, gunlock maker, to George Cox, Mulgoa

1851. FITZGERALD James, Sophia, fisherman, to Robert Frith, Bathurst

1854. FIXEN Frederick, Eliza (2), carter, to William Walker, Bathurst

1847. FLITCROFT George, Morley (5), cotton weaver, to George Colles, Castlereagh

1845. FOWLER William, Lady Harewood, mason’s labourer, to Duncan M’Kellar, St. Vincent

1148. FOX Christopher, Mangles, house servant, to Joseph Aarons, Sydney

1840. * FOX Richard, Captain Cook, spadesman, to William McArthur, Camden


– G –

1858. GAATCHER James, Elizabeth (1), laborer, to John Hawden, Elderslie

1862. GALLAGHAN John, Prince Regent (4), farm labourer, to John Wild, Camden

1859. GALLIGAN Peter, Ferguson, farm labourer, to Thomas Cairns, Homebush

1861. GASCOLL William, Royal Charlotte, tinman and brazier, to George Tabor, Airds

1863. GILL Thomas, Ocean (3), brassfounder. to W. P. Faithful, Goulburn Plains

1865. GILLERS James, Guildford, attorney’s clerk, to James Kelly, sen., Maitland

1864. GILLESPIE Patrick, Eliza (3), tinman, to W. H, Geary, Virginia Water

1860. GLEESON Patrick, Mariner, farm labourer, to James Kelleen, Argyle

1855. GLOVER William, Waterloo, cow boy, to Robert Scott, Hunter’s River

1867. GODSON Michael, Eliza (3), farmer’s man, to Robert Frith, Bathurst

1868. * GRADY Michael, Isabella (4), labourer, to John Leary, Sydney

1857. * GRIER Thomas, Captain Cooke, copper plate engraver, to Berry and Co., Sydney

1856. * GRIFFIN Laurence, Captain Cooke, dealer in silks, to Robert Melville, Pitt-water

1866. GROVE Edward, Phoenix (3), errand boy, to W. S. Bell, Hunter’s River

– H –

1869. HAIGH William, Guildford (6), ploughman, to D. McKellar, St. Vincent

1875. HAMILTON Alexander, Asia (6), carter, to George Blackett, Liverpool

1874. HEAFY Mathew, Reliance, soldier and servant, to Captain Wright, 39th Regiment

1886. HERRING Thomas, Marquis Hastings, cow-man, to William Rose, Illawarra

1880. HIGGINS John, Lord Melville, horse-shoer and blacksmith, to John West, Macquarie Plains

1877. HOGAN Richard, Governor Ready, errand boy, to Patrick Malony, Pitt Town

1887. HOLT William, Nithsdale, weaver and labourer, to John Armstrong, Port Stephens

1881. HOOK Joseph, America, ploughman, to John McArthur, Camden

1885. HOOLOHAN Michael, Marquis Huntly, brewer and distiller, to John McArthur, Camden

1876. HORAN Edward, Waterloo, stocking weaver, to William Roberts, Sydney

1883. HOWE Charles, Mellish, sweep, to George Barber, Argyle

1882. HOWES James, York, in-door servant, to Darby Murray, Airds

1872. HUGHES Edward, Recovery, butcher and slater, to J. B. Bettington, Sydney

1884. HUGHES John, Isabella, servant, to Darby Murray, Airds

1873. * HUGHES Michael, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to Alexander Livingston, Maitland

1879. HUGHES Robert, England, cooper, to John Nicholson, Sydney

1871. HUGHES William, Guildford (6), brass-founder, to Joseph Fernance, Lower Branch

1888. * HUGHES William, Portland, printer’s pressman, to D. Duncomb, Sydney

1870. HUNT John, Marquis Huntley, quarryman, to William Pithers, Liverpool Road

1878. HUNT William, Florentia, weaver’s boy, to John Ryan, South Creek

– I –

1895. IVES William, Lord Sidmouth, basket-maker, to William McArthur, Camden

– J –

1889. JAMES Charles, Midas, groom, to S. Coxin, Dart Brook

1897. JAMES John, Lady Harewood, ostler, groom, and boatman, to W. S. Bell, Chess Hunt

1899. JEFFES Thomas, Mangles (3), pedlar and reaper, to Thomas Moore, Liverpool

1896. * JEFFRIES James, Asia (9), ostler, to William McDonald, Sydney

1892. JENNINGS William, Minerva, in-door servant, to William Jackson, Liberty Plains

1890. JONES John, Lord Melville, errand boy, to David Arthur, Bathurst

1894. JONES Robert, Marquis Hastings, butcher, to Robert Futter, Argyle

1898. JONES William, Dunvegan Castle, whip maker and groom, to Lieutenant-Colonel Parker, Sydney

1893. JOHNSON Alexander, Morley, cow-boy, to Richard Teece, Goulburn Plains

1891. JOHNSON Joshua, Guildford (6), butcher, to William Cox, Hobart Ville

– K –

1905. KAVANAGH Michael, James Pattison, net-maker, to John Matthew, Camden

1903. KEAN William, Marquis Wellington, labourer, to James White, Hunter’s River

1900. KELLEHER Daniel, Forth, plough-man, and reaps, to Sir John Jamison, Regent Ville

1901. KELLY John, Bussorah Merchant, stuccoer and servant, to James Rochester, Windsor

1907. KELLY Peter, Marquis Huntly, tinman, to W. H. Geary, Virginia Water

1902. * KENNEDY Owen, Captain Cooke, farm labourer, to William McArthur, Camden

1906. KENNEDY Peirce, Marquis Huntly, butcher, to George Brown, Wellington Park

1904. KINLEY John, Earl St. Vincent, butcher, to Dalmahoy Campbell, Bathurst

1908. KNEE Daniel, Speke (3), mason’s boy, to Alexander McLeay, Sydney

– L –

1912. LAWLER Abram, Bombay and Elizabeth, soldier and officer’s servant, to Richard Kibble, Fitzgerald’s Valley

1914. LEARY Cornelius, Asia (8), groom, to Henry Donnison, Sydney

1909. LEARY James, York, coppersmith, to Sir John Jamison, Regent Ville

1911. * LEVEN Henry, Portland, clerk and hawker, to William Howe, Glenlee

1910. LEWIS Thomas, Mary (2), attorney’s clerk, to Michael McQuade, Windsor

1913. LUCY Michael, Edward, furniture polisher, to Charles Summers, Windsor

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