Note.—Those marked * have been re-assigned, the first Assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them.

– A –

3. ABERNETHY William, Norfolk (2), ropemaker, to Jacob Wyer, Sydney

12. ABRAHAMS Aaron, Midas, dealer, to Henry Abrahams, Sydney

7. AHERN John, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Captain Maxwell, Sydney

14. ALDRIDGE George, Isabella (4), factory boy, &c., to Archibald Mosman, Sydney

11. AMBLER Joseph, Florentia, top sawyer, to A. C. Innes, Port Macquarie

17. AMOS William, Isabella (4), travelling groom, to Captain George Maxwell, Sydney

4. ANDERSON John, Speke, shoemaker, to John M’Donald, Pitt Town

21. ANDERSON William, America, under butler, to Mr. Nicholson, Assistant Surveyor, Parramatta

18. ANSCOMBE James, Isabella (4), groom, to Leslie Duguid, Sydney

20. ARMS Thomas, Isabella (4), bricklayer and stableman, to Charles Thompson, Clydesdale

19. ARMSTRONG Thomas, Isabella (4), miner, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

10. ARNOLD John, Asia (9), shoemaker, to William Howard, Sydney

13. ARNOLD Samuel, Isabella (4), sweep and porter, to John White, Sydney

2. ASHCROFT Edward, Royal Admiral, stonecutter, to Robert Cooper, Sydney

6. ASHLEY William, Neptune, shoemaker, to William Foster, Williams’ River

9. ASHLY Joseph, Asia (9), shoemaker, to Henry Donnison, Sydney

5. ATKIN William, Marquis Hastings, pedlar, to James M’Dougall, Darlington

16. ATKINS Charles, Isabella (4), labourer, to John M’Arthur, Parramatta

1. ATKINS James, Morley, wheelwright, to E. C. Close, Hunter’s River

8. AXTILL John, Asia (9), cowkeeper, to Mrs. Erskine, Erskine Park

15. AYLESBURY John, Isabella (4), cloth dresser and farm labourer, to Arthur Rankin, Bathurst

– B –

40. BACKSTAY Benjamin, Asia (6), labourer, to John Jones, Bathurst

150. BAGNALL John, Isabella (4), miller and mill-wright, to William Mannix, Airds

107. BAILTON Thomas, Countess Harcourt, sweep, to Cooper and Levy, Liverpool

98. BAKER Thomas, Asia (9), wire drawer, to James Kelly, Richmond

91. BAKER William, Asia (9), ploughs, &c., to Richard Holden, Hunter’s River

36. BALSOM John, Layton, stonecutter, to John Pike, Hunter’s River

144. BARBER John, Isabella (4), miner, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

102. BARKER Joseph, Asia (9), groom and labourer, to James Watford, Parramatta

146. BARKER William, Isabella (4), rough mason, to J. B. Bettington, Sydney

109. BARNABLE John, Larkins, in-door servant, to Robert Smith, Goulburn Plains

89. BARNES Thomas, Asia (9), farm boy, to Alexander Livingston, Hunter’s River

32. BARRETT James, Batavia, limeburner, to Francis Girard, Sydney

76. BARRET James, Norfolk (3), carter and servant, to William Dunn, Patterson’s Plains

30. BARRETT John, America, blacksmith, to George Barber, Argyle

79. BARRY Bartholomew, Norfolk (3), servant and groom, to George Blaxland, Hunter’s River

63. BARRY Edward, Mangles (5), carman, to Lieut.-Col. Parker, Airds

122. BARTLETT William, Isabella (4), farm labourer, to James H. Rose, Yass Plains

