The annual rifle meeting in connection with the Public Schools Cadet Force was concluded on Tuesday, December 20, at the Randwick Rifle Range. Throughout the meeting, the weather was favourable for good shooting, and the efficiency of the lads generally merited the high approval of Lieutenant-colonel Paul. The final batch of teams competing for the “£50 Challenge Shield,” presented by the department, finished early, but none of them succeeded in beating the score of Orange, 287, out of a possible 400. The Bathurst boys, however, gave them a big struggle, registering 282, and If it had not been that they had the misfortune to score three “centres” on the wrong target they would have won by one point. Orange has now won the “Shield” nine years in succession, and can fully claim to have the champion cadet rifle team in their ranks. The only other good score in this competition was Milltown’s 200. The highest scorer on December 20 was Cadet A. M’Kee, of Bathurst, with 32; Cadet H. Reilley (Milltown) coming next with 28. 

(Photo, by Kerry and Co., Sydney.)
Coloured by Remembering the Past in Colour

The following, are the prize-winners in connection with the “Shield” match: Orange, 287 points, 1; Bathurst, 282 points, 2; Singleton, 279 points, 3; Cleveland-street, 276 points, 4.

The prize-winners in Match No. 2, five shots at 100yd, open to cadets not engaged in the shield contest, were as follows: Cadet Maitland (Cleveland-street), 19 points, 1; Cadet Maclure (Albury), 18 points, 2; Cadet Hall (Penrith), 18 points, 3; Cadet Lieghman (Orange), 18 points, 4; Cadet Leeman (Tamworth), 17 points, 6.

In the No. 3 Competition, five shots at 200yd, open to all, Cadet G. Callaghan (Bathurst) obtained the possible, 20. The other prize-winners were: Cadet E. Hinde (Albury), 19 points, 2; Cadet B. Eady (Orange), 19 points, 3; Cadet A. Macdonald (Penshurst), 19 points, 4; Cadet F. Smith (Wellington), 18 points, 5; Cadet Thornton (Albury), 18 points, 6.

In the No. 4 Match the prize-winners were: Cadet C. Lovett (Penrith), 18 pointe, 1; Cadet G. Durance (Surry Hills South), 18 points, 2; Cadet H. Grosse (Chatswood), 18 points, 3; Cadet R. Squires (Penrith), 17 points, 4; Cadet McKenzie (Bathurst), 17 points, 5; Cadet S. Leggo (Woollahra), 17 points, 6.

Consolation Match. — Prize-winners: Cadet E. Marsh (Blayney), 1;.Cadet Brooks (Orange), 2; Cadet R. Moore (Kiama), 3; Cadet W. Robb (Kiama), 4; Cadet H. Moverley (Surry Hills South), 5.

Continuous Match, five shots, at 200yd. — Prize-winners: Color-sergeant A. Hatfield (Kogarah), 19 points; Cadet Parsons (Cleveland-street), 19 points: Sergeant W. Hatfield (Kogarah), 18 points; Cadet Blackmore (Cleveland-street), 18 points; Cadet Hinde (Albury), 18 points. 

The winner of the five-guinea gold medal, presented by Mr. S. Hordern, for the highest individual aggregate score, was Color-sergeant A. Hatfield, of Kogarah Public School; whilst his brother, Sergeant W. Hatfield, won the “Cortese” Cup. In the evening the prizes were presented to the winners at the Girls’ Public High School, Sydney. There was a large gathering, over whom Lieutenant-colonel Paul, chief staff officer, presided. The chairman distributed the awards, the Orange Cadets getting a splendid reception for their fresh victory. Before dispersing, Lieutenant-colonel Paul was presented with a handsome walking stick as a token of the high esteem in which he is held by the lads, and as a memento of the occasion.

Source: The Public Schools Cadets’ Meeting (1898, December 31). Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 – 1907), p. 37.