140. BATE William, Isabella (4), butcher and stock-man, to James Philips, Hunter’s River

105. BATEMAN Benjamin, Asia (9), tailor, to William Pendray, Sydney

118. BATTYE John, Marquis Huntly, steelworker, to James Brown, Customs, Sydney

112. BECKINSALE Edward, Manlius, seaman, to George Suttor, Baulkham Hills

96. BECKS Thomas, Asia (9), labourer, to W. and J. Ryrie, Argyle

86. BEDDOES James, Asia (9), ploughs, &c., to Francis Kenny, Lake George

143. BEEBIE Richard, Isabella (4), cabinetmaker, to Nicholas Aspinall, Sydney

88. BEECHY William, Asia (9), ploughs, &c., to Thomas Icely, Boongarrabee

100. BEESLEY Henry, Asia (9), labourer and groom, to P. M. Hosking, Sydney

45. BEIRNE Daniel, Bussorah Merchant (2), seaman, to Richard Siddons, South-head

136. BELCHER James, Isabella (4), groom and warehouseman, to Captain Foreman, Parramatta

47. BELCHER Thomas, Prince Regent, shoemaker, to James Blackett, Ultimo

31. BENN James, Morley, blacksmith, to Duncan M’Farlane, Argyle

26. BENNETT Edward, Marquis Huntly, chair-caner, to H. L. Miller, Sydney

29. BENNETT John, Sarah, farrier, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

126. BENNETT Thomas, Isabella (4), publican and carter, to Moore N. Campbell, Bathurst

152. BERRY Cormick, Asia (8), labourer, to G. C. Curlewis, Sydney

50. BERRY George, Marquis Huntly (3), labourer, to James Kingaby, Parramatta

124. BETTERIDGE James, Isabella (4), ploughs, sows, &c., to Dr. Mitchell, Sydney

28. BEVAN Charles, Adrian, carpenter and joiner, to Potter M’Queen, Segenhoe

42. BEST James, Surry (5), farm labourer, to Michael Phillips, Sydney

41. BIRCH John, Andromeda, in-door servant, to Lieutenant Fitzgerald, Windsor

37. BIRD Thomas, Layton, plasterer and labourer, to William Hutchinson, Sydney

33. BLACKWELL John, Layton, stonecutter, to Thomas Shepherd, Darling Nursery

114. BLAKE James, Marquis Hastings, tape weaver and labourer, to Michael Riley, Banks’ Town

127. BLEASE William, Isabella (4), cotton spinner and carter, to Rev. M. Reddall, Campbelltown

147. BLOXAM or BLOCKIN J. W., Isabella (4), tailor and ostler, to James George Doyle, 2d Branch

92. BLUNSDEN Richard, Asia (9), carter and dealer, to John Cartwright, Liverpool

65. BOLDEN John, Asia (6), file-cutter, to Thomas Arkwell, Richmond

34. BOLTON Frederick, Minerva, stonecutter, to Robert Crawford, Prospect

57. BOLTON William, Eliza (5), tobacco twister, to Francis Mitchell, Sydney

128. BOOTH John, Isabella (4), overseer of factory, to Vicars Jacob, Hunter’s River

141. BOSKEW John, Isabella (4), butcher, to George Loder, Windsor

93. BOREHAM Charles, Asia (9), labourer, to Patrick Campbell, Maitland


103. BOSTOCK J. A., Asia (9), organ builder and gardener, to James Milsome, North Shore

25. BOSTON John, Surry, slater, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

60. BOSWELL Lewis, Surry (4), brazier, to William Bradley, Argyle

130. BOULTON Joseph, Isabella (4), porter, to John Burke, South Creek

99. BOURIE James, Asia (9), seaman, to John Pendar, Cornwallis

54. BOURKE Richard, Mariner, top sawyer, to James Glennie, Darlington

104. BOYCE Robert, Asia (9), blacksmith, to George Graham, Lower Minto

64. BOYLAND Anthony, Surry (2), servant, to Thomas Thomson, Bathurst

121. BRADSLEY Levi, Isabella (4), ploughs, silk weaver, to Arthur Rankin, Bathurst

115. BRAIN or LAWTON William, England, stableman, to Joseph Bigge, Sydney

85. BRAMMER George, Asia(9), shepherd, to W. and J. Ryrie, Argyle

56. BRAMPTON William, John (2), house painter, to David Johnston, Cook’s River

24. BRANCH James, Malabar, carpenter, to Thomas Arndell, Hawkesbury

119. BRATHY Thomas, Isabella(4), shepherd, ploughs, &c., to Archibald Mosman, Sydney

43. BRENNAN William, Bussorah Merchant (2), porter, to John Brown, Sydney

77. BRETT Thomas, Norfolk (3), stable boy, to Robert Johnston, Annandale

123. BREWER Robert, Isabella (4), ploughs, shepherd, &c., to Moore N. Campbell, Bathurst

68. BRIEN Patrick, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Captain Maxwell, Sydney

39. BRIGGS Benjamin, Waterloo, bricklayer, to George Williams, Argyle

23. BRIGGS Thomas, Dunvegan Castle, carpenter, to R. Fitzgerald, Windsor

74. BRINER Michael, Norfolk (3), labourer, to James Phillips, Hunter’s River

67. BRISTLES James, Dunvegan Castle, factory and cow boy, to Timothy Nowlan, Hunter’s River

70. BRODENICK Patrick, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to James Phillips, Hunter’s River

80. BROOKS David, Norfolk (3), groom and labourer, to Francis Girard, Sidney

22. BROOKS John, Guildford, cabinet-maker, to Major Mitchell, Sydney

145. BROOM Edward, Isabella (4), stone mason, to Samuel Terry, Sydney

139. BROOM William, Isabella (4), confectioner and pastry cook, to Sarah Redfern, Campbelltown

75.* BROPHY John, Norfolk (3), boatman, to Richard Kirk, jun. Sydney

117. BROPHY John, Norfolk (3), boatman, to John Dickson, Steam Engine

49. BROUGH William, America, silk weaver, to John Betts, Parramatta

148. BROUGHTON Samuel, Asia (9), hair dresser, to William Rice, Richmond

125. BROWN George, Isabella (4), labourer, to John Macarthur, Parramatta

132. BROWN George, Isabella (4), warehouseman, to Edward Ryan, County of King

106. BROWN George, Lady Harewood, shoemaker and paper stainer, to Edward Sandwell, Sydney

38. BROWN James, Adrian, plasterer and labourer, to J. L. M’Gillivray, Cook’s River

135. BROWN James, Isabella (4), farm labourer, to John Nicholson, Sydney

66. BROWN James, Layton, scissor-grinder, to Thomas Arkwell, Richmond

97. BROWN John, Asia (9), button burnisher, to John Cummence, Windsor

101. BROWN John, Asia (9), gardener’s labourer, to Dr. Fattorini, Sydney

131. BROWN John, Isabella (4), tinman’s boy, to John White, Sydney

61. BROWN Henry, Marquis Hastings, painter’s boy, to H. M’Arthur, Parramatta

53. BROWN Morgan, Speke, glazier and horse-dealer, to Roger Murphy, Sydney

111. BROWN William, England, baker, to James Cox, Maitland

149. BROWN William, Isabella (4), tailor, to John Harris, Shanes’ Park

133. BROWNHILL Thomas, Isabella (4), fancy planter, to W. T. Morris, St. Vincent

108. BROWNING James, America, brickmaker, to Samuel North, Windsor

120. BROWNING or BOWRING James, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c., to Mrs. Templeton, Kissing Point

129. BRUCE John, Isabella (4), cutler and paperstainer, to Robert Lethbridge, Parramatta

95. BRUNTON Thomas, Asia (9), labourer, to Dr Fattorini, Sydney

137. BURCHETT Henry, Isabella (4), in-door servant, to Captain Hunter, Sydney

94. BURGESS Francis, Asia (9), labourer, to Dr. Wardell, Petersham

84. BURGESS John, Asia (9), carrier, ploughs, and milks, to Patrick Campbell, Maitland

52. BURKE Denis, Mariner, gardener, to William Hutchinson, Sydney

35. BURKE Hugh, Fergusson, stonecutter, to John Hillas, Windsor Road

44. BURKE John, Bussorah Merchant (2), labourer, to Sir John Jamison, Regent Ville

46. BURKE John, Waterloo, labourer, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

78. BURKE Martin, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Thomas Walker, Concord

81. BURKE Thomas, Norfolk (3), stable boy, to Samuel Lyons, Sydney

116. BURLEY James, Surry (5), groom, to George Sippe, Sydney

142. BURLEY Joseph, Isabella (4), fancy cabinet maker, to Edward Cory, Hunter’s River

51. BURLEY William, Prince Regent (4), quarryman, to B. Sullivan, Hunter’s River

27. BURNELL Richard, Lady Faversham, carpenter, to John Hawdon, Cowpastures

134. BURNET John, Isabella (4), dealer, to W. H. Rose, Yass Plains

55. BURNETT George, Prince Regent, seaman, to J. Blaxland, Newington

73. BURNS John, NorfoIk (3), ploughman) to P. A. Murray, Lake George

72. BURNS Patrick, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to Laurence Myles, Williams’ River

138. BURROW Thomas, Isabella (4), waggoner, to William Shairp, North Shore

90. BURROWS James, Asia(9), ploughs, &c., to C. L. Brown, Williams’ River

59. BURTON Christopher, Guildford (8), errand boy, to F. C. L. Thomson, Camden

113. BURTON Thomas, Surry (5), merchant’s clerk, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

151. BURTON Thomas, Surry (5), merchant’s clerk, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

87. BUTCHER James, Asia (9), ploughs, &c., to John Buckland, Hoare Town

62. BUTTERWORTH George, Asia (2), ploughman, to Lieut,-Col. Parker, Airds

82. BYCKMORE William, Asia (9), stockman, to Mrs. Erskine, Erskine Park

83. BYE James, Asia (9), road maker, ploughs, to John Cartwright, Liverpool

110. BYRNE John, Guilford, in-door servant, to S. Kemp, Newcastle

48. BYRNE Patrick, James Pattison, ploughman, to Dr. Fattorini, Sydney

58. BYRNE Thomas, Hercules, silk weaver, to John Cobb, Hunter’s River

69. BYRNES Patrick, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to Captain Maxwell, Sydney

71. BYRNES Patrick (2), Norfolk (3), ploughman, to Dr. Wardell, Petersham

– C –

263. CAFFERY Patrick, James Pattison, nailor, to John Spilsbury, Windsor

211. CAIN William, Lord Melville, brass-finisher, to Catherine Sheridan, Maitland

269. CALDWELL Andrew, Countess Harcourt, white-smith, to John Mann, Williams’ River

178. CALLAGHAN John, labourer, to Thomas Pye, Bathurst

215. CALLIGAN John, Norfolk (3), shepherd, to Justice Stephen, Sydney

204. CALLAGHAN Michael, Boyne, carman, to William Johnstone, Bathurst

223. CALLIGY William, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to William Dunn, Patterson’s Plains

203. CAMPBELL Hugh, James Pattison, soldier and officer’s servant, to Michael Ryan, Liverpool

207. CAMPBELL Thomas, Asia (2), pedlar, to Francis Allman, Maitland

169. CANDY Richard, Lord Melville, brass-finisher, to William Long, Sydney

247. CANHAM John, Asia (9), cattle jobber, to C. L. Brown, Williams’ River

266. CANNON Isaac, Asia (5), groom, to Richard Driver, Sydney

246. CANTY James, Asia (9), errand boy, to Alexander Livingston, Hunter’s River

249. CARBERRY Francis, Asia (9), weaver and soldier, to William Guise, Liverpool

250. CARBERRY Michael, Asia (9), weaver and soldier, to Richard Hobden, Hunter’s River

171. CAREY Michael, Mariner (3), blacksmith, to Dr. Wardell, Petersham

189. CAREY Michael, Mariner, blacksmith, to J, E. Manning, Sydney

282. CARLETON or ROBERTS Anthony, Isabella (4), ploughs, reaps, &c., to Edward Ryan, County King

244. CARNEY John, Asia (9), cow-keeper, to Thomas Icely, Bungarrabee

264. CAROLAN Matthew, Morley (4), blacksmith, to L. Macalister, Goulburn Plains

205. CARR William, Katherine Stewart Forbes, ploughs, &c., to Henry Butsworth, Sydney

284. CARRINGTON William, Isabella (4), servant and groom, to Dr. Mitchell, Sydney

220. CARROLIN Daniel, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to Robert Johnstone, Annandale

229. CARROLL John, Norfolk (3), labourer, to J. Blaxland, Newington

274. CARROLL Matthew, Recovery, waiter, to Joseph Williamson, Sydney

231. CARROLL Miles, Norfolk (3), to Leslie Duguid, Hunter’s River

177. CARROLL Patrick, Asia (8), ploughman and groom, to W. T. Jamieson, Cabramatta

230. CARROLL Patrick, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Dr. Forster, Brush Farm


206. CARTER James, Marquis Huntly (3), weaver and soldier, to Mary Reiby, Wilberforce

232. CARTHY John, Norfolk (3), boatman, to Laurence Myles, Hunter’s River

236. CARTY Michael, Norfolk ; labourer, to Andrew Gibson, Goulburn Plains

222. CASHIN Michael, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to Henry Cox, Mulgoa

209. CASKING Timothy, Tyne, labourer, to George Townshend, Trevallyn

255. CASTLE William, Asia (9), groom, to Roger Therry, Sydney

216. CAVENAGH Michael, Norfolk (3), shepherd, to Dr. Wardell, Petersham

238. CAVEY Jeremiah, Norfolk, labourer, to Julia Johnston, Annandale

170. CHAMBERS Thomas, John, brass-finisher, to Thomas Wood, junior, Sydney

281. CHANCELLOR or Carer John, Isabella (4), ploughs, reaps, &c., to W. T, Morris, St. Vincent

289. CHRISTOPHER William, Florentia, tailor, to Joshua Thorp, Sydney

172. CLARK Edward, Mellish, dyer and cotton-carder, to John M’Laren, Sydney

194. CLARK John, Waterloo, coachman, to John Montimore, Parramatta

283. CLARK William, Isabella (4), hair dresser and farm labourer, to Henry Rae, Hunter’s River

157. CLARKE James, Malabar, tinman, to James Mudie, Castle Forbes

270. CLARKE John, Camden, shipwright, to Michael Hindmarsh, lllawarra

193. CLARKSON William, Speke, shoemaker, to Edward Smith, Parramatta

275. CLANVANE John, Larkins (2), labourer, to Matthew Chapman, Hunter’s River

262. CLAXTON Charles, Asia (9), tailor, to John M’Laughlan, Sydney

241. CLEARY William, Norfolk, ropemaker, to J. E. Ellem, Sydney

168. CLEGG Thomas, Albion, painter and glazier, to J. B. Bettington, Sydney

259. CLEVERSLY Benjamin of Clevery, Asia (9), cabinet-maker, to S. North, Windsor

287. CLEWES Aaron, Isabella (4), blacksmith, to George Innes, Bathurst

288. CLIFFORD Charles, Marquis Hastings, brass turner, to Thomas Roberts, Sydney

187. CLIFTON William, Asia (5), shoemaker, to George M’Kenzie, Williams’ River

273. CLITHEROW William, Canada, paper-maker, to Thomas Barker, Steam Engine

175. CLUTTERBUCK William, Surry(5), brass-stamper, to G. C. Curlewis, Sydney

243. CODD Charles, Asia(9), ploughs, &c. to J. R. Hume, Appin

233. CODY Michael, Norfolk (3), labourer, to F. S. Kendall, lllawarra

242. COE Matthew, Asia (9), ploughs, &c. to Francis Mowatt, Narellan

188. COFFEE Patrick, Bussorah Merchant (2), plough-man, to H. M’Arthur, Parramatta

217. COGHLAN Edward, Norfolk (3), shepherd, to Mr. Cook, St. Vincent

276. COLEMAN John, Asia (9), baker, to Mary Raine, Parramatta

267. COLEMAN William, Minerva, boot closer, to John Borrus, Lower Branch

186. COLL Thomas, Bussorah Merchant, shoemaker, to Duncan M’Farlane, Argyle

245. COLLIER Henry, Asia (9), poulterer, to John Buckland, Hoare Town

235. COLLINS Daniel, Norfolk (3), stable boy, to Edward Cox, Mulgoa

277. COLLINS Dennis, Asia (8), kitchen boy, to Rev. T. Reddall, Campbelltown

218. COLLINS John, Norfolk (3), shepherd and stockman, to R. C. Lethbridge, Parramatta

224. COLLINS Patrick, Norfolk (3), ploughman and fisherman, to J. Blaxland, Newington

166. COLLINS Thomas, Royal Admiral, plasterer and labourer, to Pierce Collets, Mount York

197. COLLOGHAN Phillip, James Pattison, labourer, to James Kingaby, Parramatta

226. COMMONS John, Norfolk (3), labourer, &c., to Timothy Nowlan, Hunter’s River

234. COMMORFORD John, Norfolk (3), labourer, to T. C. L. Thompson, Camden

261. COMPTON Stephen, Asia (9), plasterer, to W. Dangar, Hunter’s River

278. CONEY Edward, Phœnix (4), coopery boy, to Thomas Wood, Sydney

174. CONDOR Edward, Hooghley, ploughman, to John Wheeler, Sydney

192. CONDOR Redmond, Daphne, quarryman, to T. Walker, Concord

225. CONNELL John, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to Leslie Duguid, Hunter’s River

182. CONNELLY Peter, Bussorah Merchant, weaver and stockman, to William Dunn, Paterson’s River

271. CONNELLY Thomas, Mellish, errand boy, to Bernard Moran, Airds

208. CONNOLLY Curlewis, John (1), shoemaker’s boy, to J. Harris, Shane’s Park

213. CONNOR David, Sarah, pressman, to E. S. Hall, Sydney

167.* CONNOR Dennis, Andromeda, painter and glazier, to Robert Campbell, M. C., Sydney

190. CONNOR Dennis, Andromeda,, painter and glazier, to Francis Allman, Maitland

268. CONNOR Edward, Henry Porcher, reaper, to John Mann, Williams’ River

237. CONNOR John, Norfolk, knife boy, to J. Blaxland, jun. Newington

195. CONNOR Michael, John (2), clerk and gentleman’s servant, to F. Greenway, Sydney

202. CONNOR Patrick, Forth, errand-boy, to M. W. Pierce, Seven Hills

154. CONNOR Patrick, Guildford, carpenter and joiner, to John Palmer, jun., Maitland

227. CONNORS Thomas, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Dr. Wardell, Petersham

251. CONSTERDENE James or Constantine, Asia (9), factory boy and servant, to John Nicholson, Sydney

184. CONWAY William, Bussorah Merchant, cabinet-maker, to William Johnstone, Bathurst

163. COOK John, Adrian, plasterer and labourer, to George M’Leay, Brownlow Hill

199. COOK Thomas, Asia (2), calico glazier, to Thomas Kains, Homebush

196. COOKE Henry, Lady Faversham, silk-weaver, to George Druitt, Mount Druitt

159. COONEY Edward, Phœnix, cooper, to T. V. Blomfield, Maitland

158. COOPER George, Katherine Stewart Forbes, wheelright, to Alexander Turner, Argyle

165. COOPER George, Mermaid, brickmaker, to C. G. Watson, Brisbane Water

248. COOPER William, Asia (9) labourer, milks, to John Swan, Paterson’s Plains

256. CORBET John, Asia (9), colt-breaker, to Colonel Parker, Campbelltown

179. CORBETT James, Asia (8), tailor, to L. Myles, Williams’ River

221. CORBETT Patrick, Norfolk (3), clothier, to James Mudie, Hunter’s River

181. COSTELL Joseph, Bussorah Merchant, seaman, to Richard Siddons (pilot), South Head

164. COSGROVE William, Royal Admiral, plasterer and labourer, to Joseph Morley, Sydney

212. COURTNEY Owen, Regalia, carter, to James M’Dougall, Darlington

155. COWIN Robert, Nithsdale, shingler, to David Reid, Argyle

239. CONNURE, Conner, or Cornelius Conner, Norfolk, labourer, to W. Dumaresq, St. Hiliers

252. CORNILIUS Richard, Asia (9), hair-dresser, to And. D. Wilson, (Surgeon) Sydney

285. COX Edward, Isabella (4), servant and groom, to William Templeton, Kissing Point

257. COX Francis, Asia (9), boat and shoemaker, to Charles Thompson, Clydesdale

280. COX George, Isabella (4), farm labourer, to John Burke, South Creek

279. CRABTREE Abraham, Isabella (4), reaps, sows, &c., to Vickars Jacob, Hunter’s River

183. CRAMPTON Richard, Bussorah Merchant, fisherman, to George Groemes, Liverpool

253. CRAWLEY Peter, Asia (9), footman, to Dr. W. Coleman, Maitland

191. CRESSWELL John, Lord Sidmouth, labourer, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

176. CRONIN Patrick, Asia (8), ploughman, to J. B. Bettington, Sydney

260. CRONAN Timothy, Asia (9), plasterer, to A. Hallen, Sydney

161. CRAWFORD Stewart, or Samuel, Morley, stone-cutter, to Judge Dowling, Sydney

173. CRAWFORD William, John Baring, errand-boy, to James Woodward, Brisbane Water

162. CROPPER James, York, stone-cutter and setter, to Captain Rossi, Sydney

160. CROSSLEY James, Katherine Stewart Forbes, stone-cutter, to W. P. Faithful, Goulburn Plains

286. CROVINE Thomas, Isabella (4), butcher, to George Blackett, Liverpool

210. CROWE Patrick, Ferguson, errand-boy, to James Cracknell, lllalong

201. CROWLEY Dennis, Boyne, quarryman, to William Long, Sydney

200. CROZIER Thomas, Marquis Huntly, blacksmith, to John Hawdon, Cowpastures

219. CRUSE Daniel, Norfolk (3), shepherd and stockman, to J. H. Edwards, Brisbane Water

214. CULLOUGH John, Governor Ready, ploughs, &c., to Edward Fuller, Duval

180. CULLEN Edward, Bussorah Merchant, stock-man, to Terence Murray, Argyle

254. CULLEN John, Asia (9), in-door servant, to Dr. Richardson, Windsor

156. CULLEN John, John Barry, shingler, to F. A. Hely, Sydney

272. CULLENS Patrick, Countess Harcourt, errand boy, to Patrick Carlon, Banks Town

185. CUMMINS Peter, Bussorah Merchant, kitchen-gardener, to George Barber, Argyle

228. CUNNINGHAM Michael, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Henry Cox, Mulgoa

265. CURTES George, Royal Admiral, fiddle-string-maker, to Thomas Green, Lower Branch

198. CURTIN Dennis, Edward, shoemaker, to Charles Turner, Sydney

240. CUSACK Michael, Norfolk, butcher, to James Chisholm, Lower Minto

153. CUSHION William, Marquis Hastings, carpenter, to Lieut. Colonel Dumaresq, St. Hiliers

258. CUTTS John, Asia (9), gardener, to Leslie Duguid, Sydney

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